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About Me

About Me – Who am I?

Three year old me getting the hang of my new bike with the family!

Hello! My name’s James, I’m an avid cyclist and I’m the lead editor of BikeLockWiki.

I have invested three years into researching & studying bicycle security and I want to share the information that I have gathered with the cycling community.

I do this in the hope that people don’t have to simply become a victim of bike theft to realise and understand the importance of bicycle security. 

I enjoy Bicycle maintenance and volunteer at my local charity The Bristol Bike Project who give back to the local community and support those who can’t afford to maintain or purchase a new bicycle.  I’ve been a cycle courier, competed in competitions and have been engaged within my local cycling community for the last ten years. 

Unfortunately during my time on two wheels, I have been a victim to bike theft multiple times. Before I began researching bicycle security I’d had three bikes stolen along with countless accessories including saddles, seat posts, wheels, handlebars and bike lights. Yep, you name it, if it’s anything to do with a bike, chances are I’d had it stolen. 

Here are just some of the bicycle components I've had stolen! A fair few to say the least.

Since 2017 I have been riding a BMC Time Machine TMR02 for fitness and leisure. I also ride a Trek 7.3FX 2011 which is much less appealing to thieves! During the week I commute to and from work by bike and often ride with friends in my spare time. Since researching bicycle security I haven’t had a problem with the security of either of my bikes.

Cycling became my passion at three years old in my grandparents back garden. I would wake up in the morning and cycle the day away. Eat, sleep, cycle, repeat. Fast forward 20 years and almost nothing has changed, apart from the fact that I no longer cycle around my grandparents garden!

During my time on two wheels, I’ve been a keen road cyclist, cycle courier, mountain biker and commuter. I’ve often found myself with two or three different bikes, and at one stage I foolishly thought I knew everything there was to know about bicycle security. This was until I was lucky enough to have my first bicycle stolen.

Three year old me at the park - If it had two wheels, I was riding it!

I used to put money aside every week to buy and build the cycles of my dreams. However, I never considered putting any amount of money towards a quality bike lock. I would kit my ride out with the best components, only to secure it with a flimsy cable lock.  

You call me naive and I’ll agree, I was. But you’d be surprised walking around town, just how many people do the same as I used to! Hundreds of pounds worth of bike, secured with a cheap and cheerful £15 bike lock. 

After unsuccessfully trying to track down my prized ride, I began researching how to increase the security of a bicycle whilst it’s locked. I was surprised to find out how much there is to learn about bicycle security, and even now I often come across new ideas for how to ‘properly secure’ my bicycles. 

Deliveroo rider
Me on my bike, working as a Deliveroo cycle courier.

I now believe that every cyclist should consider their bike lock as a detachable component of their ride. In other words, if you have invested a reasonable sum of money into your bike or it has sentimental value to you then you should match this with a valuable/good quality lock. Not only will this provide you with that much-needed peace of mind, but if used correctly your quality bike lock should save you from splashing out on a replacement bike!

Unlike other content creators, I don’t recommend products with any bias. Bike locks and accessories that I recommend have been selected by myself and have been tried and tested by many. I’m often asked which bike locks and accessories I use, and the answer is simple. I use the locks I recommend. Check them out below.

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About Me
Me and My Bike

Hello! My name’s James, I’m an avid cyclist and the lead editor of BikeLockWiki.

I’ve invested over four years into researching & studying bicycle security. Now I want to share the information I’ve learnt, for free, with the online cycling community.

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