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The 5 Best Bike Cup Holders | That Actually Work!

the four best bike cup holders for bicycle handlebars

If your morning coffee is too hot to handle, or if your hands are warming your soda whilst rolling around town, you have a problem. 

Sounds like you need one of the best bike cup holders, and you’ve come to the right place.

In this review, we’ll look at the 5 best bike cup holders we’ve tried and tested over the years. 

After reading this review, you’ll be coasting in style with your drink of choice easily accessible to you whilst you ride. Sounds good right?

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    Before we begin, we wanted to be boring and mention sustainability.

    If you regularly get take-out coffee, get yourself a reusable coffee cup. They’re cheap to purchase and will prevent unrecyclable cups from entering landfills!

    The cups we used for photography in this article were 100% recyclable and were recycled after use. 

    All of the best cup holders featured in this review are compatible with reusable coffee cups and recyclable “to-go” cups. 

    bike coffee cup holder with reusable coffee cup

    How Did We Judge The Best Bike Cup Holders?

    Holding a cup or bottle whilst riding dramatically reduces your ability to control your bicycle. If you’re carrying a hot drink, you also run the risk of spills, which could end painfully. 

    Every bicycle handlebar cup holder featured in this review offers unique features.

    Some use suspension to prevent spills when cycling, while others keep it straightforward.

    The criteria we considered when testing these coffee cup holders were: 

    • Quality of Materials – Is the cup holder made from durable materials that will last well? Are the materials suitable for the application? What could be improved?
    • Ease of Use – How easy is the holder to use? Does it work with all bikes? Does the cup holder support a range of cup/can sizes? Does the holder offer any unique features?
    • Value – Is the price of the cup holder justified by the quality of its materials and its usability? 

    A bike cup holder that spills your drink everywhere whilst you cycle is no use to anyone.

    We’ve included scores for each holder so that you have a better understanding of what to expect from each holder. 

    Towards the end of the article, you’ll find a table where you can compare the performance of each model.

    The 5 Best Bike Cup Holders

    HandleStash Bike Cup Holder

    The Original Shock-Absorbing Bike Cup Mount

    Handlestash bike coffee cup handlebar holder
    Quality of Materials
    Ease of Use

    Straight off the bat, of all the bike cup holders featured in this review, the HandleStash came out top for the majority of our criteria.

    The HandleStash is a universal cup, can and bottle holder that’s designed to work for every cyclist with every drink.

    Each HandleStash is hand-made in the USA with using highly durable materials (such as their durable diamond RipStop fabric) to ensure each unit stands the test of time. 

    The feature that sets the HandleStash apart from most cup holders in this review is its anti-spill technology. 

    A shock-dampening suspension system reduces spills to a minimum, even when travelling over large bumps and potholes in the road. 

    The mouth of the HandleStash is also fully adjustable to different drinks containers and features a handy removable spacer that improves access to your drink when using small cans or bottles. 

    A strengthened plastic clamp with a grippy rubber pad allows the HandleStash to attach to almost any position of your bike, scooter, or just about anything else up to 1.5″ thick!

    This bike coffee cup holder also has a hex bolt that prevents unauthorised removal.

    Every drink-carrying scenario has been considered with the HandleStash, making it the best bike handlebar cup holder on the market. 

    Yes, it’s more expensive than your other options, so if you’re happy to sacrifice on quality and want a budget cup holder, the Delta cup holder is a great cheap option.

    Or if you only ride with “to-go” style cups, the JOERide is cheaper and does an arguably better job at preventing spills

    Learn more about the HandleStash in our in-depth review of it here.

