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The Best Bike Lock of 2022 | 8 Top Rated Bike Locks Tested

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Choosing the best bike lock is difficult, I know! Fortunately, I’ve spent several years researching and studying bicycle security and have managed to narrow it down for you.

During this time, I’ve had hands-on experience with hundreds of different locks and have chosen the 6 best bike locks on the market. 

Bicycle theft has always left cyclists worrying when leaving their bikes locked in busy public places. By using one of the best bike locks available, you greatly reduce the chances of your bike being stolen.

The Best Bike Lock

If you need help choosing the best lock for you, I provide a bike lock buying guide towards the bottom of the page. 

But before that, I’ll introduce you to each of the best locks and their features. 

Why Should You Trust My Advice

Unlike other websites & reviewers, I’ve had extensive hands-on experience with the locks I reccomend.

I own and have thoroughly tested all of the best bike locks I recommended below. This has allowed me to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each lock properly.

By reading the information below, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find out which is the best bike lock for your circustances.

Table of Contents
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    Overview – Which Is the Best Bike Lock to Get?

    “The Best Bike Lock” will be different for everyone as it will depend upon your personal circumstances. 

    However, I’ve picked three of my favourite locks and put them into a simple comparison table.

    Best Cheap Bike Lock
    Best Lightweight Bike Lock
    Best Folding Bike Lock
    OnGuard Brute
    ABUS Granit XPlus 54 Mini
    Foldylock Compact
    • Best cheap bike lock
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Immune to bolt cutters
    • 16.8mm Hardend Steel Shackle
    • Best lightweight bike lock
    • Super portable
    • Suitable for high-risk lock-ups
    • 13mm Hardened Steel Shackle
    • Best folding bike lock
    • Lightest lock featured
    • Provides more locking options
    • Easiest lock to transport
    • Lower quality materials
    • Poor quality mounting system
    • Less shackle space
    • Less secure than a D lock
    Bottom Line
    The OnGuard Brute is the cheapest lock in this list by far. It's also one of the most secure locks with its Sold Secure Diamond rating! A great all-rounder.
    A top quality, high-security, portable D lock (U lock). One of my favourite locks and easily one of the best bike locks. More secure, but not as versatile as a folding lock.
    The Foldylock is the most versatile lock featured in this review. It offers less security than D locks, but easily makes up for this with its usability and fantastic build-quality.
    Security Ratings
    Best Cheap Bike Lock
    OnGuard Brute
    • Best cheap bike lock
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Immune to bolt cutters
    • 16.8mm Hardend Steel Shackle
    • Lower quality materials
    • Poor quality mounting system
    Bottom Line
    The OnGuard Brute is the cheapest lock in this list by far. It's also one of the most secure locks with its Sold Secure Diamond rating! A great all-rounder.
    Security Ratings
    Best Lightweight Bike Lock
    ABUS Granit XPlus 54 Mini
    • Best lightweight bike lock
    • Super portable
    • Suitable for high-risk lock-ups
    • 13mm Hardened Steel Shackle
    • Less shackle space
    Bottom Line
    A top quality, high-security, portable D lock (U lock). One of my favourite locks and easily one of the best bike locks. More secure, but not as versatile as a folding lock.
    Security Ratings
    Best Folding Bike Lock
    Foldylock Compact
    • Best folding bike lock
    • Lightest lock featured
    • Provides more locking options
    • Easiest lock to transport
    • Less secure than a D lock
    Bottom Line
    The Foldylock is the most versatile lock featured in this review. It offers less security than D locks, but easily makes up for this with its usability and fantastic build-quality.
    Security Ratings

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    The Best Bike Lock – 8 Top Rated Bicycle Locks

    OnGuard Brute - The Best Cheap Bike Lock

    The OnGuard Brute is the first bike lock in our list of the best bike locks. This bike lock recently took first place in my review of the best cheap bike locks and brushed aside the competition.

