Best Cheap Bike Locks | 6 Cheapest Sold Secure Gold Locks

Cheap Stamp

Cheap Bike Locks – Are They Worth It? I totally understand that not everyone has the budget for some of the premium bike locks I recommend. Knowing this, I’ve decided to review the best cheap bike locks available today. Opting for a cheap bike lock is like walking across a minefield. Most cheap bike locks […]

The Best Bike Lock with Alarm

Thief scared by bike lock with alarm

Today I’ll be reviewing the best bike lock alarms on the market. With bicycle theft on the rise, there’s never been a better time to use an alarmed bike lock. Unfortunately, there isn’t a bike lock out there that’s uncuttable, which means you need to find other ways of increasing your bike’s security. Using one […]

Where to Put Your Bike Lock When Riding

Foldylock Compact Folding Bike Lock

With bike theft on the rise, travelling with a bike lock has never been more necessary. But where do you put your bike lock when riding? Some locks are bulky and too awkward to keep on your handlebars when riding, so where is the best place to keep them?   Let’s find out.   Different […]

Sold Secure Silver Bike Locks

Sold Secure Silver

By the end of this short article not only will you know about Sold Secure, but also the extensive range of Sold Secure Silver bike locks available on the market. Towards the bottom of the page I have assembled a table displaying all of the Sold Secure Silver bike locks. If that’s what your looking […]

How to Get Your Bike Stolen

how to get your bike stolen

In this day and age, it really isn’t hard to get your bike stolen. But just in case you’ve been struggling to do so, we thought we’d compile a few tips that might help you out! Not everyone enjoys having their bike stolen. But for those that do, the simple tips below will teach you […]