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I’ve been meaning to produce a LITELOK GO review for a long time, so I got hold of the GO FLEXI-O and have been using it over the past few weeks.

Throughout this in-depth review, I’ll talk you through the strengths and weaknesses of this impressively lightweight lock, helping you to decide whether it’s suitable for you. 

I’ll also show you how to use the LITELOK GO FLEXI-O, what locking scenarios it’s suitable for, and I’ll finish by showing you some similar alternatives in case you decide the GO-O isn’t the right fit.

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    Brief Overview - LITELOK GO FLEXI-O Review

    Lightweight, Secure & Beautifully Designed

    LITELOK GO-O Mounted to bike with frame straps
    Ease of Use

    The LITELOK GO FLEXI-O is the most portable lock I’ve used to date and offers one of the best security-to-weight ratios on the market. 

    Its Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver rating means it’s suitable for locking your bike for shorter periods in low to medium-risk areas. 

    The LITELOK GO is also the only cable lock on the market that bears the Sold Secure Silver rating, clearly showcasing the impeccable quality of LITELOK’s engineering. 

    If you’re in the market for a new bike lock and portability is your main priority, few locks can compete with the LITELOK GO-O. 

    It sits at the top of the price range for a Sold Secure Silver bike lock, but its high-quality materials and UK-based manufacturing make its price point more palatable. 

    That said, if you ride a more valuable bicycle or e-bike and need to leave it unattended for longer periods, this probably isn’t the best option for you. 

    Instead, check out some of the best lightweight bike locks, or the best uncuttable bike locks for more suitable suggestions.

    Shackle Diameter: 5mm Steel Cables
    Weight: 750g (1.65lb)
    Shackle Length: 70cm (27.6")
    Shackle Diameter: 5mm Steel Cables
    Weight: 750g (1.65lb)
    Shackle Length: 70cm (27.6")

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    How Secure Is the LITELOK GO FLEXI-O?

    Security Features

    5mm High Tensile Braided Steel Cable

    To set things straight, the LITELOK GO isn’t a D lock, a chain lock or a folding lock; it’s an exceptionally strong cable lock. 

    The GO is also the first and only Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver-rated cable lock on the market and the only cable lock, apart from cable extensions, that I’ve reviewed on BikeLockWiki to date. 

    Typically, cable locks can be cut in a matter of seconds due to the low-quality materials they use and an ineffective overall design. 

    However, with the LITELOK GO, four bands of high-tensile braided steel cable measuring 5mm thick are encased in a hardened rubber shell.

    LITELOK call the combination of these materials Boaflexicore.

    The security these high tensile steel bands offers sits at the middle to lower end of the security scale, but they’re impressively challenging to cut with tools commonly utilised by thieves. 

    Bolt cutters can be used to cut the steel cables, but the process is slowed due to the cable’s ability to squash and spread, making a clean cut very difficult.

    In addition, high-end cable cutters could be used to cut the GO, but thieves don’t carry these on the streets.

    Instead, thieves typically use low-end cable cutters that are designed for cutting copper, aluminium and other soft metal wires & cables.

    Disc Detainer Locking Mechanism

    Disc detainer locking cylinders are the standard for most modern bike locks. They offer improved security compared to standard wafer locks and demand specialist tools to pick. 

    Even if a thief did have access to the right picking tools, the skills required to use them effectively require a lot of time and dedicate to acquire. 

    Ultimately, picking isn’t a method of attack that thieves are likely to use, but it’s good to know that the cylinder is secure and offers additional security features. 

    The LITELOK GO’s cylinder also features an anti-drill spinner, which protects the locking cylinder from drill attacks.

    Aerospace Grade Steel Lock Body

    The LITELOK GO’s locking mechanism is suspended in a chunky aerospace-grade steel housing, providing excellent protection against brute force attacks. 

    The steel cables thread into either side of the housing and are secured in place by a chunky steel pin. 

    The steel lock body is resistant to cutting and is unlikely to be targeted by thieves as the Boaflexicore shackle provides less resistance to most forms of attack.

    Security Ratings

    The LITELOK GO offers its users the Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver rating plus ART 2-star certification. It’s currently the only cable lock with Silver approval from Sold Secure, so it’s a one-of-a-kind lock. 

    The Sold Secure Silver rating means the GO is suitable for shorter lockups in low to medium risk areas. 

    Pedal Cycle Silver & ART 2 Star

    To be clear, this lock isn’t designed to secure highly-valuable push bikes or e-bikes in high-risk areas for long periods of time. 

    Instead, it’s super lightweight and provides a respectable level of security for a lock this light.

    The only other lock lighter than this with ART 2-star approval is the TiGr Mini, which doesn’t have Sold Secure Accreditation. 

    ART 2-star certification means that the LITELOK GO is suitable for use with bicycles in lower-risk environments. 

    How Practical Is the LITELOK GO FLEXI-O?

    Weight & Size

    Weighing 744g (1.64lb), the LITELOK GO is incredibly lightweight, especially for a Silver-rated lock which offers so much internal locking space. 

    Your average D lock isn’t capable of securing a bike to chunkier immovable objects such as street lights.

    Thanks to its flexible Boaflexicore shackle, the GO has no issues encompassing larger objects and will secure your bike to just about anything you try.

