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How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

Uh oh! Forgotten the code to your Wordlock bike lock or simply wondering how to reset your Wordlock passcode?

First things first, don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place. I have years of experience with bike locks including fiddly combination locks like the Wordlock.

Below I’ve included several top tips to help you unlock your Wordlock and I’ll then explain how to you can set a new passcode.

The steps that I’ve put together below are suitable for most combination bike locks and will teach you how to reset a bike lock with letters or numbers.

Wordlock Review & How to Reset
If your wordlock doesn't look exactly the same as mine, don't worry. Below I'll show you how to open both types of Wordlock!
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    What Is a Wordlock Bike Lock?

    A Wordlock bike lock is similar to most other combination bike locks on the market, although instead of using numbered dials, the Wordlock uses letters. 

    Once the correct combination/word is entered into the Wordlock the shackle will release allowing you to lock up. 

    The problem with numbered combination bike locks is that the codes are extremely easy to forget, whereas a memorable word should be easier to remember! Until now!

    But not to worry, the steps below will teach you how to unlock your Wordlock bike lock, so that you can get back in action and reset your combination.

    How to Unlock a Wordlock Bike Lock

    Use Your Custom Set Combination

    Chances are, if you know your combination, you will have been able to open your Wordlock already.

    However, in case you forgot how the lock operates, simply align the combination that you originally set with the small notches on the edge of the locking mechanism. 

    Once you’ve input your combination the lock should open when you pull either side. 

    If your lock still isn’t opening then proceed onto the steps below. Otherwise, scroll down and read the section on how to reset a Wordlock!

    Use the Default Combination

    So you’re not sure what the code is to your Wordlock? No worries! Let’s get it open. The majority of Wordlock bike locks come with the default passcode SHED.

    • Enter the combination S-H-E-D (Shed) into your Wordlock. This is the default password when the lock is new and may not have been changed

    Now if that’s worked, click here and I’ll reach you how to reset a Wordlock bike lock. If not, then we still have several other options to try.

    Remember Old Combination & Try Popular Choices

    Think back to when you originally purchased your Wordlock, you may have set the combination to a memorable name, a funny word or your favourite sports team? 

    Some popular combinations that are possible with a four dial Wordlock are:

    • BIKE
    • TREE
    • FAST
    • LOOP
    • PLAY

    If you’ve tried the above combinations and still not managed to unlock your Wordlock, we still have one more step to attempt before we go for broke.

    Scroll & Pull Picking Method

    I’ve put together a detailed guide on how you can pick almost any combination bike lock, including the Wordlock and other bike locks with letters. Have a read of the “Scroll and Pull Method”. 

    When put under tension, most cheap combination locks will provide feedback that indicates when each dial is in the open position.

    This really should get your Wordlock to open but if it’s still not budging, then we have one final method that we can use to get your lock open. It will take slightly longer than the other methods but is 99.999% effective at unlocking your Wordlock.

    Wordlock Still Jammed - What Now?

    If your Wordlock has three or four dials, then proceed with the next section below. Otherwise, if you’ve got a five or more dial Wordlock and you’ve exhausted all other options you might have to buy a new bike lock. In which case, a slightly more secure bike lock might be a better option.

    Or check out the best cheap bike locks, for some more budget-friendly, high-security options.

    This next step is best saved for a time when you have a few spare minutes, maybe when you’re watching TV in the evening or if you’re sitting outside in the sun. 

    Yep, you guessed it! We’re going to enter all 9,999 possible combinations. This may sound like it’s going to take half a lifetime, but if you actually do the maths this should take a maximum of 55 minutes.

    I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you’re willing to give this last step a go or not 

    Cheap Cable Combination Bike Lock
    Whilst this isn't a Wordlock, a combination lock with five dials would take around 9 hours to crack using the method below!

    How Long Does it Take to Pick a Four-Digit Combination Lock? 

    So each dial of the Wordlock bike lock has ten letters, and there are four dials, which gives us 9,999 possible combinations.

    If we work on the basis that we are entering 3 different codes per second, that means we will enter all 9,999 combinations in 3,333 seconds or 55 minutes and 33 seconds. 

    Normally you won’t have to enter all 9,999 combinations to crack the password, so 55 minutes is the maximum amount of time this should take! 