    If you worry about your bike whilst you’re away from it, the OnGuard Brute’s whopping 16.8mm hardened steel shackle resists even the most brutal attacks.

    The Brute was one of the first locks on the market to receive the Sold Secure Diamond rating, which wasn’t a surprise to me. 

    This makes the OnGuard Brute one of the most secure bike locks on the market.

    OnGuard Brute Rubber Padding

    Bike locks with shackles/links wider than 16mm can be considered bolt cutter proof. This means the OnGuard Brute joins this exclusive club of locks that are immune to even the largest 42” bolt cutters.

    The OnGuard Brute is significantly cheaper than most of the best bike locks, and provides plenty of locking space for your bike.

    Whilst it’s the cheapest lock featured in this review, it’s not made with the highest quality materials.

    Compared to the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini (seen below) the Brute will require more maintenance over the years.

    OnGuard Brute with extension cable
    The Brute offers plenty of locking space and is suitable for securing valuable bikes in high-risk areas.

    The Brute is not as strong as the Granit Extreme 59, which you can read about towards the bottom of the page.

    That being said, are aware of how secure the OnGuard Brute is. OnGuard gave the Brute a 97OnGuard Brute Rating 97/100 rating for its security, which makes it their most secure bike lock.

    Whilst your bike is locked with the Brute, most thieves will move onto an easier target!

    You can view the most up to date and competitive price for the OnGuard Brute here [Amazon].

    Otherwise, to find out more about this strong, affordable D lock, I’ve reviewed the OnGuard Brute in much more detail here.

    Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini - The Best U Lock / D Lock

    In 1994 Kryptonite released the Fahgettaboudit to tackle rising bicycle theft rates in the city of New York. Since then, this bike lock has become one of the most famous locks on the market, and for good reason!

    Similar to the OnGuard Brute, the Fahgettaboudit Mini uses a bolt cutter proof shackle. However, the Fahgettaboudit’s shackle is much stronger and made using higher quality hardened steel!

    The Fahgettaboudit is another bike lock that can’t be cut (with hand-powered bolt cutters).

    It’s also capable of defeating a professional thief with a complete toolkit, thanks to its 18mm Max-Performance steel shackle and double deadbolt locking mechanism.

    Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini hardened steel sleeve
    (Click to enlarge)

    Because it only uses the highest quality materials the Fahgettaboudit is more expensive. If you’re on a tighter budget, the OnGuard Brute or ABUS 54 Mini might be better options.

    Thanks to the Fahgettaboudit’s Sold Secure Diamond Bicycle rating, Motorcycle Gold rating and ART Level 4 certification, it’s the best bike lock for NYC, and other busy cities.

    I’ve used the Fahgettaboudit Mini as my main bike lock for the last three years, and have never had a single problem with it.

    You can bet your bottom dollar, if there were a D lock better than this (that was portable) I’d be using it!

    How to lock your bike with the kryptonite fahgettaboudit mini
    Whilst the Fahgettaboudit is smaller than other D locks, it offers just enough room to secure your rear wheel and frame.

    Measuring 3.25” x 6″ (8.3cm x 15.3 cm) the Fahgettaboudit is the perfect size for securing one bike.

    If you’re confident the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit is the lock you’ve been looking for (which wouldn’t surprise me!) you can find the best price for it here [Amazon].

    Otherwise, I’ve produced a more in-depth review of the Fahgettaboudit here.

    Foldylock Compact - The Best Folding Bike Lock

    If you’ve already read about the best folding bike locks or the best lightweight bike locks, you’ll be familiar with the Foldylock Compact.

    Folding bike locks are designed for cyclists who need a lock that provides increased portability, whilst retaining a respectable level of security.

    The Foldylock Compact achieves the above with ease. It’s the lightest Sold Secure Silver folding bike lock on the market.

    Weighing 2.2lb (1kg), this compact folding bike lock is the lightest of the best bike locks.

