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The Best Lightweight Bike Locks

Which is the best lightweight bike lock? Which is the most secure lightweight bike lock? Which bike lock is the easiest to carry?

These are just a few examples of questions that are constantly being asked within the cycling community, and it’s understandable why.

Why would anyone want to carry around an awkwardly heavy bike lock? Fortunately, there are plenty of secure, lightweight bike locks available on the market.

Below I’ve compared and broken down each lock’s characteristics to help you find the best lightweight bike lock for you and your bike!

the 5 best lightweight bike locks
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    The three desirable qualities of a bike lock are:

    • High-security
    • Low weight
    • Affordably priced

    Amalgamating these three characteristics will produce a popular bike lock, but that’s much easier said than done. This means cyclists generally compromise and prioritise one or two of these qualities.

    Many cyclists (myself included) don’t like carrying a heavy or bulky bike lock when riding, as the heavier you are, the harder you’ll have to work when on two wheels.

    Additionally, if transported in a backpack, a heavy or bulky lock can make your journey uncomfortable, ultimately decreasing your enjoyment when cycling.

    Some bike rides don’t require a high-security solid steel lock. Instead, a highly portable cable or folding lock is often more than sufficient. 

    If security isn’t one of your priorities, I’ve included several ultra-lightweight locks towards the end of this article.

    Lightweight is a subjective term, but generally, anything below 1kg (2.2lb) can be considered lightweight when comparing the market’s selection of reputable bike locks. 

    A bike lock at 1kg or lower is light enough to be carried or mounted to your bike without its weight being noticed. 

    Locks at this weight tend to be compact, so you wouldn’t struggle to fit one in a backpack, and it won’t be uncomfortable to ride with. 

    All of the best lightweight bike locks featured in this article are under 1kg, and most are Sold Secure rated, so keep an eye out for Sold Secure ratings if you need a lock that’s both lightweight and secure. 

    Most bike locks use hardened steel shackles, plates or chain links to prevent thieves from stealing your bike. 

    The problem with hardened steel is that it’s heavy.

    So naturally, manufacturers are forced to be creative with their designs when attempting to produce a lightweight, high-security bike lock.

    Reducing the thickness of a lock’s shackle is one way to reduce its weight, but reductions in shackle diameter/thickness will typically lessen the security it provides. 

    With this in mind, the locks recommended in this article are a rare breed of locks that are both lightweight (under 1kg) and Sold Secure rated or rated by a similar organisation in the case of the TiGr Mini. 

    Sold Secure are a security testing organisation based in the UK that test and grade security products based on their performance when attacked. 

    I explain more about Sold Secure towards the bottom of this article for anyone that’s not familiar. 

    As previously stated, if security isn’t an issue and you need the lightest, best lock possible, I’ve included ultra-lightweight locks in the second half of this article. 

    heaviest bike lock vs lightest bike lock
    If less weight is your priority, stick around and I'll help you find the lightest and best bike lock for you!

    The Top 5 Best Lightweight Bike Locks

    With over five years of experience in testing and reviewing a wide range of locks, I can safely say the locks below are the best lightweight bike locks avalible.

    Alongside these lightweight locks, keep an eye out for several tricks I’ve included that you can use to increase your bicycle security skills. Every cyclist should learn these.

    With thousands of bike locks to choose from, presenting you the best lightweight bike lock has been a challenge.

    However, by studying design quality and getting hands-on experience with every lightweight bike lock over the years, I’ve narrowed it down to five top-quality lightweight bike locks. 

    So here they are in no particular order. 

    Foldylock Mini

    The Lightest Sold Secure Silver Folding Lock

    Foldylock Mini Bike Lock
    Ease of Use

    I recently compared the Foldylock Mini to the well-known ABUS Bordo 6000 and was surprised and impressed with its performance. 

    Unlike your average folding bike lock, the Mini uses advanced rivet protection. What does that mean, you ask?

    Well, a steel spring, a thick steel washer and two anti-seize washers make up this additional protection, increasing the resistance the rivet provides against all forms of attack, including bolt cutters and nut splitters. 

    I was able to cut through the Bordo 6000’s rivet using a nut splitter with very little resistance, but as you’ll see in the video below, I was unsuccessful at cutting the Mini’s armoured rivet at first.

    Then on my second attempt, the rivet broke my nut splitter after a tough 5-minute battle.  

    I was further impressed by how well the Mini resisted my 42″ bolt cutters.

    After several attempts using the largest bolt cutter on the market, I could not crop the Mini’s 5mm hardened steel plates. 

    Until recently, I had been using the Foldylock Compact when I required a lightweight bike lock for a ride.

