Skunklock Review – The Beginning of the End For Bike Thieves?

Skunklock review

13 min read Verified by Skunklock Leading manufacturers verify the content that I produce. This allows my readers to make informed decisions when choosing between different cycle security products.  Verified by Skunklock I’ve been excited to review the Skunklock for a long while now. The Skunklock is a new generation of bike locks and has […]

Zefal K-Traz U13 S Review – A Good Choice of D Lock?

Zefal K-Traz U13 S Bike D lock

Zéfal’s K-Traz range is a popular, budget range of bike locks. Throughout this article I’ll be reviewing the Zefal K-Traz U13 S, and will walk you through its strengths and weaknesses. Zéfal have been the brains behind many cycling inventions that have changed the way we ride, but just how secure are their bike locks […]

OnGuard Brute Review – The Strongest Budget Bike Lock?

OnGuard Brute STD 8001 D Lock

The OnGuard Brute is OnGuard’s Flagship D lock, and they claim it provides “Ultimate protection for high crime areas”. They Kindly sent me the Brute STD 8001 to review and I’ve put it to the test for the last few weeks to see how it performs. Throughout my review of the Onguard Brute below, I’ll […]

OnGuard Pitbull DT 8005 Review – The Best Budget Bike Lock?

OnGuard Pitbull Bike D Lock Review

OnGuard kindly sent me the Pitbull DT 8005 and today I’ll take you through my findings in this review. The OnGuard Pitbull is a D Lock that is used by many cyclists, it offers many premium features at a very affordable price. But is the Pitbull D Lock worth your money, and more importantly will […]