    Whilst not in use, the Compact can be folded down and inserted into its mounting bracket for a comfortable, silent transport method.

    Foldylock compact folding lock mounting device
    The Foldylock's velcro straps allow it to attach to any position on the frame of your bike.

    The Foldylock also offers more locking options than the OnGuard Brute and Fahgettaboudit Mini thanks to it’s 33.5” (85cm) hardened steel, flexible shackle.

    The Foldylock Compact provides impressive protection for a lock of its weight and size. However, you do receive slightly less protection than when using a D lock.

    If you want a more secure bike lock that’s still portable, read about the ABUS 54 Mini (the best lightweight bike lock) towards the bottom of the page.

    Each 5mm hardened steel plate the Foldylock uses is capable of resisting an enhanced toolkit, and can repel more determined attacks.

    The Foldylock is great for use on the move and perfect for commuters.

    the best bike lock - foldylock compact
    The Foldylock Compact was perfect for locking my bike for shorter periods in high-risk areas, whilst I worked as a cycle courier.

    For a bike lock that’s so versatile, you’d be surprised to find out how affordable the Foldylock is. It’s not as cheap as the OnGuard Brute, but is one of the cheaper locks featured in this review.

    The Foldylock is suitable for use in low-medium risk areas. Or, for when locking your bike in high risk areas, use the Compact for shorter periods of time.

    If you’re sick and tired of carrying an awkwardly heavy bike lock, this is the best bike lock for you.

    The Foldylock Compact is available at a very affordable price here [Amazon].

    Otherwise, if you know you want a folding lock but aren’t sure about the Foldylock Compact, read my review of the best folding bike locks.

    Skunklock - The Best Bike Lock for Defeating Thieves

    The Skunklock is a revolutionary, one of a kind bike lock. It’s the first bike lock that has the ability to fight back against thieves and is super effective at stopping them in their tracks.

    At the core of the shackle, there’s an 11mm hollow area which is filled with a pressurised vomit-inducing compound.

    If a thief were to cut through to the core of the 19mm hardened steel shackle, the pressurised compound will rapidly disperse into the surrounding area, temporarily incapacitating the thief and sending them running.

    Skunklock double bolted shackle
    (Click to enlarge)

    Seeing as it’s so secure, I was interested to find out why the Skunklock hadn’t been put forward for Sold Secure testing.

    After speaking with Daniel Idzkowski, the entrepreneur behind Skunklock, he let me know why:

    “After having 6 bikes stolen whilst using the highest rated Sold Secure Gold locks in San Francisco (over a period of 5 years), I did my research, and the reality is professional thieves don’t waste their time with the majority of methods they (Sold Secure) test.”

    Skunklock vs bolt cutters
    Even my large 24" bolt cutters were unable to encompass the Skunklock's thick shackle.

    The Skunklock’s 19mm shackle is immune to almost all forms of attack. Unlike all of the other best bike locks, it also has the ability to defeat thieves using power tools.

    Where the Skunklock is a new concept and uses extremely complex engineering.

    This does mean it’s more expensive than other locks, but you have to remember this is one of the only bike locks with the ability to defeat power tools.

    The Fahgettaboudit Mini D lock is a cheaper high-security option, more suitable for those on a budget.

    Best Bike Lock Mount for Skunklock = Huldit Large
    The Huldit Bike Lock Mount provides an effective and affordable way to transport the Skunklock.

    Hate bike thieves? Skunklock. Leave your bike locked in high-risk areas for long periods of time? Skunklock. Been a victim of bike theft? Skunklock.

    You see where this is going.

    Unlike other brands, Skunklock sell their locks on their website. You can view pricing and additional information on this top-rated bike lock here.

    Otherwise, you can read my detailed review of the Skunklock here.

    The Best Bike Chain Lock (Portable) – Kryptonite Evolution 1055 Mini

    If you like the security that D locks (U locks) offer, but need a larger locking area for your bike a chain lock is probably the best option for you.