    You can also view the most up-to-date price on the HandleStash website

    HandleStash Weight
    4.6oz (131g)
    HandleStash Technical Details
    Weight: 131g (4.62oz)
    Clamps To: Handlebars, seat tubes & anything up to 1.5" (3.8cm) thick.
    Suitable for Carrying: Any drink container up to 8cm wide
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Price: View on HandleStash

    JOERide Coffee Cup Holder

    Simple, Yet Effective Anti-Spill Coffee Cup Holder 

    Quality of Materials
    Ease of Use

    The JOERide bike coffee cup holder is (if you didn’t realise from its name) a bicycle cup holder designed to carry and prevent your cup of joe from spilling when riding. 

    And it does this admirably. 

    Similar to the aluminum cup holder, the JOERide is designed for transporting “to-go” style cups, so it’s not quite as versatile as the HandleStash, but it is arguably better at stopping “to-go” cups from spilling. 

    A silicone membrane strap covers the drink hole on your coffee cup, ensuring the cup and contents stay in place when crossing lumps and bumps in the road.  

    If you use a reusable coffee cup, as long as it’s “to-go” shaped, the JOERide should be able to hold it. 

    The JOERide is particularly easy to install and comfortably clamps to handlebars, strollers and any circular bar between 22-30m thick. 

    Before testing, we had assumed the silicone strap would be fiddly to operate while riding, but it’s surprisingly easy to master and can be done without having to look away from the road after a few tries.

    Considering how affordable the JOERide is, it’s hard to have any complaints. It’s a better design than the aluminum cup holder, providing a firmer hold while riding, yet easier access to your drink.

    The best bike cup holder for “to-go” style cups. Read our deep dive review of the JOERide here

    Otherwise, you can view the most recent price for the JOERide on Etsy

    JOERide coffee cup holder weighed on scales
    JOERide Technical Details
    Weight: 71g (2.5oz)
    Clamps To: Handlebars & tubes between 22-30mm thick
    Suitable for Carrying: "To-go" style cups and flasks
    Warranty: None (but good customer care)
    Price: View on Etsy

    Delta Bike Beverage Holder

    Affordable, Durable & Versatile

    Delta Bike Beverage Holder
    Quality of Materials
    Ease of Use

    After testing it for the first time, it was clear the Delta Beverage Holder was a great low-cost bike cup holder.

    Out of all of the cup holders we’ve tested, the Delta is one of the most reliable. It’s easy to mount and use when riding and has a lifetime warranty.

    The mounting system the Delta cup holder uses is adjustable to handlebars of different sizes and uses two grippy rubber pads to prevent your drink from rattling around when on the move.

    If you like coffee on your Monday morning bike ride, water on Tuesday and a cool can of soda on a hot Wednesday afternoon, the Delta will serve you well.

    If you often cross uneven terrain on your bike, the HandleStash is a better choice because the Delta doesn’t have a tightening cinch. 

    The Delta is made from plastic, but it’s well-designed and can easily flex to fit bottles, cans, and cups of all sizes. 

    If we had to choose between this and the universal cup holder, We’d go for the Delta. It’s less clunky, less bulky, more affordable, and its mounting system is more secure. 

    Due to its very affordable price, this cup holder is particularly popular, so it’s often out of stock, but you can view the most up-to-date price and stock on Amazon here.

    Delta Beverage Holder weight
    2oz (57g)
    Delta Beverage Holder Technical Details
    Weight: 57g (2oz)
    Clamps To: Handlebars & tubes up to 30mm thick
    Suitable for Carrying: Cups, bottles & cans
    Warranty: None (but good customer care)
    Price: View on Amazon

    Universal Cup Holder

    Suitable for Bikes, Strollers, Mobility Scooters & More

    stroller adjustable bike cup holder
    Quality of Materials
    Ease of Use

    This bike cup holder is designed to be used with a baby stroller (pushchair), but after stumbling across it online, We wanted to test it out since it’s very affordable.

    To our surprise, this universal cup holder works well and will attach to almost any handlebar thanks to its large clamp system. 

    This holder’s mounting system has a rubber lining that allows the holder to carry heavier drinks without spilling. The mount is also fully rotatable, which makes it suitable for most handlebar types.

