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The LITELOK X1 is the latest bike lock on the market rumoured to defeat a bike thief’s entire tool kit.

That’s right, LITELOK claim the X1 can defeat every commonly used tool, from top-of-the-range angle grinders to the largest bolt cutters. 

I wanted the information in this LITELOK X1 review to be as accurate and beneficial as possible so on September 29th 2022, I attended the LITELOK X launch event in Bristol (UK) to investigate if these bold claims had any basis. 

Me testing the LITELOK X1
I had a great time testing the LITELOK X1 against several of the best bike locks at the LITELOK X launch event.

I also held an interview with the founder of LITELOK, Neil Barron and LITELOK’s Head of Digital, Neil Page, who clued me in on what to expect from the X and answered my questions.

I include several key points covered during the Q&A within this article. Otherwise, you can read the complete LITELOK X1 Q&A here

Is the LITELOK X1 really capable of defeating an angle grinder? Is this the new best bike lock? Let’s find out.

LITELOK X1 D Lock Review
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    Overview - LITELOK X1 Review

    Ultra-Secure, Eco-Minded, Innovative & Designed to Last

    LITELOK X 1 Review



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    Security Rating – Sold Secure Diamond (Bicycle & Motorcycle)
    Weight – 1.7kg (3.75lb)
    Shackle Dimensions – 10 x 19.2cm (3.94 x 7.56″)
    Shackle Thickness – 17mm Fine Grain Hardened Steel
    Warranty – 3 Years

    The introduction of the LITELOK X1 and LITELOK’s Barronium armouring will revolutionise the bicycle security industry. 

    Barronium armour gives the LITELOK X1 the ability to turn angle grinders upon themselves, shredding discs within seconds and stopping thieves in their tracks. 

    As the e-bike market continues to boom, the price of the average bicycle rises alongside. Expensive bikes incentivise thieves. Cyclists, therefore, need improved security solutions.

    If you don’t fancy becoming another victim on the police bike theft database, there isn’t a better lock for you than the X1. 

    A bolt cutter proof & angle grinder resistant 17mm armoured hardened steel shackle, an anti-rotation dual locking mechanism, an ART 4 certified locking cylinder, and Sold Secure Diamond Bicycle and Motorcycle approval. 

    Have I tested a lock as secure as the LITELOK X1 before? No. Will I be using the LITELOK X1 to secure my bike? Definitely.

    Find out more about the pros and cons of the X1 in the review below. 

    Shackle Diameter: 17mm
    Weight: 1.7kg (3.75lb)
    Shackle Width: 10cm (3.94")
    Shackle Length: 19.2cm (7.56")
    Shackle Diameter: 17mm
    Weight: 1.7kg (3.75lb)
    Shackle Width: 10cm (3.94")
    Shackle Length: 19.2cm (7.56")

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    How Secure Is the LITELOK X1?

    When purchasing a new bike lock, one of, if not the most important factor you should consider is the lock’s security. 

    First up, we’ll look at the security features the LITELOK X1 uses to protect your bike, followed by the security ratings it received from independent security testing organisations. 

    Then later in the review, we’ll look at how practical the X1 is to use and finally, we’ll wrap things up by finding out if the X1 is worth the price tag it bears.

    LITELOK X1 - Security Features

    Barronium Armoured Shackle

    Now you’ve probably heard the rumours that the LITELOK X1 is capable of defeating angle grinders, and I won’t beat around the bush, this isn’t just a rumour. 

    At the LITELOK X launch event, several guests and I put the X1 to the ultimate test against a cordless angle grinder, the weapon of choice for professional thieves who target high-value bikes and e-bikes. 

    I can conclude from our testing that the LITELOK X1’s shackle destroyed many cutting discs and drained several batteries before it was compromised.

    LITELOK X1 vs Angle Grinder Testing

    LITELOK named their ground-breaking anti-grinder armouring Barronium, a material that took over 5 years of research and development to produce.

    Barronium armouring is the ceramic composite fused onto the outside of the LITELOK X’s hardened steel shackle. It’s this innovative technology that gives the LITELOK X1 its disc shredding capabilities. 

