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Where Are Bikes Made

An illustration showing where bikes are made

So you’ve been wondering…. where are bikes made? You’d be surprised how many people don’t know where their bikes are made, so it’s time to find out, and you’ve come to the right place.

Where are specialized bikes made? Where are Trek bikes made? Where are Cannondale bikes made? The answers to all of these questions, plus many more cycling brands, can be found below.

I spent weeks putting together this information; use the table of contents below to select the brand you want to learn about.

This article provides the manufacturing locations and additional information on over 40 of the largest and most well-known cycling brands.

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    Where Are Bicycles Made?

    Avigo Bikes

    Distributed by Dynacraft, Avigo is a line of mountain bikes that is well respected for its range of bikes for children and adults alike.

    While Avigo bikes are primarily marketed to children, adults also enjoy riding them due to their durability and safety.

    Where Are Avigo Bikes Made?

    Dynacraft manufactures and distributes the vast majority of its bikes at a factory in China.

    Outsourcing bike production is common throughout the industry because Chinese labour is significantly cheaper than in the West.

    While most other manufacturers work with several facilities for outsourcing, Dynacraft only works with one. This gives the company a level of control over the production process despite the national divide.

    Where Else Have Avigo Bikes Been Made?

    Avigo producer Dynacraft has relied on the same outsourcing model of production since its founding in 1984.

    It has worked with the same Chinese factory the entire time, forging a consistent and lasting relationship.

    Where Are Avigo’s Headquarters & Who Is Avigo’s Parent Company?

    Avigo’s headquarters are based in Port Wentworth, Georgia, USA. This location is also the home of parent company Dynacraft, whose portfolio of bike brands also includes Malibu, Rhino, and Next.

    Cannondale Bikes

    Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is an American bike manufacturer. Since its inception in 1971, Cannondale bikes have developed a reputation among cyclists for producing some of the best bikes in the industry.

    The company offers a wide range of bikes and related products, such as electric bikes, road bikes, and standalone bike frames.

    Where Are Cannondale Bikes Made?

    Although Cannondale bikes are an American brand, most bikes are produced overseas in Southeast Asia.

    Higher-end Cannondale bikes are manufactured and assembled at facilities in Taiwan, whereas some of the more affordable models are produced in Vietnam. However, some assemblage still takes place in the United States.

    Where Else Have Cannondale Bikes Been Made?

    For years, Cannondale Bicycle Corporation produced its bikes at a large manufacturing facility in Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA. However, the company’s manufacturing plan began to change when Canadian corporation Dorel Industries acquired it in 2008.

    When Dorel restructured its leisure department in 2010, it shut down the Bedford operation for manufacturing and began outsourcing production to Asian factories.

    Where Are Cannodale's Headquarters & Who Is Cannodale's Parent Company?

    Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, USA.

    They are owned by Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries, which first acquired them in early 2008. Dorel owns other major brands such as Mongoose and Schwinn.

    Canyon Bikes

    Canyon Bicycles is a German bike brand that has become increasingly popular over the years.

    Initially distributed only in its native country, Canyon gradually became an international brand by expanding to other European countries before eventually travelling overseas to the United States in 2017.

    Canyon manufactures a wide range of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes.

    Where Are Canyon Bikes Made?

    Canyon bike frames are initially manufactured at facilities in Taiwan. Once the frames are completed, they are then shipped to Canyon’s headquarters in Koblenz, Germany, to be fully assembled and then tested for quality.

    This process allows Canyon to avoid the high costs of manufacturing their products in Europe while still maintaining firm control of the whole process.

    Where Else Have Canyon Bikes Been Made?

    Canyon has been consistent with its manufacturing plan over the years and has continuously produced its frames in Asia before finishing them back in Germany.

    They have followed this process since they officially became bike manufacturers in 2001.

    Where Are Canyon's Headquarters & Who Is Canyon's Parent Company?

    Canyon’s headquarters are based in the German city of Koblenz. As a fully independent entity, Canyon has no parent company.

    Cervelo Bikes

    Cervelo is a Canadian-Dutch bike manufacturer known for creating frames specially designed for race performance.

    It makes road bikes as well as track bikes with innovative components that have shaken up the bike industry.

    Over the years, Cervelo’s sponsorship of cycling race teams has made its name synonymous with professional racing.

    Where Are Cervelo Bikes Made?

    Like many bike brands, Cervelo bikes are primarily manufactured at facilities in China. However, Cervelo also has a research and development factory in Canada, which produces a limited number of newer, more experimental frames.

    Outsourcing most of its production allows it to keep manufacturing costs low because labour in the West is far more expensive than Asian labour.

    However, their Canadian facility allows them to maintain control over the manufacturing process still.

    Where Else Have Cervelo Bikes Been Made?

    Cervelo has always outsourced its frame production to China, remaining consistent with this manufacturing plan since its beginnings in the mid-90s.

    Where Are Cervelo's Headquarters & Who Is Cervelo's Parent Company?

    Cervelo is a native Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

    However, it is owned by Pon Holdings, a large Dutch conglomerate that also owns other recognisable bike brands such as Gazelle and Derby Cycle.

    Citizen Bikes

    Citizen Bike is an American manufacturer best known for its foldable bikes, designed to be folded up for easy transportation.

    While these affordable and easy-to-use models have long been popular in Europe and Asia, Citizen Bike helped popularise these more portable bikes in the United States.

    The company also produces a large number of accessories and components for folding bikes.

    Where Are Citizen Bikes Made?

    Citizen Bike outsources the production of its Folding Bike to a high-end factory in China, which follows Citizen Bike’s exact specifications for frame creation.

    Like many bike manufacturers, Citizen Bike has its frames made overseas to keep costs low.

    However, it still controls the production process by strictly reviewing every bike that comes out of its Chinese factories.

    Where Else Have Citizen Bikes Been Made?

    Although Citizen Bike is based in Florida and has several distribution centres throughout the United States, its frames have always been produced overseas in Chinese factories.

    It has followed this manufacturing model since its inception over a decade ago.

    Where Are Citizen's Headquarters & Who Is Citizen's Parent Company?

    Citizen Bike is an American-based company with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As an independent company, it is not owned by any corporation or conglomerate.

    Cube Bikes

    Beginning in Germany in 1993, Cube bike was founded by Marcus Pürner.

    To begin with, Marcus built bikes in a small workshop within a family-owned furniture factory in Waldershof. 

    Since 1993 Cube has become a prominent European brand that has retained its quality and continues to produce desirable bikes that stay up to date with consumer trends. 

    Where Are Cube Bikes Made?

    Since Cube’s conception in Waldershof, they’ve continued developing, producing, and selling their bikes in the small North Bavarian town. 

    Whilst they’ve remained in their hometown, they’ve moved out of their original unit, with their offices and factory now covering an area of over 40,000m².

