Pragmasis Protector Chain Review – The Best Bicycle Chain?

DIB D Lock Pragmasis

15 min read  Verified by Pragmasis Leading manufacturers verify the content that I produce. This allows my readers to make informed decisions when choosing between different cycle security products.  Verified by Pragmasis An introduction to the Pragmasis Protector Pragmasis kindly sent me a couple of their Protector chains to test and review. The Pragmasis Protector […]

The Best Chain Lock

Kryptonite messenger chain & moly bike lock

It’s understandable that you want the best chain lock possible for your bike, so I’ve written this article to help you find the bike chain lock that best suits your needs.  Many people don’t know that a bike is stolen every 90 seconds in the UK according to crime statistics. This means almost 360,000 bikes […]

D Lock vs Chain Lock – Which Is More Secure?

D Lock vs Chain Lock

D locks and chain locks are the two best types of lock for you to secure your bike with. In an ideal world, you’d use a chain lock and a D lock to secure your bike. However, we understand that not everyone has the budget to afford two top of the range bike locks!  This leaves […]