    The Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini is a Sold Secure Gold, ART Level 3 certified bike lock that provides a similar amount of shackle space to your average D lock.

    Whilst the 1055 uses a 21.5” (55cm) shackle, which is relatively short for a chain lock, it does offer an increased number of locking options compared to smaller D locks.

    Also thanks to its shorter length, the 1055 remains portable, weighing just 4.4lb (2kg). When I reviewed this top-rated bike lock, I didn’t struggle to fit it into my backpack.

    Series 4 1055 Mini in Backpack
    Alongside other items, I was easily able to fit the 1055 Mini into my backpack. Perfect for commuters!

    This is one of the best chain locks I’ve reviewed. It’s suitable for commuters and cyclists who are constantly on the move, and will lock your bike safely to most objects.

    The Kryptonite 1055 Mini bike chain lock uses 10mm hexagonal, manganese steel links.

    Hexagonal links provide a higher level of security than regular circular chain links, thanks to the increased area of their cross-section.

    Kryptonite rated the 1055 Mini at 8/10 on their in-house security scale. This means that the 1055 Mini bike chain lock is suitable for locking your bike in high-risk areas (busy cities & university campuses).

    Before After

    Whilst it’s heavier, the 1055 Mini offers more security than the Foldylock Compact. It’s also able to encompass large objects, that D locks would struggle with (see slider above). 

    If you’re looking the most secure chain possible, keep reading. I cover the best and strongest (stationary) bike chain next.

    If you need a chain you can take everywhere with you, the 1055 is the bike lock you need.

    The 1055 Mini retails at a very reasonable price [Amazon] when you consider it’s Sold Secure Gold rated and ART Level 3 certified.

    Read my complete review of the 1055 here if you’re considering this top-rated bike chain lock.

    The Best Bike Chain Lock (Stationary) – Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1515

    The Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1515 is the best (stationary) bike chain lock on the market and one of the most secure bike locks (that’s readily available).

    10/10 Kryptonite Security RatingKryptonite state themselves that the 1515 New York Legend is their strongest chain, which provides ultimate security in high-risk areas.

    Each 14.5mm 3 tonne hardened steel link, provides incredible protection against all forms of attack.

    Due to the quality of the metal used to forge each 14.5mm link, it would be almost impossible to defeat this chain without the use of power tools. 

    The Best Bike Chain Lock - New York Legend 1515 14.5mm links
    Whilst the 14.5mm links aren't thick enough to be considered bolt cutter proof, it would be extremely difficult to cut this chain by hand!

    Kryptonite’s New York Disc lock secures either end of the New York Legend Chain. The Disc lock uses a 16.5mm hardened steel shackle, which is essentially a smaller version of the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini.

    This is the best bike chain on the market for securing multiple bikes at once. If you need a bike lock to secure your bike’s in your garage, or in your biked shed, there isn’t a better (readily available) option.

    Obviously, this chain lock isn’t portable like the 1055 Mini. However, if you cycle to the same destination each day, leave this chain where you lock your bike up.

    By leaving the 1515 chain locked at your destination, you’ll have access to the top-rated bike chain lock and incredible levels of security when you arrive. Ideal!

    The Best Bike Chain Lock - New York Legend 1515 locked at destination
    If you're a commuter, leave the Kryptonite 1515 locked at your daily destination. This way you'll always have access to top-quality security!

    This is the best bike lock for garages and bike sheds. If you need a lock that can safely secure multiple bikes, this is the one.

    Bear in mind that this chain is expensive due to the large amount of high-quality metal it uses. That being said, I did find it at a very reasonable price on Amazon, here.

    Otherwise, you can read more about the best bike chain locks here.

    The Best Lightweight Bike Lock – ABUS XPlus 54 Mini

    The Foldylock Compact took first place in my review of the best lightweight bike locks. But instead of telling you about how great the Compact is twice, I thought I’d include the close runner up.