    German engineering is world-renowned for its quality, and unlike many other bike brands, Cube has refrained from outsourcing their entire process, which allows them to ensure top-quality service.

    Individual bicycle components are produced for Cube in Asia, mostly in Taiwan. These are then shipped to Waldershof to be assembled in the Cube factory. 

    Where Else Have Cubes Bikes Been Made?

    Since 1993 Cube bikes have been made in Germany, with most of their component production now taking place in Taiwan. 

    They choose to assemble their bikes in Germany to continue to employ a large local workforce and currently have over 250 staff working in their warehouse and assembly line. 

    Where Are Cube's Headquarters & Who Is Cube's Parent Company?

    Cube’s headquarters are in Waldershof, Germany and have been here since the company was founded in 1993. 

    Currently, Cube is an independent business that isn’t owned by a parent company or conglomerate. 

    Diamondback Bikes

    Diamondback Bicycles is an American bike brand that has established a leading reputation in the industry for developing a wide range of long-lasting and reliable mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and road bikes.

    Since its inception in 1977, Diamondback has produced a wide range of mid-range to high-end bikes.

    Where Are Diamondback Bikes Made?

    Currently, Diamondback bikes are manufactured by Taiwanese company Kinesis Industries, which produces frames at its factory in China.

    The company outsources its supply chain for cost-cutting reasons. It’s far cheaper to produce bikes in China and then export them worldwide than to produce them in American or European factories.

    Where Else Have Diamondback Bikes Been Made?

    In the early years, Diamondback Bicycles produced its bikes in the United States using internationally-imported parts.

    However, as the brand became more successful and got acquired by Derby Cycles in 1999, it began outsourcing production to Asia.

    Where Are Diamondback's Headquarters & Who Is Diamondback's Parent Company?

    Diamondback Bicycles has its headquarters in Kent, Washington, an urban area in close proximity to Seattle.

    Its parent company is Regent, L.P., a large international investment firm that also owns bike brands like Mavic and Redline.

    Dolan Bikes

    Dolan Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

    It is best known for creating various types of race bikes, which several professional racing teams throughout Britain have used.

    The company offers a wide range of bikes such as road bikes, fixed gear bikes and cyclocross bikes.

    Where Are Dolan Bikes Made?

    Dolan’s bike frames are manufactured at a factory in China before going to the UK for finishing and distribution. This is extremely common throughout the bike industry because manufacturing bikes in Europe or the United States is far more expensive than using factories in Asia.

    However, Dolan still oversees the whole manufacturing process despite outsourcing. It reviews and finishes every frame at its own facility in the UK before reaching the market.

    Where Else Have Dolan Bikes Been Made?

    Dolan Bikes were initially built in their native UK by founder Terry Dolan. After getting his start in frame building by working at a local bike shop in the late-70s, Dolan opened his own shop in 1980 to create his bikes.

    It was only when the brand began growing years later that it began outsourcing its manufacturing.

    Where Are Dolan's Headquarters & Who Is Dolan's Parent Company?

    Dolan Bikes is a homegrown British company with headquarters in Ormskirk, a town in West Lancashire. Dolan Bikes is an independent entity without a larger parent company.

    Electra Bikes

    Electra Bicycle Company is an American bike manufacturer, best known for its large selection of cruiser bikes, comfort bikes, and hybrid bikes.

    It also offers various bike components and accessories. Established in 1993, it has built up a dedicated following thanks to its affordable bikes built with lasting materials.

    Where Are Electra Bikes Made?

    Along with many other prominent bike brands, Electra bikes are manufactured at factories in Taiwan.

    Like many other bike manufacturers, Electra outsources its supply chain to East Asia for cost reasons. It is far more affordable to produce bikes at Asian factories than to have them made in Western facilities.

    Where Else Have Electra Bikes Been Made?

    Electra’s bike frame manufacturing strategy has not changed since its establishment in 1993.

    Their very first bikes were produced by Taiwanese contractors, and they have outsourced their manufacturing ever since then.

    Where Are Electra's Headquarters & Who Is Electra's Parent Company?

    Electra Bicycle Company was founded in Vista, California, but its headquarters are currently located in nearby Encinitas.

    Its parent organisation is Trek Bicycle Company, a powerhouse in the industry that sells its own range of bikes as well as other popular brands like Diamant Bikes.

    eZee Bikes

    eZee Bikes is a Singaporean bike manufacturer that has established itself as an industry leader for electric bicycles.

    It offers a wide range of electric bikes, including recumbent bikes, road bikes, and even mountain bikes. It has innovated its own electric drive system that maximises efficient performance and dependability.

    Along with bikes, eZee also produces and sells a variety of accessories and components.

    Where Are eZee Bikes Made?

    Unlike many other notable bike brands, eZee does not outsource its manufacturing. Rather, it owns an in-house manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

    It does all its production at its own factory so that it can have total control over the design, production, and quality assurance process.

    Where Else Have eZee Bikes Been Made?

    Since its inception, eZee has been committed to producing its own bikes without having to rely on outsourcing.

    However, before the company manufactured its bikes in Malaysia, it had a facility in Shanghai. It moved production to this new location to avoid US and EU tariffs on imported products from China and keep prices low.

    Where Are eZee's Headquarters & Who Is eZee's Parent Company?

    eZee Bikes is headquartered in Shanghai, China, the native country of the company’s founder. No larger organisation owns eZee; it is a fully independent entity.

    Felt Bikes

    Known for its wide range of bikes including mountain bikes, cruisers, road bikes, cyclocross, and electric bikes, Felt Bicycles is an American bike manufacturer based in Irvine, California.

    The company has made a name for itself in professional bike racing by sponsoring a number of prominent teams, along with supplying bikes for races like Tour de France.

    Where Are Felt Bikes Made?

    As an American company, all Felt bikes are designed in the United States. However, manufacturing is typically outsourced to factories throughout East Asia, including facilities in China and Taiwan.

    As with the majority of the bicycle industry, Felt outsources its supply chain to keep costs low.

    Where Else Have Felt Bikes Been Made?

    Felt bikes have always stuck to the same manufacturing plan throughout its history: they have been drawn and designed by Felt’s team in California, while all manufacturing has been outsourced to Asian factories.

    Where Are Felt's Headquarters & Who Is Felt's Parent Company?

    Felt Bicycles was founded in the early 90s in Irvine, California, USA, where its headquarters are located today.

    Although it was originally an independent company, a series of distribution challenges led Felt to be acquired by major French conglomerate Rossignol in 2017.

    Rossignol is most known as one of the earliest leading manufacturers of sports equipment, such as plastic skis.

    Focus Bikes

    One of the most prominent players in the German bike market, Focus Bikes, is a brand known for producing a consistent and diverse range of bikes.

