The Best Folding Bike Locks

The Best Folding Bike Lock

So, you’re wondering which is the best folding bike lock. When it comes to folding bike locks, there aren’t many models that have received a Sold Secure rating. Throughout this short article, I’ll talk you through the best quality and most secure folding bike locks on the market. I’ll aslo help you decide which folding works […]

Sold Secure Gold Bike Locks

Sold Secure Gold Rating Marking Bicycle Rating

Sold Secure Gold bicycle locks are the best of the best. But are some sold secure gold bike locks more secure than others? Also, what does Sold Secure mean? If you’re looking for a top-quality Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock and want some budget-friendly recommendations, check out the best cheap bike locks. Or if […]

The Strongest Bike Lock – Seriously Strong Locks Reviewed

Strong Man Lifting Weights

So, you’re wondering which is the strongest bike lock, and you’ve come to the right place! With a bike being stolen every 90 seconds in the UK, the need for the strongest bike lock possible has never been greater. As you may already know no bike lock is undefeatable. However, there are a select few […]