    When you start off you’re likely to be a bit slower than 3 entries per second, but the further you get, the quicker you’ll become. 

    How to Pick a Wordlock (99.99% Success Rate)

    It’s fairly self explanatory how to enter each combination, but make sure to start out with a memorable word so that you can recognise once you’ve scrolled through the dials.

    If you need some help with unlocking your Wordlock using the 9,999 attempt method, follow the simple steps below.

    Before manually attempting every combination, if you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to try words that can be made on your lock.  

    Start by attempting S-H-E-D and W-O-R-D, then follow the previous step here

    • Align the dials in a memorable word or code (i.e. S-H-E-D). Make a note or remember this code so that you’ll know that you’ve been through every combination if the lock doesn’t open.
    • Now put a small amount of pressure on either side of the lock. This way, when we enter the correct combination, the lock will open up. Make sure you keep this pressure maintained throughout picking, or the lock won’t open!
    • Begin scrolling clockwise through the letters on the right-hand dial, scrolling through all of them until you get back to the original letter you started with (if you chose the starting word SHED, this would be the letter “D”)
    • Move the second dial from the right (letter “E”) clockwise by one letter. Then, go back to the letter “D” and repeat step 3, scrolling through each of the ten letters.
    • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve been through all 99 possible combinations.
    • Now shift the third dial from the right (letter “H”) clockwise by one letter and repeat steps 6 and 7 until you’ve entered 999 combinations.
    • Finally, shift the fourth dial (letter “S”) clockwise by one letter, and repeat the previous steps and this one until the lock pops open.

    Congratulations! With your open lock, move on to the next section of the article, where I’ll teach you how to reset the combination for a Wordlock bike lock!

    If you’ve completed the above steps and still haven’t managed to get your lock open, it’s probably worth getting yourself a new bike lock.

    If you’ve not used it for a long time, your Wordlock may have corroded, making it almost impossible to open without breaking. 

    If you need a replacement lock, check our review of the best cheap bike locks for several highly secure, affordable recommendations. 

    How To Reset A Wordlock Bike Lock

    To reset a Wordlock bike lock you’ll need to have it open. If you haven’t figured out the code, go back to the beginning of the article and I’ll teach you the quickest ways to unlock your Worldlock bike lock.

    Otherwise, here’s how to reset the password:

    1. With your Wordlock unlocked, remove the toothed end from the locking mechanism.

    2. Now inspecting the entrance to the locking mechanism you should have one of the two lock styles shown below.
    Wordlock Locking Mechanism A
    If your lock looks like this see "Lock A" below
    How to reset a combination bike lock
    If your lock looks like this see "Lock B" below

    These are the most popular styles of combination locks. If your locking mechanism resembles neither of these images, chose the option that it appears most similar to and follow the steps of that image shown below.

    Lock A - How to Reset Wordlock with Flip Switch Mechanism

    With your Wordlock open, locate the small lever/switch on the lock mechanism, this should be positioned facing upwards. 

    Push the lever/switch so that it faces downwards (or in the opposite direction that it was originally facing). The locking mechanism is now in the setting position.

    Wordlock bike lock reset position

    Using the small marking ridge, enter the new code you want to use to open your Wordlock 

    Once your new code has been entered, move the lever/switch back into its original position.

    The code to your Wordlock has now been reset!

    Wordlock new combination

    Lock B - How to Reset Wordlock with Twist Mechanism

    With your Wordlock open, locate spin switch on the lock mechanism, this will normally have arrows and the word “set” on it. 

    How to reset a combination bike lock

    Rotate the spin switch into the “set” position, rotating it fully until it stops. The locking mechanism is now in the setting position.

    Turning the twist switch on a combination bike lock to the set position

    Using the small marking ridge, enter the new code you want to use to open your Wordlock. 

    Entering a new code to reset a combination bike lock

    Once your new code has been entered, rotate the twist switch back into its original position.

    How to reset a combination bike lock

    The code to your Wordlock has now been reset!

    Code reset on combination bike lock

    If you managed to forget your previous combination, it may be a good idea to take note of your new Wordlock password. You could make a note on your phone or make a physical note that you keep somewhere safe.

    How to Use a Wordlock to Lock Your Bike

    Your Wordlock bike lock may seem safe and secure, but if you want my honest advice you should avoid using a cable lock as your primary bike lock whenever possible.