    While Focus initially made a name for itself producing mountain bikes, it has expanded into different disciplines over the years, including road and touring bikes, before heavily investing in the electric bike market starting in the mid-2000s.

    Where Are Focus Bikes Made?

    Unlike the vast majority of major bike brands, Focus bike production is not outsourced to Asia.

    Focus Bikes are made in Germany, where a team of engineers designs every bike, after which they are assembled at production facilities in Cloppenburg (Germany).

    Focus then handle production in-house so it can ensure that each bike meets its quality standards from beginning to end.

    Where Else Have Focus Bikes Been Made?

    Focus Bikes has yet to waver from its commitment to manufacturing its bicycles in-house.

    They have always produced each model at their own facilities, rather than outsourcing to foreign countries.

    Where Are Focus's Headquarters & Who Is Focus's Parent Company?

    Focus Bikes’ headquarters are based in Stuttgart, Germany, where the company was founded in 1993.

    Shortly after its establishment, it partnered with Derby Cycle Werke to help produce bikes. Today, Focus is owned by Derby Cycle, which is in turn owned by Dutch biking conglomerate Pon Holdings.

    Fuji Bikes

    Japanese bike brand Fuji Bikes is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world.

    First established in 1899, its products have since spread around the world. It is particularly respected for its high-end road and mountain bikes.

    Where Are Fuji Bikes Made?

    Fuji bikes are manufactured around the world in several locations. Its frames are produced in factories in Taiwan and China, which is common for major brands.

    However, what is more unusual is that several of its models are also manufactured in Poland by Ideal Bike Corporation.

    Fuji outsources to many different locations for cost reasons, as it is usually cheaper to have bikes produced abroad than it is to do so natively.

    Where Else Have Fuji Bikes Been Made?

    Throughout its long history, Fuji’s bikes have been produced all across the globe. Fuji was a distributor rather than a manufacturer in the early years, but it began manufacturing its bikes in Japan during the early twentieth century.

    By the 1920s, the company had become Japan’s most popular bike brand. However, as the century went on, Fuji’s fortunes changed, encouraging the company to manufacture its bikes in cheaper facilities in Taiwan. Production later expanded to China and Poland.

    Where Are Fuji's Headquarters & Who Is Fuji's Parent Company?

    Despite its origins in the Land of the Rising Sun, Fuji Bikes’ headquarters are now located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    This is because the brand is owned and distributed by Advanced Sports International, which acquired Fuji due to financial troubles in the 1980s and 90s.

    Gekko Bikes

    Gekko is an American bike brand from the Pacific Northwest that designs a range of entry-level bikes known for their affordable pricing and ease-of-use.

    Gekko’s city bikes are popular for their reliable and durable frames.

    Where Are Gekko Bikes Made?

    Gekko bikes are native to the Pacific coast, as the company broadly boasts that every frame is designed in Washington state.

    However, Gekko bikes are manufactured overseas in factories in China. Like so many other bike brands, Gekko frames are assembled in Asian factories before being sent back across the Atlantic.

    This supply chain allows Gekko to keep production costs low while still overseeing the whole creation process.

    Where Else Have Gekko Bikes Been Made?

    Gekko bikes have never wavered from their manufacturing plan and have always been designed in Washington while manufacturing occurs in overseas facilities.

    Where Are Gekko's Headquarters & Who Is Gekko's Parent Company?

    Gekko Bikes is based in Washington and is completely independent, not owned by any larger organisation.

    Giant Bikes

    Giant Bicycles is more than deserving of its name. This Taiwanese company is generally acknowledged as one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers, with facilities located in multiple countries all around the globe.

    Producing millions of bicycles every year, the company offers a wide range of models, including cruisers, mountain bikes, BMX, and more.

    Where Are Giant Bikes Made?

    Giant bikes are manufactured in several facilities across the world. Giant has production facilities in its native Taiwan and nearby mainland China, but it also has factories in European territories, including Hungary and the Netherlands.

    This international manufacturing expansion was largely due to deals in which Giant became a manufacturer for other bike brands as well as its own products.

    Where Else Have Giant Bikes Been Made?

    Giant Bicycles was not originally the juggernaut of the industry like it is now.

    When it was first founded, it was a small company that only produced and sold bikes in the Taiwanese market.

    However, as new contracts were signed and deals made, Giant began to expand. This expansion allowed Giant to form partnerships with other manufacturers, enabling it to spread further into new areas.

    Where Are Giant's Headquarters & Who Is Giant's Parent Company?

    Giant Bicycles makes its headquarters in the quiet Dajia District of Taichung City, one of Taiwan’s largest metropolitan areas.

    Selling millions of bikes each year, Giant Bicycles does not need a parent organisation and is fully independent.

    GT Bikes

    GT Bicycles is one of the most recognisable bike brands on the market. Known for its mountain, road, and BMX bicycles, GT spurred BMX bikes’ popularity in the late 70s and early 80s.

    Cyclists also recognise GT for their innovative frame designs, such as their “triple tail” mountain bike.

    Where Are GT Bikes Made?

    GT produces a diverse range of products, but they all have one thing in common: they are made in facilities throughout Asia.

    Although GT is a Californian company, all frame manufacturing is outsourced to overseas factories in China and Taiwan. Overseas production is popular throughout the bike industry because it keeps costs low.

    Where Else Have GT Bikes Been Made?

    GT wasn’t always the globally-recognised brand it is today. During the early days of business, founder Gary Turner made all the frames himself from his shop in Southern California.

    When business began to pick up in the late-70s, he purchased a facility in Santa Ana, California, for manufacturing and distribution purposes. As the business expanded, the company began outsourcing production for cost efficiency.

    Where Are GT's Headquarters & Who Is GT's Parent Company?

    GT Bikes has been owned by a number of large organisations throughout its history.

    It was acquired by many investment firms before eventually ending as a subsidiary of conglomerate Dorel Inc., which also owns other major bike brands like Cannondale.

    Haro Bikes

    Haro Bikes Corporation was founded by former BMX cyclist Bob Haro, who started from humble beginnings by building bikes from his home.

    It wasn’t long before Haro became a recognisable national brand, known for their well-made and cost-efficient mountain and BMX bikes.

    Where Are Haro Bikes Made?

    Haro falls in line with most other large bike manufacturers in that it outsources all of its frame production.

    Haro uses factories in Taiwan for producing all of its models. Getting its frames made overseas allows Haro to keep production costs low.

    Where Else Have Haro Bikes Been Made?

    In the early years, Haro bikes were made by Torker, a manufacturer based in Kent, Washington.

    However, as Haro grew in size and needed to produce more bikes each year, it needed to change its supply chain so it could accommodate the increased demand without incurring too many expenses.

