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LITELOK X1 Q&A – With Founder Neil Barron

I recently attended the launch event of the LITELOK X1, where I got the opportunity to put the X1 to the test and find out how secure it really is. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the security the LITELOK X1 offers, I’d recommend reading my in-depth LITELOK X1 review, where I explain how secure the X1 really is and whether or not it’s worth its price tag. 

Separately from the launch event, I had an exclusive interview with Neil Barron, LITELOK’s founder and CEO and Neil Page – LITELOK’s Head of Digital. 

I asked several questions to gain further insight into how LITELOK operate as a company and to investigate their values and ethics. 

James Grear and Neil Barron LITELOK X Launch
Neil Barron and I at the LITELOK X Launch event in Bristol.
LITELOK X 1 Review



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Security Rating – Sold Secure Diamond (Bicycle & Motorcycle)
Weight – 1.7kg (3.75lb)
Shackle Dimensions – 10 x 19.2cm (3.94 x 7.56″)
Shackle Thickness – 17mm Fine Grain Hardened Steel
Warranty – 3 Years

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    Q: During the development of the LITELOK X1 what challenges did you encounter? 

    A: One of our biggest challenges was producing a bike lock capable of beating a thieve’s entire toolkit, whilst ensuring it was cost-effective for both LITELOK and our users. 

    It’s easy to create super high-security bike locks, but they’ll normally struggle with one of two issues; they can’t defeat all of the tools, or they aren’t affordable for consumers. 

    Essentially, with the LITELOK X1, we’ve taken a lock type that people have known and loved for a long time, and we’ve made it much better. 

    Q: Why should cyclists opt for the LITELOK X1 over the Hiplock D1000?

    The LITELOK X1 is lighter, cheaper and offers more locking options than the Hiplok D1000. 

    Q: What does the X mean in the LITELOK X range?

    The X in the LITELOK X is a multiplication symbol, showing that the LITELOK X range is multiple times better than its competitors. 

    But the X also warns thieves, showing them that they won’t be defeating this lock and there’s no point in trying!

    LITELOK X1 Product Review
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    Q: Do you have a launch date for the LITELOK X3?

    As it stands, we plan to release the LITELOK X3 in the second half of November 2022. 

    Q: Moving away from the LITELOK X series, why should cyclists choose LITELOK over other brands?

    LITELOK are obsessed with usability. We overcome obstacles with innovation and consistently produce unique and effective locking solutions. 

    We value design integrity and don’t cut corners during development.

    Finally, we love and care for our customers and our range of products, rather than focussing solely on profit.

    Q: What are LITELOK doing to reduce their environmental impact?

    At LITELOK, we’ve invested in eco-materials for use within our product range and packaging. For example, we don’t use any foam or plastic within our packaging, and all of the tape we use is eco-tape. 

    LITELOK’s factory in Wales (UK) is solar-powered. Clean green energy is something we’ve invested in and will continue doing so. 

    We also believe in investing in people and communities, so we partnered with Welsh Cycling to get more people travelling by bike and sponsor the Dutch cycling team – DSM.

    Q: If LITELOK wasn't an option, which lock would you use to secure your bike?

    That would depend on which ride I’m doing and where I might be leaving my bike, but for total security, I’d always look for an anti-rotation high-security U lock.*

    *Neil actually gave a more specific answer than this, but didn’t want me to mention brand names, so I left them out upon request.

    LITELOK X1 vs Angle Grinder Testing
    We put the LITELOK X1 to the ultimate test at the LITELOK X launch event. Find out how we got on here.

    Q: What bike do you ride at the moment & what lock do you use?

    I ride both mountain and road bikes, as well as motorbikes. 

    Currently, when I’m out and about, I use the X1 for all my high-security lock-ups. 

    Otherwise, I enjoy using the Go lock for its incredible portability and the one and core for adventures where I’ll be leaving my bike unattended for long periods. 

    Q: Where in the world is there the biggest demand for LITELOK's products?

    The UK and Germany started as the main markets for LITELOK, with there also being considerable demand from the Netherlands. 

    Recently, LITELOK’s been expanding into the US market, with stock now being held in the US through Amazon so that locks can be delivered quickly to American customers. 

    Q: What were your thoughts and actions after the LockPickignLawyer's LITELOK Gold video?

    Neil explained that theLockPickingLawyer’s LITELOK destruction video was nonsensical and upsetting, but that the LITELOK team quickly got to work to develop new technology that eliminates the vulnerability that the LockPickingLawyer exposed. 

    Neil said the video wasn’t accurate as bikes are not being stolen with cable cutters.

    Conclusion - LITELOK X Interview

    It was great to speak with Neil Barron and Neil Page from LITELOK. 

    I’ve enjoyed using LITELOK’s products so far and really enjoyed reviewing the LITELOK X1, which is now my lock of choice almost all the time. 

    If you’re interested in finding out more about the LITELOK X1, the latest uncuttable bike lock, read my detailed review here.  

    Otherwise, as always, lock it or lose it!

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