Combination Bike Locks – Are They Worth Your Money?

Combination bike lock

Are combination bike locks a good choice of bike lock? Should I use a combination bike lock? If you came here looking for the short and simple answer, I’ll give it to you. If you’re planning on using a combination bike lock (combi lock) as your main bike lock, think again, this might not be […]

How to Unlock a Bike Lock Without Keys

So you’ve managed to loose the keys to your bike lock, and you’re now wondering how to unlock a bike lock without a key! Without a key you’re left with a few fiddly options. But keep reading, because below ill teach you the best ways to unlock a bike lock without a key. If you […]

ABUS Additional Key Service

ABUS, much like Kryptonite, offer a fantastic key replacement service, called the ABUS Additional Key Service. When you purchase a new ABUS lock you’ll receive a plastic key card. This card is a similar size to a credit card and will have your personal key code on it.  It’s a good idea to make note […]

Kryptonite Key Safe Program

The Kryptonite Key Safe program allows you to get spare keys cut, should you loose the spare keys to your Kryptonite lock.  When you received the kryptonite lock it will have come with numbered keys. Older kryptonite locks came with a key fob which had the key number on it. Newer Kryptonite locks have the […]

Lost Keys to Bike Lock?

Lost keys to bike lock? Don’t worry. With 20 years of cycling experience, I know how frustrating this can be. You’re probably now in one of two situations: You’ve lost the keys to your bike lock whilst it’s attached to/securing your bike You’ve lost the keys to your bike lock whilst it wasn’t securing your […]

How to Stop Your Bike Being Stolen

Bike Thief Cartoon Stealing

As populations within towns and cities rise so does the number of thieves, so today I’m going to teach you how to stop your bike being stolen. If you’ve been thinking of ways to increase your bicycle’s security and ultimately stop your bike from being stolen, you’ve come to the right place. By the end of […]

How to Lock Your Bike Properly

How to lock your bike properly

You can now relax and stop worrying about your bicycle because today I’ll teach you how to lock your bike properly! How do I lock a bike properly”, “How do I secure a bike?”, “How to lock my bike?”. These are just three examples of questions I’ve found from a quick browse of the web. This […]