    Such considerations drove Haro to change its manufacturing partner from Torker to Taiwanese factories.

    Where Are Haro's Headquarters & Who Is Haro's Parent Company?

    Haro Bikes’ corporate headquarters are located in Vista, California.

    Although the company has been acquired by a number of investment groups and larger bike companies throughout its history, it is currently an independent organisation.

    Huffy Bikes

    With over 120 years of business, the Huffy Corporation is one of the world’s oldest continuously-operating bike brands.

    This American brand has been known for its range of cruisers, mountain bikes, and family-focused models for over a century.

    Where Are Huffy Bikes Made?

    Today, Huffy has joined the ranks of countless other large bike manufacturers in outsourcing the production of its models.

    Huffy has factories in China, Taiwan, and Mexico. These locations were chosen for cost reasons: as the domestic American bike market consolidated throughout the 80s and 90s, it became increasingly unsustainable for Huffy to pay its American workers a living wage.

    This drove them to seek out cheaper labour in other markets.

    Where Else Have Huffy Bikes Been Made?

    Prior to the changing balance of the American bike market towards the end of the 20th century, Huffy had manufactured all its products in the United States.

    It had factories across the country, in areas like California and Oklahoma. Its flagship factory was located in Celina, Ohio, USA near its headquarters, and at one point, it was the city’s largest employer.

    Where Are Huffy's Headquarters & Who Is Huffy's Parent Company?

    Today, Huffy Corporation is still based in Dayton, Ohio, where it has been located since 1890. It is currently owned by UWHK Ltd., a subdivision of a large investment firm based in Hong Kong.

    Kestrel Bikes

    Kestrel Bicycles is an American bike brand revered as one of the most innovative bike manufacturers on the market.

    It boldly claims to have the lightest frame in the world, and it is well-known as the pioneer of the carbon frame, which is now the default frame for most high-end mountain bikes.

    Where Are Kestrel Bikes Made?

    Kestrel bikes are produced using the same strategy as most other major brands.

    Despite being a US company, Kestrel works with Chinese manufacturing company Martec to produce frames in Asian factories before shipping them back to the US.

    This supply chain allows Kestrel to produce its bikes at a lower cost than making them in the West.

    Where Else Have Kestrel Bikes Been Made?

    Kestrel bikes weren’t always made across the Pacific. During the brand’s early years, it had its frames built in California.

    However, as the years went on and labour became more expensive in the US while getting cheaper in China, the company chose to outsource its production to Asia.

    Where Are Kestrel's Headquarters & Who Is Kestrel's Parent Company?

    Kestrel Bicycles’ corporate headquarters are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Kestrel Bicycles is owned by Advanced Sports, Inc., an international conglomerate that also owns Fuji Bikes, Oval Concepts, and SE Bikes.

    Kink BMX Bikes

    Kink BMX is an American bike manufacturer that has been in business for more than a quarter of a century.

    It is a well-respected manufacturer of BMX bikes and frames, which are popular in the stunt racing community. Its bikes are a common fixture in competitions such as the X Games.

    It also produces several different bike parts and components.

    Where Are Kink Bikes Made?

    While every Kink BMX bike is designed in-house at Kink’s home base in Rochester, NY, the frames and parts themselves are made overseas.

    Like most other bike brands, Kink BMX bikes are manufactured in Taiwan. Outsourcing its frames allows Kink BMX to reduce costs in the production process.

    Where Else Have Kink Bikes Been Made?

    In the early days of the business, Kink BMX made and distributed its own parts throughout the local Rochester, New York area.

    As the company grew, it developed a national following. Shortly after, it switched to outsourcing its production overseas.

    Where Are Kink BMX’s Headquarters & Who Is Kink BMX’s Parent Company?

    Kink BMX’s global headquarters can be found in Rochester, New York.

    Throughout its 25 years of business, it has remained a fully independent entity, not owned by a larger corporation.

    Kona Bikes

    Kona Bikes is a Canadian-American bike brand that has produced road, touring and electric bikes for over 30 years.

    It is best known for its selection of mountain bikes, which are widely respected as some of the best on the market in terms of longevity and construction.

    Where Are Kona Bikes Made?

    Kona Bikes falls in line with the bike industry’s common trends when it comes to its manufacturing plans.

    Its frames and parts are built in a factory in Taiwan; however, Kona regularly visits the factory and closely monitors its processes to ensure its quality standards.

    It does this to maintain control of the production process while saving money.

    Where Else Have Kona Bikes Been Made?

    Throughout its history, Kona has stuck with the same manufacturing model: it outsources frame production while regularly checking in to ensure consistent quality.

    Where Are Kona's Headquarters & Who Is Kona's Parent Company?

    Kona Bikes is a half-American, half-Canadian company, as one of its founders hailed from Northwestern Washington while the other lived in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Today its US headquarters are located in Ferndale, Washington, while its Canadian operations are based in Vancouver. It is a fully independent company without any larger parent organisation.

    Leitner Electric Bikes

    Leitner Electric Bikes is a fast-growing Australian bike brand that specialises in electric bikes. The company prioritises making its products as cost-effective as possible.

    Leitner is known for its competitive pricing on electric bicycles, which are normally to be more expensive than traditional models.

    It offers a wide range of bicycles including road bikes, fat bikes, and mountain bikes.

    Where Are Leitner Electric Bikes Made?

    Leitner is a cosmopolitan brand with parts from all around the world that go into every bike.

    While individual parts are obtained from multiple international sources, final manufacture and assembly are performed overseas in China.

    This supply chain helps the company keep its costs low and enables it to price its models competitively.

    Where Else Have Leitner Electric Bikes Been Made?

    Throughout its history, Leitner Electric Bikes have stuck to the same manufacturing model by getting their parts sourced from all around the world while manufacturing the frames in China.

    This model is popular among major bike producers because of its cost-effectiveness compared to getting bikes built in Western countries.

    Where Are Lietener's Headquarters & Who Is Lietener's Parent Company?

    Leitner is a native Australian brand with headquarters based in Melbourne, Victoria.

    Leitner Electric Bikes is a fully independent company that is not owned by any larger parent organisation.

    Marin Bikes

    Marin is an American bike brand known for being one of the first major producers of mountain bikes in the 1980s, when mountain bikes were still in their infancy.

    Its bikes are high-quality and suitable for just about any budget, appealing to audiences as varied entry-level cyclists to professional athletes.

    Where Are Marin Bikes Made?

    Marin follows the example of countless other major bike manufacturers in producing its bikes in Asian factories.

    However, all bikes are still designed in Marin’s Northern Californian headquarters before being made overseas.

    The company chose this method of production for cost reasons, as overseas manufacturing cost far less than making bikes in the United States.

    Where Else Have Marin Bikes Been Made?

    Before moving its manufacturing to Asia, Marin bikes were once proudly made in the US.