    However, since the Mini provides the same Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver rating as a lighter and more compact lock, it’s the obvious replacement at a slightly more affordable price. 

    Weighing 0.97kg, including its mounting system, which keeps it silent while riding, the Foldylock Mini is the lightest Sold Secure Silver-rated folding lock on the market and easily earned its place among the best lightweight bike locks.

    Watch my video review above to see how it performs when put to the ultimate test.

    Foldylock Mini Info
    Weight: 0.97kg (2.14lb)
    Shackle Width: 10cm (3.94")
    Shackle Length: 21cm (8.27")
    Shackle Diameter & Material: 5mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty: 3 Years
    Security Ratings: Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver

    Master Lock 8278EURDPRO

    The Best Value High-Security U-Lock

    Master lock 8278 review
    Ease of Use

    The Master Lock 8278 EURDPRO is the lightest Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond-rated bike lock on the market, which was enough on its own to warrant its place amongst the best lightweight bike locks. 

    Considering its incredible security-to-weight ratio, it’s surprising that the 8278 is the most affordable lock featured in this list.

    At such a reasonable price point, the 8278 also featured in our review of the Best Cheap Bike Locks and took the top spot!

    As long as you clean and lubricate the 8278 every other month, you won’t have any problems.

    Follow our maintenance guide, and you’ll have the best cheap and lightweight bike lock at your disposal for a lifetime!

    The Diamond rating makes the 8278 suitable for use with medium to high-value bikes in high-risk areas.

    Ultimately the 8278 will be the ideal option for bicycle commuters who desire a great combination of portability and security. 

    It doesn’t have a mounting system, so bear that in mind. However, it’s compact and easily fits into a backpack or through your belt loops for quick access. 

    Read my detailed review of the 8278 if you’re interested

    Master Lock 8278 Info
    Weight: 0.9kg (2.0lb)
    Shackle Width: 8.25cm (3.25")
    Shackle Length: 15cm (5.9")
    Shackle Diameter & Material: 14mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty: Lifetime
    Security Ratings: Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond

    Seatylock Mason

    High-Quality Materials, Diamond-Rated, Lightweight

    Seatylock mason
    Ease of Use

    The Seatylock Mason is essentially a higher-quality version of the Master Lock 8278, it uses higher-quality materials and adds several features, such as an automatic keyhole cover, a strengthened plastic exterior and a self-securing locking mechanism. 

    That said, the Mason’s heavier than the 8278 and is understandably more expensive, but will demand less maintenance and provide more resistance to corrosion in the long run. 

    Whilst it’s not provided with one, a compact mounting system is available for the Mason at a reasonable price if you like to mount your lock to your bike when riding. 

    At 1kg (2.2lb), the Mason sits at the upper end of what can be considered lightweight. 

    The Mason is suitable for locking mid to high-end bikes, and when used with a cable extension, thieves are likely to move onto an easier target. 

    Since the Mason’s plastic housing is less bulky, you’re also given slightly more internal locking space than with the Master Lock 8278 and the option to cut replacement keys if required. 

    Overall, a high-quality, high-security, low-weight bike lock which retails at a reasonable price. 

    You can read a detailed review of the Mason here.

    Or, if you’d prefer to watch my video review, you can watch that here

    Seatylock Mason Info
    Weight: 1kg (2.2lb)
    Shackle Width: 8.5cm (3.3")
    Shackle Length: 14.7cm (5.8")
    Shackle Diameter & Material: 13.75mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty: 3 Years
    Security Ratings: Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond


    Wearable, Lightweight, Silver-Rated Security

    LITELOK GO-O Review
    Ease of Use

    I recently reviewed the LITELOK GO-O and was very impressed with its performance. 

    The LITELOK GO bears the Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver rating, making it suitable for shorter lock-ups in low to medium-risk areas. 

    The medium size GO-O is 70cm (27.6″) long and offers more than enough internal locking space to secure your bike to chunkier immovable objects such as street lights and railings. 

    In addition, all three sizes of the GO-O can be worn around the waist using the wearable strap, which makes the LITELOK GO one of the most portable locks I’ve used to date.

    The LITELOK GO-O small weighs 650g (1.43lb), the medium 750g (1.65lb) and the large sits at 850g (1.87lb), meaning these are the lightest lock Sold Secure approved locks featured in this list of the best lightweight bike locks. 

    Boaflexicore is the technology responsible for the LITELOK GO’s incredible security-to-weight ratio.

    Four high-tensile braided steel cables are encased inside a durable polymer casing, which ensures the GO remains lightweight, versatile and incredibly resistant to many forms of attack. 