    LITELOK X1 Uncuttable Bike Lock - Barronium Shackle

    When cutting Barronium using a grinder, tiny ceramic particles are released and eat away at the cutting disc, gradually wearing it down until it’s unusable. 

    Ten of us took turns cutting the X’s Barronium shackle. We all cut in a new section of the shackle, and together, we tore apart six discs before making the first successful cut. 

    I managed a single cut through the Barronium Shackle in 1 minute 57 seconds.

    LITELOK X1 Shackle after angle grinder testing
    Three attempts to cut the X1's shackle and three destroyed cutting discs.

    In comparison, it took 15 seconds to make a single cut through the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini’s shackle. A stark difference and a fantastic showcasing of the LITELOK X1’s capabilities. 

    We tested in lab conditions, with the LITELOK X1 in a vice.

    Used on the street, the LITELOK X1 would be incredibly difficult to hold still, significantly increasing cutting difficulty and burning through many more cutting disks than we did.

    The two security features below explain why one cut isn’t enough to release a bike from the X1’s shackle.

    Anti-Rotation Shackle

    Like many D locks, the LITELOK X1 utilises a circular shackle, however, the shackle’s ends are squared off so that if a thief managed to cut it, they’d be unable to bend or turn the shackle, unlike many other D locks. 

    This anti-rotation feature means that a single cut isn’t enough to release a bike from the X1’s shackle, instead two full cuts are required. 

    Double Bolted Locking Mechanism

    Nowadays, Double bolted shackles are the norm for D locks. 

    D locks that don’t use a double bolted shackle are much less secure as a single cut is all that’s needed to break the lock open, as one side isn’t locked.

    LITELOK X1 Double Bolted Locking Mechanism
    Inside the X1's mechanism housing you can see a solid steel deadbolt on either side, which locks onto either side of the shackle. Also notice the square shackle ends, which prevent the shackle from rotating if cut.

    Additionally, its double-bolted locking mechanism prevents twist and hydraulic attacks from being used to pry the X1 open.

    As I’ve learnt so far, the LITELOK X1 makes no compromises when it comes to security.

    Pick & Drill Resistant Cylinder

    The disc detainer cylinder the Litelok X1 uses is ART Level 4 certified and provides a good level of protection against picking and manipulation. 

    A thick anti-drill plate sits on top of the cylinder, which prevented me from using my disc detainer lockpick as its tips weren’t long enough to tension off the first disc. 

    LITELOK X1 Pick & Drill Proof Locking Cylinder
    The outermost part of the locking cylinder seen here is a thick anti pick & drill plate

    To use my lockpick, I’d have to customise it and extend the tips so they could reach the first disc. 

    The likelihood of a thief having a suitable lockpick for the X1 is slim enough, let alone possessing the skills to use one.  

    Armoured Hardened Steel Mechanism Housing

    LITELOK X1 Mechanism Housing Thickness

    Underneath the X1’s outer eco-rubber layer, a 3mm thick hardened steel mechanism housing protects the lock’s internals from heavy impact attacks. 

    I was also happy to see that the mechanism housing had Borronium armour fused to it, which defends the mechanism from being cut angle grinders.

    Bolt Cutter Proof

    Below its Borronium armour, the LITELOK X1’s hardened steel shackle has a 16mm diameter. 

    With the addition of the Borronium, the shackle of the X1 has a diameter of 17mm. 

    LITELOK X1 Shackle Diameter

    For a bike lock to be considered bolt cutter proof, its shackle must be 16mm thick. 

    I attempted to crop the X1 with a high-quality pair of 42″ bolt cutters. My 42″ bolt cutters are the largest available and hardly made a scratch on the X1’s shackle.

    LITELOK X1 Price:

    LITELOK X1 - Security Ratings

    The LITELOK X1’s security features earned it the Sold Secure Diamond rating for both the bicycle and motorcycle categories. 

    The Diamond rating is the highest rating awarded in either of these categories and shows that the LITELOK X1 provides top-tier security to its users. 