    It opened a factory in Novato, California in 1986, which used to be Marin’s global manufacturing headquarters.

    Where Are Marin's Headquarters & Who Is Marin's Parent Company?

    Despite producing its products overseas, Marin Bikes still has its headquarters in its native California. The company is based in Petaluma, California.

    Marin is owned by Minestone, a large international investment firm that purchased the company in 2013.

    Mekk Bikes

    Mekk Bicycles might be a relatively new company. Still, they are already making a name for themselves as one of the UK’s most prominent brands thanks to its emphasis on optimising performance and affordability at once.

    Founded by two industry veterans, cyclists across the UK value Mekk bikes for their versatility and value.

    Where Are Mekk Bikes Made?

    Falling in line with many other bike brands, Mekk bikes are produced at a factory in Taiwan.

    However, the brand states that they maintain complete control of the manufacturing process. They do all their design in-house and closely monitor production overseas.

    They use this method to have a hand in every step of the creation process while keeping costs low. This is because labour is far cheaper in Asia than it is in Europe.

    Where Else Have Mekk Bikes Been Made?

    Mekk is a young brand, and thus, it has not had time to shake up its established production formula.

    It has not changed the way it makes its bikes and has instead always had them made in Taiwan.

    Where Are Mekk's Headquarters & Who Is Mekk's Parent Company?

    Mekk is a British company with headquarters in Bristol, England. It is an independent company without any larger parent organisation.

    Mongoose Bikes

    Mongoose Bicycles is an American bike brand with a long and perhaps tumultuous history.

    Founded in 1974, the company produced top-quality mountain bikes and BMX that rode the popularity of sports bikes in the 80s and 90s.

    However, throughout the years, a series of acquisitions served to take Mongoose out of the limelight it once enjoyed. Nonetheless, Mongoose bikes are still known and respected for their high-quality build and affordable price.

    Where Are Mongoose Bikes Made?

    Mongoose bikes are manufactured in Taiwan with the help of Pacific Cycles, a company it merged with in 2001.

    It produces its bikes in Asia rather than its native United States because it is far more cost-effective to get bikes made overseas than in the West.

    Where Else Have Mongoose Bikes Been Made?

    In the early years, Mongoose bikes were once made in the United States.

    It had a fully-owned manufacturing facility in the Chatsworth neighbourhood of Los Angeles that produced as many as 600 frames a day during the 70s and 80s.

    However, as the company grew, it began to shift its production capabilities overseas to cut expenses.

    Where Are Mongoose's Headquarters & Who Is Mongoose's Parent Company?

    Mongoose Bicycles’ headquarters are based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, where the company first began. The company has had a complex history of acquisitions.

    From 1985 to present, it has been owned by American Group, Bell Sports, Brunswick Outdoor Recreation Group, Pacific Cycle, and finally, Dorel Industries. Each of these entities is a major player in the bike market.

    Nukeproof Bikes

    Nukeproof is an Irish bike brand with 30 years of history, starting from humble beginnings before making an international name for itself by producing some of the fastest and best bikes on the market.

    Their downhill, trail, and enduro bikes are popular among casual riders and professional cyclists, making them an easily recognisable brand.

    Where Are Nukeproof Bikes Made?

    Nukeproof follows suit with the wider bike industry by having its frames manufactured in Asian factories.

    Getting bikes made in China and Taiwan is far more affordable than having them made in Western territories.

    However, beyond the assembly process, all Nukeproof frames are designed and developed by the company’s in-house team in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    Where Else Have Nukeproof Bikes Been Made?

    Nukeproof hasn’t always been a bike manufacturer. Although the company has existed for over 30 years, its early years were preoccupied with making parts and supplies at their location in Northern Ireland before transitioning to full-scale bike production.

    Nukeproof then began manufacturing its own bikes in Asian facilities in 2010.

    Where Are Nukeproof's Headquarters & Who Is Nukeproof's Parent Company?

    Nukeproof’s headquarters are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    The company is owned by Chain Reaction Cycles, a large online bike distributor affiliated with other bike brands.

    Orbea Bikes

    Orbea is one of Spain’s leading bike brands and is among the most historic figures in its industry as the second-oldest bike company still in existence.

    Although founded in 1840 as a producer of rifles and guns, it pivoted to creating bicycles in the 1920s.

    Since then, Orbea has become well-known throughout Europe as a leader in professional racing and the e-bike market.

    Where Are Orbea Bikes Made?

    Orbea’s manufacturing model is fairly unique in the industry. While it does produce many of its bikes at a facility in Taiwan, it also produces them at its own facility in Portugal.

    After each bike frame is produced, it is then sent to the company’s headquarters in Mallabia, Spain, where it is painted and prepared for distribution.

    This split between Eastern and Western manufacturing allows Orbea to maintain control of every aspect of the creation process while keeping expenses and prices low.

    Where Else Have Orbea Bikes Been Made?

    In the early years before bicycles became an international industry, Orbea bikes were produced in the company’s hometown of Mallabia, Spain.

    However, as the industry grew and prices became more competitive, Orbea ceased native manufacturing and moved to its split production model that it follows today.

    Where Are Orbea's Headquarters & Who Is Orbea's Parent Company?

    Orbea is based in the town of Mallabia, Spain, where it has corporate headquarters and production facilities.

    Orbea is owned by the Mondragon Corporation, a large cooperative and corporation affiliated with hundreds of other companies in other industries such as finance and education.

    Pedego Bikes

    Pedego is a leading American manufacturer of e-bikes, known for high-quality construction and accessibility.

    It may be a relatively young company that has only been in business since 2008, but it has quickly made a name for itself as one the most reliable producers of electric bikes.

    Where Are Pedego Bikes Made?

    Like many large bike companies, Pedego’s products are made overseas in Asian countries. Today, all its frames are produced in factories in Vietnam.

    The company chose to outsource its bike production to avoid the expenses that come with Western manufacturing. It chose Vietnam as its manufacturing base to avoid expensive tariffs that come with importing goods from other countries.

    Where Else Have Pedego Bikes Been Made?

    Before moving its manufacturing to Vietnam, Pedego bike frames were previously made in China.

    However, when the US implemented heavy tariffs on goods from China, Pedego was forced to move its production operations to Vietnam to keep its production costs under control and its consumer prices affordable.

    Where Are Pedego's Headquarters & Who Is Pedego's Parent Company?

    Pedego’s headquarters are based in Fountain Valley, a vibrant Southern California location known for business.

    Pedego is an independent organisation without a parent company.

    Raleigh Bikes

    The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a British bike manufacturer with an impressive legacy.

    Among the oldest bike companies in the world, Raleigh has over 100 years of producing bikes with quality components at lower prices than many other companies.