    Sold Secure Bicycle & Motorcycle GoldThe ABUS Granit XPlus 54 Mini is a seriously impressive lightweight bike lock. ABUS gave the 54 Mini a 15/15 rating on their security scale, which lands it in their “Maximum-Security” category.

    This lock achieved not only the Sold Secure Bicycle Gold rating, but the Motorcycle Gold rating too!

    For such a lightweight bike lock, these security levels are extremely impressive.

    Weighing 2.68lb (1.21kg) the ABUS 54 Mini isn’t as lightweight as the Foldylock Compact, but is a better choice if you require more security for your bike.

    The Best Lightweight Bike Lock - ABUS 54 Mini
    Weighing 2.68lb (1.21kg) The 54 Mini is a lightweight bike lock, suitable for locking your bike in high risk areas.

    Similar to the Fahgettaboudit Mini, the 54 Mini’s smaller shackle makes this lightweight D lock much harder to defeat with hydraulic attacks and twist attacks.

    This is where a long metal object, such as a crowbar or scaffold pole, is inserted into the shackle and twisted to pry the lock open.

    If you use this mini D lock and learn how to lock your bike properly, you shouldn’t have any issues.

    the best bike lock Mini 54
    The 54 Mini isn't supplied with a mount, but works perfectly with the affordable Huldit Bike Lock Holder!

    The 54 Mini offers a great combination of security and portability and is perfect for use in high-risk areas.

    Whilst it’s not the cheapest, this D lock is competitively priced [Amazon] when you consider its incredible all-round abilities.

    The 54 Mini is suitable for any cyclist. If you need a lock that provides great security in every situation, this is the one.

    If you’re after a lightweight bike lock, but the 54 Mini isn’t the one for you, my review of the best lightweight bike locks for some other fantastic suggestions.

    The Strongest Bike Lock – ABUS Granit Extreme 59

    The ABUS Granit Extreme 59 is the strongest bike lock on the market, and easily cemented its place in the list of the best bike locks.

    Before I tell you any more, I have to tell you, the Extreme 59 is expensive [Amazon link]. It’s specifically designed for high-value bicycles and motorcycles.

    This D lock is for people who are constantly worried about the security of their bike, and need a lock that’ll send thieves in the other direction.

    The only other D lock on the market that currently compares to the Granit Extreme 59 (in terms of strength) is the Fahgettaboudit Mini (the best D lock).

    The strongest bike lock - sheldon brown locking method abus 59 extreme
    The ABUS Granit Extreme 59 is capable of securing multiple bikes effectively, in high risk areas. I was easily able to secure two of my bikes using the Sheldon Brown locking method.

    The Extreme 59 uses a 16mm square, hardened steel shackle, which is bolt cutter proof and provides incredible levels of security. 

    It’s worth noting, the Skunklock sells for a similar price to the Extreme 59 and can fight back against thieves, whereas the 59 does not have this ability. 

    Sold Secure awarded the Granit Extreme 59 the prestigious Sold Secure Diamond rating, as well as the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating.

    If you lock your bike in areas with a high risk of theft, this is a fantastic choice. The shackle provides plenty of space for securing extra accessories, and is also capable of securing more than one bike.

    If you need to secure more than two bikes, I’d suggest the New York Legend 1515 Chain.

    The strongest bike lock - Extreme 59 vs fahgettaboudit shackle size
    The Extreme 59 and the Fahgettaboudit Mini offer similar levels of security. The Fahgettaboudit's reduced size makes it the more portable choice.

    Weighing 5.95lb (2.7kg) this is a heavy D lock. That being said, my Huldit Bike Lock Mount allows me to attach the Extreme 59 to the frame of my bike, so that I can take it with me wherever I cycle!

    If money isn’t an object to you and you need the strongest bike lock to take care of your bike, the ABUS Granit Extreme 59 is the lock you need.

    If you need a more portable lock, that provides similar levels of security, you’ll want the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini. Just remember, the Fahgettaboudit provides less locking space.

