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About BikeLockWiki

Bike lock security ratings are confusing. There’s no two ways about it.

The aim of BikeLockWiki is to help increase the understanding of bicycle security within the cycling community. 

The information I provide comes from the rigorous testing of security products from leading manufacturers around the world. I also work alongside some of the largest bicycle security brands, who independently fact check the information that I produce. 

Making mistakes with bicycle security can be very expensive (and I’m speaking from experience here!). I aim to create content that is trustworthy. By following a strict verification and testing process, my readers are able to make informed decisions when deciding new bicycle security products.

I do give my personal opinion throughout the content which I produce, however, my main aim has always been providing a wealth of free, factual cycle security content. 

Below, you can find the companies that I’ve worked with, as well as those who’ve fact checked the content I’ve produced.  

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Hello! My name’s James, I’m an avid cyclist and the lead editor of BikeLockWiki.

I’ve invested over four years into researching & studying bicycle security. Now I want to share the information I’ve learnt, for free, with the online cycling community.

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