    They have been well-beloved for their varied selection of mountain bikes, road bikes, and even e-bikes.

    Where Are Raleigh Bikes Made?

    Raleigh produces their bikes around the world. Like the vast majority of large bike companies, Raleigh has its frames produced in Southeast Asia’s industrial hotspots.

    It has facilities in Vietnam and Taiwan. However, it also produces a limited number of frames at a facility in its native Nottingham, England.

    Raleigh outsources the majority of its production for cost reasons, as financial troubles in the 80s and 90s forced the company to shut down its British assembly lines favouring cheaper labour overseas.

    Where Else Have Raleigh Bikes Been Made?

    Initially, Raleigh was a British made and manufactured brand.

    It had numerous factories throughout the UK and worldwide, including Worksop and Nottingham in England, Quebec in Canada, and Kent in Washington, United States.

    Numerous acquisitions, financial hurdles, and company restructurings led Raleigh to consolidate its production in Asia.

    Where Are Raleigh's Headquarters & Who Is Raleigh's Parent Company?

    Raleigh Bicycle Company is still located in Nottingham, England, where it was founded in 1885.

    It has been acquired several times throughout its history by major bicycle conglomerates and corporations like TI, Derby Cycle, and most recently, Dutch bicycle company Accell – a conglomerate that also owns the Ghost and Lapierre brands.

    Ritchey Bikes

    Ritchey Designs is a bicycle brand with a substantial legacy, even if it’s not the industry’s oldest company. Formed in 1974, Ritchey was instrumental to the growth and development of mountain bikes in the early-to-mid 70s.

    The company’s road and mountain bikes are well-known for their strength and resilience in intense road conditions.

    Beyond complete frames, Ritchey Designs has also been responsible for bike components that have won major competitions like the Olympics.

    Where Are Ritchey Bikes Made?

    Ritchey Designs makes its products at its home base in San Carlos, California.

    Unlike many other notable bike companies, Ritchey Designs focuses on manufacturing individual components rather than complete bikes.

    This means that it can manage production in-house due to a lower output of products, rather than needing to outsource production overseas.

    Where Else Have Ritchey Bikes Been Made?

    Ritchey Designs had humble beginnings as its founder, Tom Ritchey, began by making frames and components out of his garage in the early 70s.

    While the company has always made its products in Ritchey’s local San Carlos, it has moved around to different facilities and workshops as output has increased.

    Where Are Ritchey Headquarters & Who Is Ritchey's Parent Company?

    Ritchey Designs is based in San Carlos, California.

    It is a completely independent company that is not owned by any other larger corporation or organisation.

    Rivendell Bikes

    Rivendell Bikes was established in late 1994 by Grant Petersen (at the age of 40) with early work being carried out in his garage for the first two years. 

    Rivendell Bicycle Works offer a range of lugged steel bicycle frames, alongside complete bikes and some of their own components and clothing.

    Where Are Rivendell Bikes Made?

    Rivendell bicycles and components are manufactured in a range of countries. 

    Their manufacturing and production takes place in the USA, Japan and Taiwan, with product development and business operations taking place in their 6000 sqft unit in Walnut Creek, California. 

    Where Else Have Rivendell Bikes Been Made?

    Taiwan, Japan and the USA are the only countries that have manufactured Rivendell bicycles and products.

    Where Are Rivendell's Headquarters & Who Is Rivendell's Parent Company?

    Rivendell’s headquarters are located at their 600 sqft unit in Walnut Creek, California.

    Rivendell Bicycles are self-owned rather than being owned by a conglomerate parent company. 

    Salsa Bikes

    Salsa Bicycles is an American bike brand known for a decades-long legacy of putting out quality mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes.

    Their products have a reputation for dependability and accessibility, providing bikes that enable riders to explore off-road with ease.

    Along with frame production, the company also makes several individual bike components.

    Where Are Salsa Bikes Made?

    Salsa bikes are produced in the same way as many other bike brands.

    After bikes are designed in-house at the company’s headquarters in Minnesota, the frames are manufactured in East Asia facilities.

    Most Salsa frames are made in Taiwan, while others come from China. This production method allows Salsa to manage the production process while saving money with foreign labour.

    Where Else Have Salsa Bikes Been Made?

    Salsa has always relied on overseas outsourcing. However, it has sometimes changed where it gets its parts from.

    Before relying on China and Taiwan, the company made a name for itself by outsourcing bike components from Japan, which were difficult to get in other regions.

    Where Are Salsa's Headquarters & Who Is Salsa's Parent Company?

    Salsa Cycles is based in Bloomington, Minnesota.

    It is owned by Quality Bicycle Productions, a large conglomerate that also owns many other brands such as Surly and All-City.

    Quality Bicycle Productions acquired Salsa Cycles in 1997.

    Santa Cruz Bikes

    Santa Cruz Bicycles is a leading manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes. This company has spent decades since its founding building up a reputation as the primary destination for diverse yet consistently well-built sports bikes.

    Along with manufacturing, the company also sponsors the Santa Cruz Syndicate, a professional mountain bike racing team that competes in national competitions.

    Where Are Santa Cruz Bikes Made?

    Santa Cruz bike frames are built in factories in China and Taiwan. However, while frame production occurs overseas, the bikes are only fully assembled in Santa Cruz’s facilities in California.

    This method of production allows the company to save money on manufacturing while still maintaining control of the process.

    Where Else Have Santa Cruz Bikes Been Made?

    Throughout its nearly three decades of history, Santa Cruz has stuck to the same production model. It has its frames made in East Asia while completing assembly in the United States.

    Where Are Santa Cruz's Headquarters & Who Is Santa Cruz's Parent Company?

    As its name would suggest, Santa Cruz Bicycles is based in Santa Cruz, California.

    Santa Cruz is owned by the Dutch bike conglomerate Pon Holdings, which also owns a large number of other major brands such as Gazelle, Cervelo, and Derby Cycling.

    Schwinn Bikes

    The Schwinn name is synonymous with bicycles. Since its founding at the end of the 19th century, Schwinn was the dominant bike brand in America throughout the 20th century.

    Although it no longer has the relevance and influence that it once did, Schwinn still holds a legacy as one of the industry’s most beloved brands while continuing to produce quality bikes at an affordable price.

    Where Are Schwinn Bikes Made?

    Once a proud all-American brand, Schwinn bikes are now produced entirely in China and Taiwan.

    After the company suffered numerous financial setbacks in the 80s and 90s, it began outsourcing its bikes to keep costs low and be competitive with falling market prices.

    Where Else Have Schwinn Bikes Been Made?

    Before switching their production to Asia, Schwinn once produced all its bikes in various facilities across the United States.

    It had manufacturing plants and factories based in Waterford, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, and Greenville, Mississippi.