    Cable locks offer a very minimal level of security and can be defeated by a small pair of wire cutters within seconds.

    If you want to use a Wordlock without putting your bike at risk, why not use it to secure your wheels to the frame of your bike? This way chancers won’t be able to loosen and remove your wheels.

    Bike lock with letter used to secure wheel to bike

    Police advise that you spend at least 15% of the value of your bike on locks to secure it. I’ve reviewed the best bike locks on the market here, or if you’re on a tight budget the best cheap bike locks also offer great security levels.

    Remember, when you cycle, take a lock with you. Any lock is better than no lock.

    How Secure Is a Wordlock Bike Lock? 

    As you probably read above, Wordlock bike locks provide very minimal security for your bike. Their cable shackle is made from a number of thin metal strands which are woven together. 

    Realistically if a professional thief were to target your bike and you’d secured it with a Wordlock it’s they’d probably be able to remove the lock within 5-10 seconds. 

    Subsequently, the Wordlock doesn’t have a Sold Secure rating or any other security ratings from reputable organisations. This means unless you’re using it to secure the accessories and components of your bike, it should be avoided. 

    A Better Alternative to the Wordlock

    Kryptonite Kryptolok 990 

    The Kryptonite Kryptolok 990 scooped a Sold Secure Gold rating, meaning it offers vastly improved security when compared to most Worldlock products. 

    9mm manganese steel chain links encompass and protect your bike, which makes the Wordlock cable look like a piece of string. 

    Sure, for the same price that the 990 costs, you could buy at least 5 Wordlocks.

    However, when using the Kryptolok 990 your bike will be over 5 times more secure than when locked up with a Wordlock.  

    It’s a worthy, budget-friendly upgrade. The choice is yours!

    Here’s an Amazon link for the most recent price if you’re interested. 

    Conclusion - How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

    So there you have it!

    The best way to unlock a Wordlock when you’ve forgotten the code is to first attempt words that can be formed on your lock (S-H-E-D, W-O-R-D, etc.). Then, if that doesn’t work, attempting every combination is your next best bet. 

    Unless the lock is jammed closed, attempting every combination possible will get the lock open, allowing you to reset the code!

    Hopefully you’ve found this article helpful and have been able to crack the code to your Wordlock. 

    If you still haven’t managed to open your Wordlock, comment below, and I’ll do my best to help you!haven’t

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    34 Responses

    1. I forgot the combination to my four letter Wordlock. I tried all your default words and instructions nonwork. I got it either at CVS or Home Depot. Help

      1. Hi Emery,

        If you’ve tried all of the steps included above and tried any memorable words/combinations your options will be limited. However there may be some additional, yet more technical steps you can try depending on the model of the Worldlock you’re using.

        What type of lock are you using? Is it a cable lock model like mine or a padlock version?



    2. I have lock B….it looks like lock B, but it doesn’t say set when lock is opened and doesn’t have curved arrow. It says to turn to right till it locks in place…a 1/4 turn…but mine just rotates all around and doesn’t stop. The password that came with the lock is MUST. ALSO lock B has numbers and mine has letters. Above twisted steel cable on cardboard is CL-550-GN . Can you please help me set new word password?

      1. Hi Jack,

        Thanks for getting in touch!

        By the sound of it, this lock could be broken, how old is it? The reset wheel may have detached itself from the internal parts, so it might be worth pressing down on the wheel whilst turning to see if this makes a difference?

        If you don’t have any luck with that, you may have to buy a new Wordlock, or if this was purchased recently it may be worth contacting the retailer to see if they can replace it for you.

        Let me know how you get on,


        1. I had a similar lock that I just figured out. Our Wordlock had a metal U clip that I had to pop off; accessed through a slit in the plastic ring that spins. Once that’s off, each of the letter rings slides off, with a plastic and metal disc under each one that can be popped out and rotated to reset the combination. Not as easy as documented here, but got it to work.

    3. I just purchased Wordlock item CL-411-BK for a game, but I need help so I can set up the clues.

      What letters are available on each wheel? Are the wheels in the same order on each lock?

      HELP! The locks arrive Monday, but I’d like to get started on planning my clues now.

      1. Hi Constance,

        Unfortunately, I’m not sure of the order of the letters on the Wordlock you purchased. There are so many models of Wordlock out there, most of which have different letter orders.