    When targeted with bolt cutters, the Boaflexicore cables squash and spread rather than cutting cleanly, significantly increasing the cutting difficulty of these surprisingly lightweight locks.

    If you want to learn more, read my full review of the LITELOK GO-O here.

    Weight: 0.75kg (1.65lb)
    Shackle Length: 70cm (27.6")
    Shackle Diameter & Material: 5mm High-Tensile Steel Cable
    Warranty 2 Years
    Security Ratings: Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver

    TiGr Mini

    Super Lightweight, Expertly Crafted Titanium

    TiGr Mini review 2023
    Ease of Use

    The majority of bike locks that I recommend tend to be made using hardened steel.

    Unfortunately for them, steel is super heavy, so many high-quality steel-based bike locks didn’t make the cut.

    Weighing just 0.46kg, the TiGr Mini is a featherweight, one-of-a-kind bike lock that uses a 3.12mm thick titanium shackle to protect your bike from multiple forms of attack. 

    The TiGr comes with a clip-in mounting system for convenient storage when cycling, and due its precision engineering, the mounting system holds the lock silent even when riding bumpy terrain.

    The only downside of the TiGr Mini is that it doesn’t have Sold Secure accreditation. Instead, it bears Two-star certification from ART (a separate security testing organisation), making it suitable for use with bicycles. 

    ART are less specific with what their test results mean, but on average, ART 2-star products have a Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Bronze or a low Silver rating, suggesting the TiGr Mini is suitable for shorter lockups in medium-low risk areas. 

    At the end of the day, with the right tools and enough time, any lock on the market can be defeated. 

    So if you’re always near your bike when it’s locked, you’ll enjoy just how lightweight the TiGr Mini is. 

    If you’re looking for a lightweight bike lock to take with you for long rides with short stops, the TiGr Mini is a USA-made, high-quality option. 

    Read our Full TiGr Mini review here.

    TiGr Mini Info
    Weight: 0.4kg (0.9lb)
    Shackle Length: 10.1cm (4")
    Shackle Width: 17.8cm (7")
    Shackle Diameter & Material: 3.12mm Titanium Band
    Warranty 1 Years
    Security Ratings: ART 2 Star

    Lightweight Locks Comparison Table

    Lock Model Security Ease of Use Value
    Foldylock Mini 6.0 9.0 6.0
    Master Lock 8278 8.0 7.5 9.0
    Seatylock Mason 8.0 8.0 7.0
    LITELOK GO-O 6.0 8.0 6.0
    TiGr Mini 4.5 7.5 5.5

    Lightweight Bike Locks to Avoid

    Cheap and cheerful bike locks will almost always end with disappointment of some sort.

    You’ll either end up with a lock that only works half of the time, or a thief will break the cheap lock, you’ll then require a new bike!

    Whilst cable locks often appeal to cyclists due to their affordable price and low weight, the security they provide is minimal, and most of them (apart from the LITELOK GO-O) can be cut or broken very easily.

    When choosing a new bike lock, keep an eye out for locks tested by reputable security companies such as Sold Secure, ART and VdS. 

    Below, I quickly cover what Sold Secure ratings mean. Have a read and learn how these work.

    You’ll then be able to distinguish quality bike locks from cheap and cheerful ones.

    Are cable locks good for bikes
    Cable bike locks may be lightweight, but they can be cut by hand with a small pair of pliers. Don't waste your money or risk locking your bike with one of these.

    When I’m walking around town, I always keep an eye out for bike locks that have been cut. Living in London, you’d be surprised how easy it is to find these. 

    When I find a lock that’s been cut, I bring it home with me and add it to my collection for testing and evaluation. 

    Of the cut/broken locks I’ve collected, the vast majority are cheap cable locks, suggesting that many cyclists are unaware of how little security they offer.

    Bike thieves never want to hang around for long, and they will always go for the weakest-looking locks.

    If you’re browsing the web for a new bike lock and see something that looks cheap and flimsy, it most likely won’t provide the security you need.

    A thief will see that your bicycle is poorly secured and, within no time, will have made off with your bike.

    That said, there are several high-security cheap bike locks that are accessible to cyclists on tighter budgets. 

    What Factors Would Classify as the "Best" Bike Lock?

    I’d love to tell you exactly which bike lock is the best for you and your needs. But, unfortunately, everyone has different requirements.

    The sole point of a bike lock is to keep your bicycle secure, so security is one of my deciding factors when discussing “the best bike lock”.

    You should also consider how practical a lock is when purchasing a bike lock, which is probably why you’re here!