    Sold Secure Diamond Bicycle & Motorcycle 2022

    Sold Secure Diamond-rated locks are suitable for use in the highest-risk areas where thieves are operating and are capable of defeating a complete toolkit. 

    I’d have no fear of leaving my bike secured overnight, in a high-risk area, while using the LITELOK X1. 

    That said I’d still make sure to secure auxiliary components so that my bike didn’t end up being stripped.

    How Practical Is the LITELOK X1?

    There’s no point in buying a super high-security lock if it’s clunky to operate or too bulky for everyday use. 

    Equally, a super lightweight lock is pointless if it provides zero security.

    Below we’ll explore whether or not the X1 is suitable for everyday use, taking a closer look at its weight, size and unique Twist & Go mounting system.

    Weight and Size

    Weighing 1.72kg (3.79lb), the LITELOK X1 is the lightest angle grinder-proof lock on the market by over 0.2kg!

    On top of this, the X1 offers a generous amount of internal shackle space at 10 x 19.2cm (3.94 x 7.56″), providing you with more locking options than its competitors. 

    How heavy is the LITELOK X1
    1.72kg (3.79lb)
    How heavy is the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini
    2.04kg (4.5lb)

    The only lock on the market that achieves anything close to the LITELOK X1 is the Hiplok D1000, which is heavier than the X1, weighing 1.9kg (4.19lb) and provides less locking room, measuring 9.2 x 15.5cm (3.62 x 6.1″).

    The chart just below compares the X1’s stats to the D1000’s.

    Another Sold Secure Diamond rated lock, Kryptonite’s most secure D lock, the Fahgettaboudit Mini, weighs 2.04kg (4.49lb) and provides significantly less internal locking space at 8.3 x 15.3cm (3.25 x 6″).

    LITELOK X1 vs Hiplok D1000 - Specifications

    LITELOK X1 Hiplok D1000
    Weight: 1.7kg (3.75lb) 1.9kg (4.19lb)
    Internal Width: 10cm (3.94") 9.2cm (3.62")
    Internal Length: 19.2cm (7.56") 15.5cm (6.1")
    Shackle Diameter & Material: 17mm hardened steel &
    Barronium armour
    20mm Hardened steel &
    Ferosafe armour
    Sold Secure Rating: Sold Secure Diamond Sold Secure Diamond

    So the LITELOK X1 is lighter and provides more locking room than its competitors, but how easy is it to carry while riding your bike?

    Is the new Twist & Go mounting system anything to write home about, or should you get the RESTRAP mount? 

    Twist & Go Mounting System

    The Twist & Go is LITELOK’s new mounting system, that’s unlike any other mounts on the market. 

    The mount’s made from durable plastic and uses two C-shaped loops that fit tightly around the mounting points of the X1, holding it securely in place.

    In addition, the Twist & Go mount prevents the X1 from rattling whilst you ride thanks to its firm grip. A bit too firm I found.

    LITELOK X1 Review Uncuttable Bike Lock

    The X1 is inserted horizontally between the two loops before being twisted vertically until it clips into position.

    Out of the box, the Twist & Go mounting system is stiff to operate, and the X1 requires a firm twist to detach from its plastic clips.

    I spoke to Phil Dowling (Brand & Product Lead), who told me that this was something LITELOK are aware of and that they’re working to refine the mount and loosen its grip on the X1. 

    How to use the LITELOK Twist & Go mount
    When placed between the clips, the X1 is rotated until horizontal, clipping it into place.

    In addition, Phil said that with time and use, the mount does begin to loosen up, which mine has to be fair. 

    The eco-rubber tabs on my X1’s protective housing have worn slightly, which means it does require less effort to mount and unmount than when it was new.

    I think LITELOK are definitely onto something with the overall design and operation of the Twist & Go. It’s also refreshing to see a new spin on a mounting system, as this is normally a weak point for most D locks. 

    How to Attach the LITELOK X1 Twist & Go Mount

    Water Bottle Mount Positions

    Like most bike lock mounts, the Twist & Go mounting system can be attached with two different methods.

