Lobster Lock Review

7 min read Verified by Lobster Lock Leading manufacturers verify the content that I produce. This allows my readers to make informed decisions when choosing between different cycle security products.  Verified by Lobster Lock An Introduction to the Lobster Lock The Lobster Lock is an innovative new concept and producing a lobster lock review has […]

Where Are Bikes Made

An illustration showing where bikes are made

So you’ve been wondering…. where are bikes made? You’d be surprised how many people don’t know where their bikes are made, so it’s time to find out, and you’ve come to the right place. Where are specialized bikes made? Where are Trek bikes made? Where are Cannondale bikes made? The answers to all of these […]

What Is a Trike?

What is a trike?

An Introduction to Trikes Whilst trikes may mean a three-wheeled bicycle to you, there are several different types available. Each type of trike has differences in the way it performs and the benefits it provides.  The image shown above is a classic childrens trike, not interested in these? Keep reading. I’ll be covering recumbent trikes […]

What Is a Rickshaw?

What is a rickshaw

An Introduction to Rickshaws Rickshaws are a popular method of transport in many countries across the world. These often pedal-powered vehicles are especially popular in cities and urban areas that attract crowds of tourists.  But what is a rickshaw? Is a rickshaw a bicycle? and are rickshaws safe to ride?  If you’re looking to find […]

Oxford Alarm-D Pro Review

Oxford Alarm-D Pro Review

Oxford are back at it again with a new alarmed bike lock. This time around, they’ve revamped one of their old models, the Alarm-D. I  recently got hold of the new versions to produce an Oxford Alarm-D Pro review for those interested.  If you’ve read my review of the best bike locks with alarms, or […]

How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

Wordlock Review & How to Reset

Uh oh! Forgotten the code to your Wordlock bike lock or simply wondering how to reset your Wordlock passcode? First things first, don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place. I have years of experience with bike locks including fiddly combination locks like the Wordlock. Below I’ve included several top tips to help you unlock […]

What Is a Hardtail Bike?

What is a hardtail bike?

An Introduction to Hardtail Bikes So you’ve clearly been wondering about hardtail bikes, and I don’t blame you. Hardtail bikes are awesome! But what is a hardtail bike? What’s the difference between hardtail and full suspension? and what are hardtail bikes used for? Fortunately, if you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions or similar, […]