    If you’ve got the budget to cover it and want the strongest bike lock on the market, you can view the latest price for the Extreme 59 here [Amazon].

    The Best Cable Bike Lock – Kryptonite Kryptoflex 710

    If you were thinking of using a cable lock as your primary bike lock, please reconsider!

    Cable locks provide a minimal level of security for your bike.

    Instead of using a cable lock as your primary bike lock, read my review and use one of the best cheap bike locks. The locks featured in this review are super affordable and provide much better security for your bike.

    I’d only recommend using a cable lock alongside a reputable bike lock. Cable locks are suitable for securing the accessories of your bike (wheels, saddle, seat post etc.) so don’t get caught out!

    Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini with cable extension
    The Kryptoflex 710 offers enough room to secure your front wheel and saddle.

    The best cable lock I’ve found is the Kryptonite Kryptoflex 710. This essentially acts as an extension to your bike lock and prevents thieves from stealing your valuable components.

    The Kryptonite Kryptoflex 710 will work well with any of the best bike locks featured in this review.

    Buying the Kryptoflex 710 will be much cheaper than having to replace components that get stolen, so you’d be foolish not to use one!

    Kryptonite Kryptoflex 710 in backpack
    The Kryptoflex is lightweight and requires minimal space in a backpack. Use one!

    You can view the cheapest price I could find online for the 710 here [Amazon], every cyclist should use a cable extension. 

    I use the Kryptonite Kryptoflex every time I leave my bike secured in a busy public area and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

    If you’re curious to find out more about how the Kryptonite 710 cable extension works, have a read of my more detailed review.  

    Summary - The Best Bike Lock

    So there you have it, the 9 best bike locks available on the market.

    When deciding which were the best bike locks, I took all aspects into consideration; Security, Practicality & Price.

    Several of the locks included in this review are more affordable, such as the OnGuard Brute. However, as we’re talking about the best bike locks on the market, most are more expensive.

    The Kryptonite bike locks featured in this article include a lifetime warranty, which means they’re great value for money!

    If you’ve got the budget to cover it, I strongly recommend using two locks to secure your bike.

    If you were unable to make your mind up on which lock works best for you, read my bike lock buying guide below, or check out some of my other suggestions at the bottom of the page!

    How to Choose The Best Bike Lock For You?

    With so many different makes and models of bike lock to choose from, finding the best bike lock for your situation is a nightmare.

    The graph below gives a brief overview of each type of lock. I gave each type of lock a rating for each characteristic and rated them from 1-10. 10 means high, 0 means low.

    Best Bike Lock Comparison Chart

    Below I’ll walk you through the different types of bike lock and what each lock type is suitable for in a bit more detail.

    If you didn’t know which was the best bike lock for you after comparing the locks above, this short guide will help you find the lock you need in no time.

    Different Types of Bike Lock & Their Uses

    D Locks (U Locks)

    Kryptonite Kryptolok Mini 7
    D locks pros & cons

    D locks, also known as U locks, are the most common type of bike lock.

    They’re common for a reason, they offer well-rounded security, whilst being highly practical and remaining relatively cheap.

    This is the type of lock that most cyclists use, including me.

    Most D locks come with a mounting system that will allow you to attach them to the frame of your bike.

    For D locks that aren’t supplied with a mount, the Huldit Bike Lock Holder is the best way to take your bike lock with you, when cycling.

    Their solid metal shackles, do prevent D locks from securing your bike to some larger objects, such as thick lampposts. But it’s never hard to find something else you can lock your bike to.

    If you want to be able to secure your bike to any object, a folding bike lock would be a better choice.

    You can read more about the best D locks here.

    Chain Locks

    OnGuard Mastiff 8019
    Chain lock pros & cons

    Chain locks are another popular choice for cyclists. Chain locks are normally used at home (in bike sheds & garages) to lock your bikes overnight. This is because they’re often too heavy to carry.