    First, if your bike offers bottle cage mounting holes, you can attach the Twist & Go directly to your bike’s frame.

    As I’ve already mentioned, when operating the Twist & Go, the X1 does require a firm twist. I’d advise using your bike’s bottle mounting points, as they’ll provide a better grip than the straps provided. 

    However, when I attempted to mount using my bike’s hex screws, I found that they were too short to pass through the Twist & Go.

    LITELOK X Twist and GO mounting system review
    My standard hex screws were'nt long enough to secure the Twist & Go mount in place.

    Unsure if I was doing something wrong, I reached out to LITELOK to see what length of hex screw they recommend. 

    Phil Dowling (Brand & Product lead) told me you’ll need a hex screw with at least 30mm of thread to secure the mount to your frame’s mounting positions. 

    30mm is considerably longer than your standard bike hex screw, so bare this in mind if you were thinking of mounting the lock to one of your cage positions. 

    Mounting Straps

    If your bike doesn’t offer water bottle mounting positions, two plastic straps are provided with the twist-and-go mount that allows you to secure the mount to your top, seat or down tube. 

    The Twist & Go isn’t designed to be attached to thinner parts of your frame, such as the seat or chain stays.

    Usually, I’m wary of using plastic mounting straps on my bike as any movement while riding can scratch your paintwork. 

    How to mount the LITELOK X1
    It's worth tightening the straps of the Twist & Go pretty tight to prevent it from moving when unmounting the X1.

    Fortunately, the Twist & Go features soft rubber padding that sits beneath the plastic straps, preventing it from scratching your ride and helping hold the mount still.

    Whilst this feature may seem basic, I haven’t seen it from many other brands.

    If you decide to use the straps, make sure to tighten them properly so that they hold the X1 firmly in place when you’re on the move.

    Alternative Mounting Solution - LITELOK x RESTRAP

    Many cyclists prefer to keep their bike’s frame free from clutter, typically meaning you’d have to carry a backpack to take a lock with you. 

    However, LITELOK teamed up with RESTRAP to produce a branded version of the well-known RESTRAP lock holster3 [LITELOK website]. 

    This holster attaches to your belt and holds the X1 in place whilst you ride. 

    LITELOK X1 & RESTRAP Lock Holster

    The RESTRAP holster works well, although it’s not as comfortable over long-distance rides, and you need to wear a belt for it to be a viable option. 

    At 1.7kg (3.75lb), the X1 is relatively heavy to be hanging around your waist and it can pull on your belt whilst in the RESTRAP. However, as long as I tightened my belt, I didn’t find this to be much of an issue.

    For anyone considering the RESTRAP, I’d also recommend checking out the Huldit universal mount, which works perfectly with the X1. 

    Is the LITELOK X1 Portable?

    Whilst the Twist & Go mounting system is pretty inconvenient to use, as long as you’re strong enough to remove the X1 from it, it will safely hold the lock in place whilst you ride.

    Whilst it’s an additional extra, the RESTRAP belt holster works well and provides a good way to carry the LITELOK X1, If you’re wearing a belt.

    Huldit Bike Lock Holster and LITELOK X1
    The Huldit Universal D Lock Mount works well with the X1, I'd recommend the medium size.

    If you’re not keen on either of these mounting systems, the Huldit Universal D Lock Mount is a great solution that costs roughly the same price as the RESTRAP and mounts the LITELOK X1 to your bike’s frame.

    All in all, the X1 is heavier than many standard D locks, but its incomparable security makes it a no-brainer to take with you when you travel by bike.

    Quality of Materials and Maintenance Requirements

    The outer mechanism housing of the LITELOK X is a plant-based eco-rubber sourced from 80% non-food grade crops. 

    Rubber found on most bike locks tends to be synthetic rubber, synthesised from petroleum by-products. 

    LITELOK’s bio-rubber is durable and helps protect your bike from scratches and the X1 from any knocks or drops.

    eco-rubber LITELOK X1
    The rubber is slightly rough around the edges, but this doesn't affect the way the X1 performs.