    Where Are Schwinn's Headquarters & Who Is Schwinn's Parent Company?

    Schwinn Bicycles’ headquarters are currently located in Vancouver, Washington.

    Schwinn is a sub-brand of Pacific Cycle, which is owned by Dorel Industries, a major conglomerate of bike companies that also owns Cannondale and Iron Horse Bicycles.

    Scott Bikes

    Scott Sports is a versatile company that was once known for skiing before making a name for itself as a bike manufacturer.

    Scott Sport’s bike frames and components have revolutionised professional cycling, helping several athletes win major competitions such as Tour de France.

    The company produces bikes for many audiences, from racing-focused mountain and road bikes to e-bikes and urban city bikes.

    Where Are Scott Bikes Made?

    Scott Sports follows the lead of many other notable bike manufacturers. Rather than making its bikes in Switzerland (the location of its corporate offices), it instead makes its frames in Taiwan.

    This allows it to produce a great number of frames to meet high demand while keeping expenses low.

    Where Else Have Scott Bikes Been Made?

    Scott Sports has always depended on outsourcing to Asia for creating its bike frames.

    Although its main business processes have shifted from skiing to sportswear to bikes throughout its history, its use of overseas manufacturing has remained the same.

    Where Are Scott's Headquarters & Who Is Scott's Parent Company?

    Although Scott Sports was founded as an American company, its headquarters are currently located across the pond in Givisiez, Switzerland.

    It is a subsidiary of Youngone Corporation, a large Korean company that also either owns, distributes and manufactures for other major sports brands such as North Face and Puma.

    Specialized Bikes

    Specialized Bicycles is a premier American bike brand known for its wide range of touring, urban, and high-end bicycles & components.

    Specialized is one of the largest bike companies globally, having the third-largest market share of the American bike industry after Trek and Giant.

    Where Are Specialized Bikes Made?

    Specialized bikes are all designed and developed at Specialized’s headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.

    Once the initial development phase is complete, the bike frames are then manufactured in Taiwan by Specialized’s main production partner, Merida.

    Specialized entered this production arrangement after Merida purchased a large portion of the company.

    Where Else Have Specialized Bikes Been Made?

    Specialized bikes have always been manufactured overseas, even before the company partnered with Merida.

    Producing bike frames overseas is far cheaper than getting them made in western facilities.

    Where Are Specialized's Headquarters & Who Is Specialized's Parent Company?

    Specialized Bicycles has its corporate headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.

    It is an independent company that is still owned and operated by its founder, Mike Sinyard.

    Although Specialized’s manufacturing partner, Merida, owns a substantial stake in the company, Specialized is still an independent entity.

    State Bikes

    State Bicycles is a relatively young American brand that produces a wide range of bikes, including fixed and single gear bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes.

    Their bike models are known for providing a good value for recreational riding.

    Where Are State Bikes Made?

    Currently, State bikes are manufactured in Asia. Some of its most popular models are made at facilities in Taichung, Taiwan, whereas others are created in China.

    Outsourcing production allows State to cut costs on manufacturing, allowing them to keep prices low and affordable for their consumers.

    Where Else Have State Bikes Been Made?

    State bikes have always been outsourced to Asia. However, the exact location has changed over the years. At one time, all State bikes were made in China.

    After the US began enforcing high tariffs on Chinese goods, State moved production on some of its most popular models to Taiwan.

    Doing so allowed them to avoid tariff expenses and keep their bikes priced affordably.

    Where Are State's Headquarters & Who Is State's Parent Company?

    State Bicycles has its headquarters in the city of Tempe, Arizona.

    The company is fully independent and is not controlled by any larger organisation or conglomerate. Rather, State insists that it is run by its customers.

    Surly Bikes

    Surly Bikes is an American bicycle brand that has developed a reputation for its hardy, adventure-ready sports bikes.

    It has long been known for its single-speed bikes and fat-tyre bikes, built with tough steel frames while also emphasising ergonomics to ensure that riders can remain comfortable during their ride.

    Where Are Surly Bikes Made?

    The vast majority of Surly’s products, including bike frames and individual components, are all manufactured in Taiwan.

    Outsourcing production is common in the bike industry because it keeps costs low, and Taiwanese manufacturing is becoming increasingly popular as the US government enacts heavy tariffs on Chinese exports.

    Where Else Have Surly Bikes Been Made?

    Surly’s supply chain has remained largely the same since its inception in 1998.

    The company has worked with the same Taiwanese manufacturing partners from the very beginning, allowing the company to still have input on the production process despite outsourcing.

    Where Are Surly's Headquarters & Who Is Surly's Parent Company?

    Surly Bikes’ headquarters are based in Bloomington, Minnesota.

    Surly Bikes is a subsidiary of Quality Bike Products, a Minnesota-based bike group that also owns Salsa Bikes. 

    Surly was created by Quality Bike Products to expand its portfolio and complement its existing brands.

    Torker Bikes

    Torker is an American bike brand known for its range of entry-level road bikes, BMXs, and even electric bikes.

    Torker also has a history of manufacturing other brands’ bikes, as it helped produce the first Haro bikes in the late 70s.

    Torker is one of several notable bike brands from the Pacific Northwestern United States.

    Where Are Torker Bikes Made?

    Torker bikes are primarily manufactured in China. Overseas production was chosen to reduce the costs associated with bike production, keeping supply and consumer prices low.

    Where Else Have Torker Bikes Been Made?

    Torker has a long history of bike manufacturing. In the early years, it handled all its production at its facilities in Fullerton, California.

    Financial troubles in the early 80s forced them to switch up their manufacturing model to overseas outsourcing.

    Where Are Torker's Headquarters & Who Is Torker's Parent Company?

    Torker’s headquarters are based in Kent, Washington. Today, Torker is no longer an independent brand. It went bankrupt in 1984, after which Seattle Bike Supply purchased the name and continued to produce Torker bikes.

    Over 20 years later, Seattle Bike Supply was then purchased by Accell, a large bike conglomerate based in the Netherlands that also owns Raleigh, Lapierre, and other popular brands.

    Trek Bikes

    Trek Bicycle Corporation is one of the world’s largest bike brands and the industry leader in the United States.

    The company has a long history of manufacturing popular road bikes, mountain bikes, and even electric bikes for cyclists of all experience levels.

    It has also introduced numerous innovations in bike manufacturing and design, changing the way bikes are made.

    Where Are Trek Bikes Made?

    Today, Trek outsources all its manufacturing. Its bike frames are produced in facilities around the world, in countries such as Holland, Germany, China, and Taiwan.

    Moving production overseas allows the company to keep production costs lower.

    However, Trek isn’t entirely hands-off when it comes to making its bikes: it still keeps a close eye on production at each factory to ensure that every model meets its quality standards.

    Where Else Have Trek Bikes Been Made?