    However, it’s not quite as secure as the other bike cup holders in this review and did move slightly when travelling over bumpier terrain.

    Therefore, we’d recommend this for cruising and flat commutes.

    stroller cup holder for bike coffee
    As stated, this cup holder was designed for use with a stroller, but worked well our test bike!

    Three plastic prongs prevent your cup from falling out whilst riding, but if you need a bike cup holder that can withstand uneven terrain, the HandleStash will be a better option, or the JOERide if you frequently get “to-go” coffee. 

    It’s noticeable that this cup holder uses cheaper materials. It doesn’t perform awfully, but it’s unlikely to last as long as other bicycle cup holders in this review.

    You can view the most up-to-date price on Amazon here.

    If you’re after a cheap bike cup holder, this is a good option, but if you’d like something less bulky, check out aluminum cup holder

    Universal Bike Cup Holder Weight
    6oz (172g)
    Universal Cup Holder Technical Details
    Weight: 172g (6oz)
    Clamps To: Handlebars & tubes up to 33mm thick
    Suitable for Carrying: Cups, bottles & cans
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Price: View on Amazon

    Lightweight Aluminium Coffee Cup Holder

    Affordably Priced, Well Designed

    Quality of Materials
    Ease of Use

    This Aluminium bike cup holder really surprised us. The holder is cheap, generic and can be found online for sale under many different names, so naturally, we weren’t expecting a lot from it. 

    However, it performs surprisingly well with “to-go” style cups, and for its price, you can’t complain. 

    Bear in mind, though, that this cup holder isn’t as good at preventing spills as the JOERide, as it doesn’t use an anti-spill membrane. 

    With its polished surface this aluminum bicycle cup holder looked great when attached to the chrome handlebars of our test bike, but a few other colours are available if chrome isn’t your preference.

    Apart from that, there’s not much else to this bike cup holder. It’s very affordable and does the basics well. 

    It doesn’t absorb shock from bumps like the HandleStash, but it works well with takeout coffee cups and reusable coffee cups and will last a long time thanks to its solid aluminium construction.

    This cup holder doesn’t use a highly adjustable mounting system, limiting it to thinner handlebars (up to 1″/2.54cm).

    Like the JOERide, this aluminum cup holder only works with “to-go” style cups, meaning it’s not compatible with cans or bottles. 

    If we had to choose between this and the JOERide, the JOERide would be my first pick since its anti-spill cover works really well. 

    View the best price for this holder on Amazon here.

    2.6oz (75g)
    Aluminum Holder Technical Details
    Weight: 57g (2oz)
    Clamps To: Handlebars & tubes up to 25mm thick
    Suitable for Carrying: "To-go"" style cups & flasks
    Warranty: None
    Price: View on Amazon

    Bike Cup Holder Stats Comparison Table

    Mount Model Quality of Materials Ease of Use Value
    HandleStash 9.0 8.0 7.5
    JOERide 8.5 7.5 7.5
    Delta 7.0 7.5 8.0
    Universal 5.5 5.0 6.0
    Aluminum 6.0 7.0 7.0

    Summary - The Best Bike Cup Holder

    Of the five best bike cup holders the two that stand out to us as the top performers are the HandleStash and the JOERide. 

    The HandleStash is easily the best all-round bike cup holder, and its higher price is understandable once you’ve felt the quality of the product. It’s designed to last, so consider it a long-term investment. 

    The JOERide did the best job of preventing spills while riding but isn’t capable of carrying bottles and cans like the Delta

    If you decided on a completely different bike cup holder, We’d be interested to hear which one you chose. 

    Leave a comment below, and it’ll help other people who are looking for a reliable bicycle cup holder.

    Otherwise, when you’re out and about on your bicycle, don’t forget to take a good quality bike lock with you. I’ve reviewed a range of different locks, from the best bike locks on the market to the best lightweight bike locks

    Don’t get caught lacking. 

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