    Chain locks are long and are normally suitable for securing multiple bikes.

    Most chain locks are heavy, but there are shorter more portable chains such as the Kryptonite 1055 Mini, featured above.

    Due to the increased amount of metal used, chains tend to be more expensive than D Locks. Only stationary chains with thicker links provide similar security to D locks. 

    I’d recommend the Kryptonite New York Legend 1515 to anyone who needs a super-secure chain for their bike shed or garage.

    Otherwise, if you’re constantly on the move with your bike, a D lock will be a better choice.

    I’ve reviewed the best chain locks on the market. Have a read.

    Folding Bike Locks

    Abus bordo granit xplus 6500 The best folding bike lock
    Folding lock pros & cons

    Folding bike locks offer a compromise between security and practicality.

    Folding locks offer a similar number of locking options to a chain lock, and similar levels of security to D locks, whilst remaining highly portable.

    The Foldylock Compact is the best folding bike lock, but not the strongest. If you’d like to read about the best folding bike locks, read my comparison review here.

    Folding locks are one of my favourite types of bike locks. I’d recommend you use a folding lock if you don’t like carrying a lot of weight whilst cycling.

    Folding locks are easily the most practical type of bike lock!

    Cable Locks

    ABUS Steel Cable Cobra
    Cable lock pros & cons

    Cable locks are cheap flimsy locks, and you should never use one as your primary bike lock.

    Instead, use a cable lock alongside your primary bike lock to secure extra accessories.

    Cable locks are a great way to secure expensive components of your bike, such as wheels, that you were unable to secure with your primary lock.

    Whilst cables provide an extremely minimal level of security, they’re good for deterring opportunist thieves.

    Cable locks are also very affordable and lightweight, so are easy to carry whilst cycling.

    Thieves won’t hesitate to steal an unsecured wheel, or your seatpost from your bike.

    Don’t get caught out! The more components you secure, the better.

    The Kryptonite Kryptoflex 710 [Amazon Link] provides a great way to secure extra components. I use this cable whilst locking my bike outside.

    How to Choose The Right Sold Secure Rating

    Bicycle security ratings are confusing. Below I’ve put together a simple flow diagram that will help you find the most suitable security rating for you and your bike!

    If you’ve bought a bike lock before, the chances are you’ll have seen the Sold Secure rating badges. But it’s not very clear what they mean!

    I spoke with Guy McCaffery, the Sold Secure Lab Manager, who was happy to talk me through each rating.

    The Sold Secure ratings are as follows:

    Sold Secure Bronze – Bronze-rated locks offer theft resistance against a basic tool list (aimed at preventing opportunist crime).

    I don’t recommend Sold Secure Bronze locks on BikeLockWiki. They don’t provide enough security to be used as a primary bike lock.

    Sold Secure Silver – Silver-rated locks offer theft resistance against an enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacks).

    Sold secure silver locks offer a compromise between security and cost. You can read more about the best Silver rated locks here.

    Sold Secure Gold – Gold-rated locks offer theft resistance against a higher selected tool list (aimed at preventing dedicated attacks).

    Sold Secure Gold locks are top-quality locks that will provide great levels of protection for your bike. Find out more about Gold rated locks here.

    Sold Secure Diamond

    Sold Secure Diamond – Diamond-rated products offer attack resistance against a higher complete tool list (aimed at preventing the highest motivated attacks).

    Diamond rated locks are the most secure and will protect your bike from the most brutal attacks. The OnGuard Brute is the cheapest Diamond-rated lock!

    As Sold Secure Bronze locks only provide a very minimal level of security, you won’t find them recommended on BikeLockWiki.

    I only recommend the use of Silver or higher rated locks as your primary bike lock.

    Bronze rated locks are not worth your money. All of the best cheap bike locks will provide better security, whilst costing the same as most bronze rated locks!

    Which Sold Secure Rating Do I Need?

    If you still haven’t managed to choose the best bike lock security rating, the flow diagram below will help you choose the right option.

