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About BikeLockWiki

The Best Bike Lock

You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself scratching your head while trying to decide which cycling product or service is best for your needs. 

BikeLockWiki began in 2017 due to the staggering lack of accurate and reliable bicycle security information available to consumers. 

Cyclists are investing more money than ever before in their bicycles and e-bikes.

Our two-wheeled investments require sufficient protection, so understanding how different security products compare and perform when attacked has never been more important. 

At BikeLockWiki, we aim to create the most trustworthy and comprehensive cycling gear reviews.

We’ve worked with the biggest and smallest names in bicycle security and the cycling world and frequently collaborate with other industry experts to ensure the content we produce provides real value to cyclists worldwide.

We include expert insight, independent testing and quantifiable data in our product reviews so that our readers can make informed decisions on what’s best for them. 

We’ve developed testing methods for the different product categories we review. This ensures that data obtained from our testing is suitable for comparison.

Here’s how we begin our testing process: 

  • We test new products that come onto the market within the product categories that we review. 
  • Once tested, the performance of each product is rated and given a score for each task based on its performance. 
  • With scores assigned to each product, we can compare their performance across the board and assess which is the best for a wide range of requirements. 
  • After testing & reviewing products, we keep hold of most for future comparison and review. 
  • Top performing products from each product category earn rewards to recognise their performance.

What Do We Do With Products After Reviewing Them?

After products have been through our review process, they are typically kept for future comparison. 

If a product is discontinued, we keep hold of it as it will be helpful when reviewing new products and producing content.

Products put through our destruction testing process are also retained for comparison, but some parts will be recycled (where possible) or responsibly disposed of if no longer required.  

The best products in comparative testing have the chance of earning one or more of our awards:

What do these awards mean? 

  • Approved Product – products we’ve taken through our review process have performed above the average standard and provide a good user experience.
  • Great Deal – these products offer some premium features and are available at a competitive price.
  • Editor’s Choice – Awarded to each category’s all-around top-performing product. All factors are taken into consideration for this award. 

Content Verification Process

Once our reviews are complete, we request factual verification from any brands featured within the content. 

Brands then review the factual accuracy of the content we’ve produced and let us know if they have any queries or if we’ve reported any factual inaccuracies.

If brands report queries or errors, we carefully analyse these issues and either make the necessary changes or explain our findings to the brand. 

This fact-checking process ensures that our content is factually accurate, allowing readers of BikeLockWiki to make informed decisions when deciding on product purchases. 

How Does BikeLockWiki Make Money?

BikeLockWiki is a self-funded organisation, which means we have to raise funds from our work to continue to improve the quality of the content we publish and our testing processes. 

We disagree with paywalls for unlocking content and will ensure BikeLockWiki remains freely accessible to the cycling community worldwide. 

To help support and fund our work, we took the decision to run adverts on the website from carefully selected ad partners. 

In addition to running ads, some of the product links we use are affiliate links. Affiliate links let creators like us receive small commissions on purchases made using them without the buyer paying more than they normally would. 

Money raised from BikeLockWiki is returned to the business to help finance further reviews and tooling for product testing.

Why Haven't We Reviewed _______ Yet?

Our review processes are conducted in-house by our small team of cycling and security experts.

Whilst we aim to review every bike security product on the market and many different cycling accessories, testing requires time, and we publish new content as soon as it’s ready. 

When choosing a new product to review, we consider the following factors:

  • New releases
  • Innovative Products
  • Product Popularity
  • Products with Limited Information Available

By considering these factors, the content we produce is likely to be beneficial for a larger crowd.

If you think there’s a product we’ve missed and need to review, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll add it to our to-do list. 

We Love Innovation and New Ideas

Innovation is vital for industry progression.

There are market leaders within the bicycle security world who innovate less and rely upon their marketing and reputation to sell products. 

Whilst many of the products these brands produce are top-quality, it’s great to see smaller companies with different ideas bringing new products to market. 

To help the bicycle security sector progress, we often work with innovators within the industry to review the products they produce, provide feedback to them and give our readers our verdict on the new product.

Whilst we appreciate innovation, we’re always transparent with any issues we encounter within our testing and will never sugarcoat reviews.


BikeLockWiki is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

We also operate as an affiliate for other partners. 

What Does This Actually Mean?

As a member of multiple affiliate programs, we’ll sometimes earn a commission for purchases made through links we provide.

If you buy an item after using one of our links, you won’t pay any more than normal.

If you have any questions or recommendations regarding this, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

BikeLockWiki's Founder

James Grear is the Lead Editor and Founder of BikeLockWiki. 

Years before BikeLockWiki launched in 2019, James was researching bicycle security to develop an understanding of what could be done to decrease the rising rate of bike theft. 

You can read more about James and his story here

What Does BikeLockWiki Aim to Achieve

From the beginning, BikeLockWiki has been all about informing consumers to ensure they have a detailed understanding of products they’re considering purchasing.

Since launching in 2018, we’ve helped over 1 million cyclists with purchase decisions and bike maintenance & troubleshooting help. 

Moving forward, we will continue to produce the most comprehensive, trustworthy reviews for our readers.

If there’s a product we still need to review that you’re interested in learning about, please email us using our contact form, and we’ll get back to you.

We have continually refined our testing procedures and are always open to feedback on how we test and review products.

So, similarly, if you have an idea that would improve the quality/reliability of our testing, please let us know, and we’ll use your ideas to improve our content for the next reader!

Thanks for reading. 

James Grear
Founder & Lead Editor


If you’ve found the content on BikeLockWiki helpful and wish to support our work, please consider becoming a patron – here

Otherwise, if you’re unable to support us financially, feedback on our website is even more valuable to us! Let us know your thoughts here.

Author of This Post:
Picture of James Grear (Lead Editor)
James Grear (Lead Editor)

Understanding how devastating it is to have a bike stolen, I've researched & immersed myself in the world of bicycle security since 2013.

I then built BikeLockWiki in 2019 to share everything I'd learned with the worldwide cycling community so that cyclists can improve their bike security skills and make informed decisions when purchasing new products and services.

Learn More about Me & BikeLockWiki here.

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