    Trek was founded in Wisconsin, USA, which is exactly where its first bikes were produced.

    As Trek grew in popularity, it continued to manufacture its products at factories in Waterloo and Whitewater, two cities in Wisconsin.

    Where Are Trek's Headquarters & Who Is Trek's Parent Company?

    Trek’s corporate headquarters are located where it all began, in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

    Trek is an independent company.

    Viking Bikes

    Viking Cycle Company is a beloved bike brand with a lengthy history. Founded in 1908, this British company was extraordinarily successful following World War II.

    Viking manufactured tens of thousands of bikes a year and established a professional cycling team that won major competitions.

    However, a number of ownership changes led the company to fade out of the spotlight before returning in recent years under new management.

    Where Are Viking Bikes Made?

    Viking bikes are currently produced by Hero Bikes’ numerous manufacturing facilities throughout India.

    Hero has long been an established name in India, meaning that it had an existing framework of facilities before starting to produce Viking frames.

    Leveraging its existing facilities and infrastructure means that Viking is able to quickly produce a large number of bikes without incurring additional expenses.

    Where Else Have Viking Bikes Been Made?

    In their heyday, Viking bikes were manufactured throughout the British isles.

    Viking had its main manufacturing facility in Derry, Northern Ireland, during the peak of its popularity from the 70s to the 90s. Before that, Viking had been manufacturing frames in Wolverhampton, England.

    Where Are Viking's Headquarters & Who Is Viking's Parent Company?

    Viking is no longer its own company; rather, the Viking name has been purchased by Hero Bikes, which now uses its sub-brand Insync to manufacture Viking bikes.

    Insync’s headquarters are based in Manchester, England.

    VooDoo Bikes

    VooDoo Cycles is a Japanese-American bike company that prides itself on spearheading some of the most notable cycling trends.

    From being early adopters of 29ers to being among the first to offer customer robust options for customisation, VooDoo has strived to stay ahead of the curve since its founding in 1994.

    Today, Voodoo is known for its range of hardy mountain bikes specifically designed for intensive off-road riding.

    Where Are VooDoo Bikes Made?

    Like the vast majority of the bike industry, VooDoo frames are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

    Getting bikes made in overseas factories allows VooDoo to cut down on expenses that would come with getting them made in the West.

    Where Else Have VooDoo Bikes Been Made?

    VooDoo’s supply chain has remained largely unchanged throughout its more than twenty years of business.

    The modern bike industry essentially relies on overseas manufacturing to survive, as costs would get too expensive otherwise.

    Outsourcing its production allows VooDoo to reduce costs and keep its prices consistent.

    Where Are VooDoo's Headquarters & Who Is VooDoo's Parent Company?

    VooDoo Cycles is based in Sedona, Arizona. It is not owned by any larger corporation; it is a fully independent company.

    Wisper Bikes

    Wisper Electric Bicycles is a British bike brand specialising in a variety of electric bike styles. Their inventory is broad, including everything from mountain bikes to commuter bikes.

    With over a decade in the e-bike business, Wisper is known for its emphasis on durable construction and high-end parts.

    Where Are Wisper Bikes Made?

    Wisper bikes are manufactured all around the globe. Many of its entry-level bikes are manufactured at assembly facilities in Taiwan.

    However, some of Wisper’s higher-end models are built at an in-house facility in Kent, England.

    Wisper chose this supply chain in response to UK tariffs on imported Chinese goods, which would have made it prohibitively expensive to manufacture bikes in China and import them for distribution worldwide.

    Where Else Have Wisper Bikes Been Made?

    For much of its history, Wisper had outsourced its bike production to China, which was a cost-saving move.

    However, UK tariffs drove the company to look to other markets for producing its products.

    Where Are Wisper's Headquarters & Who Is Wisper's Parent Company?

    Wisper Electric Bicycles has its worldwide headquarters in Kent, England. This location also doubles as a production facility.

    Wisper is an independent company and isn’t owned by a larger conglomerate or parent company.

    XDS Bikes

    XDS is a Chinese bike company that once focused solely on manufacturing other companies’ frames before pivoting to producing its own original products.

    XDS has developed a reputation for creating affordable and comfortable bikes appropriate for cyclists of all experience levels, from veteran athletes to beginners.

    Where Are XDS Bikes Made?

    XDS originated as a Chinese manufacturing partner for large bike companies looking to outsource their production, so as expected, they manufacture all their frames at their own large facility in China.

    Handling production in-house keeps supply costs low and makes the process quicker. XDS already had the necessary staff and equipment ready to produce their frames from previous projects and contracts.

    Where Else Have XDS Bikes Been Made?

    XDS has always relied on the same supply chain since its origins in the mid-90s.

    It’s a native Chinese company that specialises in contract manufacturing before making its own products, so it has always been able to make all its products at its own facilities.

    Where Are XDS's Headquarters & Who Is XDS's Parent Company?

    XDS’s Chinese headquarters are based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. However, its international operations are located in El Monte, California.

    XDS is a fully independent entity without any larger parent company or conglomerate controlling it.

    Yeti Bikes

    Yeti Cycles is an American bike manufacturer with an established legacy as one of the most iconic mountain bike brands.

    Yeti mountain bikes are immediately recognisable thanks to their iconic turquoise finish. Simultaneously, their carbon fibre frames and smooth-riding likewise offer a unique feeling unlike any other frame on the market.

    Built with intense racing in mind, Yeti bicycles are nonetheless appropriate for riders of all skill levels.

    Where Are Yeti Bikes Made?

    Yeti follows suit with many major bike manufacturers in its supply chain, as much of its assembly and manufacturing is done at overseas facilities in Taiwan.

    This supply method helps Yeti keep expenses low. However, Yeti still maintains control over the production process and handles many aspects such as component assembly and design in-house at their factory in Golden, Colorado.

    Where Else Have Yeti Bikes Been Made?

    The first Yeti bikes were produced at Yeti’s facilities in California, USA. Their facility there was immensely successful as the company grew quickly.

    However, as the management structure of the company began to change, the company moved its factory and corporate headquarters to Colorado.

    Where Are Yeti's Headquarters & Who Is Yeti's Parent Company?

    Yeti Cycles has its headquarters in Golden, Colorado, USA.

    Although it was once owned by former bike industry legend Schwinn, Yeti was bought out by its employees and is now an entirely independent company.

    Summary - Where Are Bikes Made?

    I doubt many of you will have read this entire article, if you have then good going!

    Hopefully, you now understand a bit more about where bikes are made and why cycling brands use different manufacturing strategies. 

    If you still have an unanswered question or have feedback for me, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

    Otherwise, make sure you’re using a good-quality bike lock to secure your bike and don’t forget your helmet!

    Lock it or lose it, ciao for now!

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