    Which bike lock rating do i need bike lock buying guide
    (Click to enlarge)

    I’d personally recommend a Gold or Diamond rated lock. You might think they’ll all be super expensive, but you’re wrong.

    The OnGuard Brute is one of the best cheap bike locks and is also Sold Secure Diamond rated!

    If you’ve now figured out which security rating works best for you, take a look at my bike lock recommendations towards the top of the article.

    Or if you’d rather look through some other choices, check out my recommendations below!

    and as always, lock it or lose it!

    Ciao for now.

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    1. I’d take a look at the Pragmasis SFB-DIB D-Lock. The medium one is 3.4×7.5 (it comes in 3 different shackle lengths while all have the same across diameter and 16mm shackle. For 70 bucks, I feel like it would make it on your list somewhere around the Abus Granit mini/Krypto NYC. Pragmasis also makes some of the best but heaviest chains. It’s a lock I don’t see mentioned much anywhere. For my personal use I use a Knog Strongman/Kryptolock series 2 v1, and a Hiplok v1. Might be adding the Pragmasis or Abus to my lineup soon and retiring the Kryptolock.

      1. I agree. The Pragmasis DIB D lock is definetely one of my favourites. For me, it was between the Pragmasis DIB and the OnGuard Brute. Both of these locks offer great levels of security and whilst the DIB D Locks are built using higher quality materials, the OnGuard Brute is cheaper and readily available in most countries.

        I produced a full review of several pragmasis chains and locks here, have a read if you’re interested.

        How have you found the Knog Strongman? I’ve heard mixed reviews about their locks, which are now a challenge to find for sale.



    2. I am using ABUS product, very satisfied with this bike lock. The outstanding feature of this chain lock is its exceptional security design. I was impressed by the square-shaped links, which are different from the usual rounded standard chains. I feel that the design will be more effective in preventing theft from attacking and cutting this chain type.

      1. Thanks for sharing! Do you know the model of the lock you use so that other readers can take a look?



    3. I like the sound of onguard brute. Have you been using it a lot? I did see a few negative reviews that it jammed up after a while, especially in bad weather. And on a locked bike it is then costly to remove. I need something that will be used a lot because I use the bike for deliveries

      1. Hi Hasan,

        The OnGuard Brute is a high-security, affordable choice of lock. I’ve used the Brute with several of my bikes and haven’t had an issue so far. Yes It’s made from lower-quality materials than a more premium lock like the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit, but if you lubricate it frequently with some finish line or silicon grease, you shouldn’t have any issues with rust.

        Normally those that end up with a lock jammed to their bike have not maintained it properly. So as long as you clean and lubricate properly, you should be fine!



    4. Hi James,

      I am a product design student and we are are completing a research product into bike lock usage from students mainly aiming towards the decisions of – practicality such as mounting or in bags, cost (as budget is a big consideration) and practicality with laptops etc.

      I wanted to thankyou for this amazing resource. We will properly reference you work and would be great if we could have an email to ask you any questions or share our findings.

      Thanks again,


      1. Hi Archie,

        Great to hear from you! Sounds like an interesting project, one that I’d be happy to help with where possible.

        I’ve dropped you an email so you’ve got mine.

        Thanks for the feedback, if you need specific lock advice, I’ve reviewed loads of locks individually!

        Speak soon,


    5. With thieves using cordless angle grinders to cut through locks in a minute or 2, does it matter if these lock are good against bolt cutters etc.

      The elephant in the room is the cordless angle grinder.

      1. An interesting point Steve. I’d say that whilst angle grinders are becoming a more common weapon of choice for thieves, there are still many out there that don’t use power tools.

        On top of this, the longer a lock takes to cut through with an angle grinder, the lower the chances of success are for the thief.

        If we resort to using cheap cable locks or thinner U locks, it’s likely that bolt cutters would become more popular with thieves and we’ll be back where we started.

        Would you agree?

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