    The overall finish of the bio-plastic isn’t quite perfect, it’s slightly rough around the edges, but at the same time, it’s made from 80% non-food grade crops, which is a step in the right direction in terms of sustainability. 

    To further inspect the quality of the X1, I used a scalpel to remove the outer protective shell from one. 

    Unlike cheap and cheerful locks, the X1 doesn’t use plastic internals, which increases its security and lifespan, as metal parts will wear slower than plastic.

    ABUS PS88 Lock Lubricant - How to clean the LITELOK X1 Bike Lock
    PS88 is the only lock lubricant you'll need, great stuff.

    If you use the LITELOK X1 daily, I’d recommend cleaning and lubrication every other month. Cleaning bi-monthly will remove dirt and grime from the lock and prevent internal corrosion.

    I like to use ABUS PS88, a top-quality lubricant specifically designed for locks. A few sprays onto the X1’s internals will keep the lock functioning smoothly and prevent it from seizing up over time. 

    A soft silicon keyway seal sits on top of the keyhole, preventing dirt and grime from entering the locking mechanism. 

    I’ve never seen a keyhole cover like this before, but it works surprisingly well and means you don’t have to remember to close a manual cover after locking up each time. 

    Silicone Keyhole Cover for LITELOK X1

    After a week of thorough use, the soft silicone did show some light wear, so I asked LITELOK whether they’re able to supply replacements if required.

    Keyhole covers are notoriously hard to get right. Metal and plastic covers wear down on the sharp edges of keys, and manual keyhole covers never get closed! 

    Fortunately, you can easily remove the X1’s silicone cover, and LITELOK said they were happy to replace any faulty parts for customers.

    The fact that you can remove the silicone cover also makes cleaning and lubricating the X1’s locking mechanism much more straightforward.

    All in all, good material choices from LITELOK. Eco-minded, innovative and super secure.

    Locking Mechanism and Operation

    The X1’s disc detainer cylinder was tested by ART, the Dutch security testing organisation, who gave it ART level 4 approval. 

    To put that into perspective, the highest rating achievable is 5, meaning the X1’s cylinder provides a very respectable level of security. 

    Without modifying my disc detainer pick, I could not pick the LITELOK X1, so you’re unlikely to encounter a thief picking this lock on the street. 

    The LITELOK X1 is supplied with two coded keys, which can be replaced if lost for a small fee. Make sure to register your key code here on the LITELOK website to ensure you don’t forget it. 

    The ART 4 cylinder is smooth to operate, allowing you to quickly secure your bike without messing around. 

    Is the LITELOK X1 Worth Its Price?

    As the second bike lock on the market that’s capable of defeating an angle grinder, you’d be right to think that the LITELOK X1 would be extortionately expensive. 

    And whilst this is by no means a cheap bike lock, it’s not quite Hiplok D1000 expensive.

    The LITELOK X1 retails for £150 on the LITELOK website, whereas its only competitor, the Hiplok D1000, is nearly double the price, selling for £250 on the Hiplok website. 

    Yes, you could buy two Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Minis for the price of a LITELOK X1 , but as I discovered during destruction testing, the X1 is almost eight times more resistant to angle grinders than the Fahgettaboudit Mini. 

    For the incredible security and peace of mind that this lock provides, the price tag seems very reasonable to me.

    View the most up-to-date price for the X1 here on the LITELOK website

    Alternatives to the LITELOK X1

    Hiplok D1000

    A More Expensive Competitor Using Ferosafe Technology



    The Hiplok D1000 is the LITELOKS X1’s only competitor when it comes to grinder-resistant locks. 

    The D1000 uses Ferosafe technology which is a graphene-reinforced ceramic composite. 

    Because Ferosafe technology is patented and not owned by Hiplok, this will be one reason why the D1000 is considerably more expensive than the X1. 

    The D1000 is smaller, yet heavier than the X1 and as we previously covered, it has a smaller internal locking area.