    A massive chain and lock would not be suitable to carry in your rucksack whilst you commute to work, so I have considered size and design whilst deciding the best lightweight bike locks.

    heaviest bike lock Oxford Beast in backpack
    Carrying hefty chain like the Oxford Beast in a backpack is no fun. If you need to use a super heavy bike lock, leave it locked at your destination.

    Finally, price. Ultimately, I want you to spend the least amount of money possible whilst still receiving top-tier quality and security from your bike lock (I’m sure you do too!).

    You may have already found a few bargains elsewhere, brightly coloured cable locks are super popular, and at under £10, you’d be a fool not to have one, right? 

    Sadly, these cheap and flimsy bike locks will not protect your ride, and you’ll most likely end up bike-less!

    If you’re on a tight budget, I’ve reviewed the best (reliable) cheap bike locks.

    Bicycle Security Ratings Explained

    Sold Secure Ratings

    Bicycle security ratings cause confusion among cyclists. With so many security ratings and markings popping up, it can be hard to gauge a lock’s security.

    The most well-known and recognised security-testing company for bicycle security is Sold Secure.

    Sold Secure is a non-profit organisation operated by the Master Locksmith Association, which provides consumers with a way of comparing the quality of different security products. 

    Bike locks can currently be placed in two different Sold Secure rating categories:

    • Sold Secure Pedal Cycle
    • Sold Secure Powered Cycle

    The Pedal Cycle category has four different ratings, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

    Whereas the Powered Cycle category only has two categories, Gold and Diamond. 

    Sold secure pedal cycle ratings explained

    The Powered Cycle category is harder to achieve than Pedal Cycle, since powered bikes, such as e-bikes and motorbikes, are more expensive on average and therefore require an increased level of security.

    Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Bronze is the lowest rating a bike lock can achieve from Sold Secure.

    As stated on their website, Pedal Cycle Bronze bike locks only protect from opportunist thieves, a very minimal level of protection. 

    Unless used as a secondary lock to secure accessories or for similar use, I don’t recommend Pedal Cycle Bronze-rated locks on BikeLockWiki. They offer a very low level of security, and you can generally find a more secure lock at a similar price. 

    Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver is the next security rating bicycle locks can receive.

    Silver-rated locks offer a compromise between security and cost. Several of the best lightweight locks in this article offer the Sold Secure Silver rating.

    Silver-rated locks are suitable for less expensive bikes or shorter-term lock-ups. 

    I’d advise against using a silver-rated lock in high-risk areas when possible, especially if your bike is valuable. 

    Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Gold is the next level up from Silver.

    Pedal Cycle Gold bike locks offer the second highest level of security and can be used to secure bikes for longer periods in medium to high-risk areas. 

    If you’re considering a Gold-rated lock, it’s worth browsing Pedal Cycle Diamond-rated alternatives since several are available at very affordable prices.

    Finally, the Pedal Cycle Diamond rating is the highest rating in the conventional bicycle category and is only awarded to the most secure locks on the market.

    The only ratings higher than this are Sold Secure Powered Cycle Gold and Diamond, which very few bike locks have achieved.

    Diamond-rated locks are suitable for locking your bike for longer periods in high-risk areas such as cities and town centres. 

    View the complete diamond collection of bike locks here

    How to Choose the Right Sold Secure Rating

    So now you understand what the different ratings mean, it’s time to choose which works best for you and your bike. 

    It wouldn’t make sense to spend thousands on your bicycle, only to secure it with a cheap plastic bike lock. 

    The flow diagram below will help you decide which security rating suits you best. 

    Which bike lock rating do i need bike lock buying guide
    (Click to enlarge)

    The more secure a bike lock, the more it’s likely to cost. See investing in bicycle security as a long-term investment and a money saver that should prevent you from having to replace a stolen bike.

    That said, several of the best cheap bike locks earned the Sold Secure Diamond rating, so they aren’t always going to break the bank. 

    Most of the best bike locks come with a lifetime warranty, so bear this in mind when deciding which works best for you.

    The Best Lightweight Bike Lock - Summary

    So there you have it, the locks included above are the best lightweight bike locks on the market to date.

    If you’re planning on purchasing a bike lock, it’s important to take time with your decision and make sure your chosen lock is suitable for your situation.

    Remember to look out for Sold Secure badges and other independent security ratings, and never opt for anything less than Sold Secure Silver, unless securing auxiliary components. 

    If none of these bike locks are suitable for you and you’ve decided security is your priority, read about the best uncuttable bike locks here.

    Or, if you’re on a tighter budget, this article looks at the best cheap bike locks.

    If you’ve decided on a bike lock from this list, whilst waiting for it to arrive, it’d be a good idea to learn how to properly secure your bike. This way, you’ll be ready to rock and roll as soon as it arrives.

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