        I hope the game goes well!



    4. I just purchased cl-663-bk-wm .all of the lock info im finding does not have the flat lever on bottom like mine. Im having alot of trouble trying to reset a new code.

      1. Hi Phyllis,

        If you’re still having trouble resetting the code on your Wordlock and none of the above steps have worked so far for you, it might be worth reaching out to the worldandmain who manage the WordLock brand.



    5. I have a Wordlock CL 663 with the Y shaped body. The lock is open but I would like to change the unknown combination but how? It is the quick release model with both a push button on the top of the letter choices as well as a small lever at the bottom. what to do? thanks for your help.

      1. Hi Lyle,

        I’ve not used this Wordlock model myself, but could i suggest opening the lock and attempting to turn the lettered dials whilst holding the push button down.

        Let us know if this works so that others can do the same 🙂



      2. I have the same model lock and I wanted to know the same thing maybe you can help m,if you got yours in operating Condition

    6. Hi I just recently purchase a word lock so that tradesmen could come through the gate without me having to leave a key uggh one of them did not close it properly and now I can’t open my gate I tried the password that I reset it to but no joy.
      The trouble is that because its half way in I can’t move it either way

      1. Hi Victoria,

        That’s so annoying! If they’re still around it may be worth asking if they reset the code?

        How many dials does your Wordlock have? You might be able to pick it by attempting all combinations if it only uses four dials.

        Otherwise, it may have corroded inside so might be worth striking it with a hammer to attempt to separate any corroded parts. If it’s a really cheap plastic Wordlock this may break it, so only try this as a last resort.

        Let me if you have any other questions!


    7. Hey, I settled in for 55 minutes of flipping and lucked out. Between feeling the clicky bits/tumblers (so taking a chance and holding onto some letters), I was done in under five minutes (after trying common words). I really appreciate all your tips and tricks! (And I will definitely advise Mom to NOT use this on her e-assist ‘bent.)

      1. Great! Glad you managed to get it open.

        What was your code in the end, if it’s different to any shown above I’ll add it to the list 🙂


    8. I was given this lock from a friend that passed away it’s locked and I do not know the pass code to unlock it can you please help me

      1. Hi Michele,

        Which steps from the guide have you tried so far and how many dials does your Wordlock have?


      1. Hi Daniel,

        Did you attempt to try every combination? Should have it open in under an hour if you follow the method shown in this guide.

        Let me know how you get on


    9. James Thank You..I purchased a WordLock bike lock at Walmart at half price this afternoon. Now I know why..So on the back of this cardboard is the website you go to for “copy of instructions and sample word list.” OK so I typed in wordlock wbsite and it comes up with a website and a link to wordlock but it just redirects you back to this stupid original site. NO HELP NO INSTRUCTIONS

      No Instructions I can find anywhere..except your site. Thank you for the default passcode of SHED. My lock has a little button on the top and it pop open on the default code you gave yeah!!!!! 🙂 No other site on the worldwide net has this valuable clue that you give 🙂 It’s like everybody has a “lock” on this valuable little code.

      So now how do I reset it? A little mechanisms on the bottom you open and change the code..So mine doesn’t have 9,999 combinations just a simple 4 letter word and it looks right at you when you touch the letters it’s…something I’ll never forget 🙂

      1. Have you attempted any of the combinations that I recommended in the article? SHED is the most common code for a four-digit Wordlock.

    10. HI!! I was trying to follow the instructions on how to put in all 9999 words to try to unlock it and I think I kinda understand how to do this but now really. Could you make a short video on how to go through all words on a 4 letter word lock. Please let me know if you can. Thanks!!

      1. Hi Eva,

        I’ve just added this to my to-do list! If you subscribe to my Youtube channel you’ll be one of the first to see the video when it’s released.



    11. Thanks for the tips, my girlfriends daughter doesn’t need to buy a new lock now(aka us). Keep up the good work.

      1. Glad to hear that you managed to get your lock open! Out of interest which method worked?

    12. Thank you SO much. We had no idea what the default pass code was and my goodness you saved a big argument of who might have set it incorrectly when it was brand new. So much stress and now it’s fixed. Honestly, so thankful!!

      1. No problem at all, glad you found this content helpful Belle!

        Out of interest which combination worked for you?

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