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    An Alternative Grinder-Resistant Lock



    The Skunklock puts an alternative spin on anti-grinder tehcnology.

    This groundbreaking D lock is the first lock I’ve used that fights back against thieves and sends them running. 

    Once the outer shackle is cut through, a pressurised chemical compound disperses into the vicinity, and it smells so bad it’s said to be vomit-inducing. 

    Find out more about the Skunklock in my in-depth review

    Today’s Best Deals:

    Are LITELOK a Sustainable Company?

    As I’ve covered in previous reviews, the sustainability of manufacturers is a factor that I’ll be covering more moving forwards. 

    I spoke with Neil Barron the Founder of LITELOK who answered several of my questions in a Q&A

    LITELOK X1 Unboxing
    100% of the LITELOK X1's packaging can be recycled, there's no plastic, no foam, no tape. Brilliant.

    When asked what LITELOK are doing to decrease their environmental impact Neil mentioned several key points:

    • “Instead of relying on plastic or synthetic rubber, we use eco-rubber for the X1 which is made using 80% non-food grade crops”.
    • “LITELOK’s factory is based in Wales (UK) and a large proportion of the electricity used at the factory is self-generated using solar panels”.
    • LITELOK make sure their locks can be refurbished so that they can be repaired if they are damaged or stop working properly. 
    • “We use eco-friendly packing, eco-tape and no foam or plastic”

    LITELOK X1 Warranty

    The LITELOK X1 is supplied with a three-year warranty, which will keep your X1 free of mechanical or operational faults. 

    Should you have an issue with your lock during this period, simply get in touch with LITELOK customer support, who’ll make sure your issue is rectified. 

    Three years is longer than the required minimum two-year warranty in Europe, which shows that LITELOK stand behind the quality of their products. 

    What’s Included With the Litelok X1

    • LITELOK X1
    • 2 x coded keys
    • Twist & Go mounting system
    • 2 x mounting cable ties
    • Instructions QR code
    What's Included with the LITELOK X1

    How to Lock Your Bike With the LITELOK X1

    When securing your bike with a D lock it’s normally important to fill the shackle completely to prevent twist and hydraulic attacks. 

    However, since the LITELOK X1 uses a double bolted, anti-rotation shackle, it’s not mission critical to completely fill the shackle. 

    In addition, having the lock fitting loosely around your bike will encourage the lock to move around freely if a thief attempts to cut it with an angle grinder.

    How to lock your bike with the LITELOK X1
    With the LITELOK X1 Securing my frame and rear wheel, I used the LITELOK Go Flexi-O to safely secure my front wheel in place.

    When cutting the X1 I found that any small movements of the lock or the grinder caused the discs to disintegrate much faster. 

    I’d recommend using the X1 to secure your rear wheel and frame to an immovable object as shown above. 

    LITELOK X3 - Launch Date

    If you’ve enjoyed the sound of the LITELOK X1, first of all, I don’t blame you. I’ll be using the X1 to secure my bike for the foreseeable future. 

    As of May 2023, the LITELOK X3 is now available for order, it’s been massively popular, so expect small delays in shipping.

    If you are interested in the ultimate level of security for your bike, you can view the most up-to-date price for the X3 on the LITELOK website

    Conclusion - LITELOK X1 Review

    LITELOK X1 Bike Lock Review

    The LITELOK X1 is by far the most secure D lock I’ve tested to date.

    Making a single cut through the shackle of the X1 takes 8 times longer than the previous best D lock on the market (Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini). 

    Two cuts are required to be able to remove the X1 from a bike, and on the street, this is unlikely to happen in less than 5 minutes, seeing as it took me 2 minutes to cut in laboratory conditions. 

    If I had to choose between the LITELOK X1 and the Hiplok D1000, the price point of the LITELOK wins it for me. For £150 there isn’t a more secure bike lock on the market, view the most up-to-date price here on the LITELOK website.

    If you’re keen to find out more about this ultra-secure lock, read my Q&A with LITELOK’s founder, Neil Barron, here. 

    Finally, as always, lock it or lose it. 

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