    There are three sizes of the LITELOK GO-O available:

    LITELOK GO-O Size Specs
    Small 52cm (20.5") 650g (1.43lb)
    Medium 70cm (27.6") 750g (1.65lb)
    Large 85cm (33.5") 850g (1.87lb)

    When producing this review together, I used the Medium sized GO-O and found that it offered enough space to secure my road bike to any object I wanted. 

    The Medium size also offered enough space to secure two bikes at the same time, but if that’s something you’ll be doing regularly, I’d recommend the 85cm large option as it’s a more comfortable fit for two bikes.

    LITELOK GO-O secured to street light
    The medium sized GO-O offers more than enough space to safely secure your bike to large immovable objects such as street lights, whereas your average D lock would struggle in this situation

    Alternatively, two LITELOK GO-Os can be joined together to greatly increase the internal locking area, ideal for chunkier bikes. 

    As you now understand, the GO-O is much lighter than most bike locks, and thanks to its various mounting options it’s the ideal companion for cyclists that are constantly on the move such as cycle couriers. 

    How Portable is the LITELOK GO?

    As we’ve already established, weighing 750g, the LITELOK GO-O is a highly portable lock. 

    When transporting the LITELOK GO-O while riding, you have several options available to you. 

    First, like all bike locks, the LITELOK-GO-O will easily fit into a backpack, its thin profile means it doesn’t occupy much space. 

    Alternatively, two straps are supplied with the GO-O, which mount it securely to the frame of your bike. 

    The only issue I noticed here is that the Medium and Large sizes can interfere with access to your water bottle if you use a water bottle cage.

    If that’s the case, the LITELOK GO-U’s shape will be a better option for you and won’t prevent access to your bottle when riding. 

    You can view the most up-to-date LITELOK GO-U on the LITELOK website here

    The third option for transporting the LITELOK GO-O is using its wearable strap.

    The wearable strap is sold separately at an affordable price, and I found it to be the most convenient option as it provides quick access to the lock when locking up and a fiddle-free way to transport the lock when cycling. 

    I initially thought riding with the GO-O secured around the waist would be uncomfortable, but because it’s lightweight and flexible, you hardly notice it when riding. 

    Additionally, the velcro strap is durable and can be secured in any position, making it suitable for waists of all sizes. 

    Quality of Materials & Maintenance Requirements

    One aspect of LITELOK’s manufacturing that I appreciate is their unwillingness to cut corners to increase profit margins. 

    I’ve used and own every one of their locks apart from the X3 and have been very impressed with their consistent use of high-end materials.

    The LITELOK GO-O looks, feels and is a very durable lock.

    There’s no lightweight plastic casing or cheap plastic moving parts, instead, a high-grade anti-scratch polymer casing protects your bike from scratches when lock up with the GO-O and minimises any corrosion caused by weather exposure to the lock. 

    One feature the LITELOK GO-O lacks is a keyhole cover.

    Keyhole covers aren’t essential, but they reduce the amount of dirt entering the locking mechanism, meaning less maintenance will be required to keep the lock working smoothly. 

    Locking mechanisms require cleaning, whether they’re covered by keyhole covers or not, so the lack of one with the GO isn’t a major issue.

    Keep an eye on the mechanism when using the lock and clean it before it gets too gunky (monthly maintenance will be fine or in line with use). 

    Is the LITELOK GO FLEXI-O Worth Its Price?

    The Price that the LITELOK GO-O retails at is undeniably high for a Sold-Secure Pedal Cycle Silver-rated lock. 

    It’s one of the most expensive locks in the Silver security category, but its durable components mean it will stand the test of time, and its lightweight design makes it one of the best locks on the market for cyclists who’re constantly on the move.

    If you’re in the market for a lightweight bike lock, there aren’t many better options, hence why you’ll find the LITELOK GO-O in my list of the best-lightweight bike locks

    If the GO-O is out of your budget, there are several super-lightweight bike locks in this list that retail at much more affordable prices, but that said, none of them are as convenient to transport as the GO-O. 

    If a combination of impressive portability and minimal weight is what you’re after, there isn’t a better lock for you than the LITELOK GO-O. 

    Check the most up-to-date price for the GO on the LITELOK website.

    However, if security is one of your main considerations, you should read about some of the other top-performing lightweight bike locks.

    LITELOK GO FLEXI-O Alternatives

    Master Lock 8278 EURDPRO

    The Best Bike Lock for Defeating Thieves

    Ease of Use

    If you’re in the market for a lightweight bike lock that can be used to secure your bike for longer periods in high-risk areas, the Master Lock 8278 is one of your best options.

    Weighing just 0.9kg (2lb), the Master Lock 8278 is the lightest Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond-rated lock on the market, making it an excellent option for bicycle commuters and bike couriers.  

    The one feature the 8278 lacks compared to the LITELOK GO-O is a mounting system. Unfortunately, it’s not supplied with a mount, so you’ll have to purchase one separately unless you’re happy to carry it in a backpack. 

    If you’re unfamiliar with this lock and its incredible security-to-weight ratio, read my detailed 8278 review.

    Foldylock Mini

    The Best Bike Lock for Defeating Thieves

    Foldylock Mini Bike Lock
    Ease of Use

    The Foldylock Mini is the newest addition to Seatylock’s range of folding bike locks, and it’s already one of their most popular locks.

    This Silver-rated folding bike lock uses 5mm hardened steel plates, joined together by armoured rivets, to protect your bike when you’re away from it. 

    I recently produced a youtube review of the Compact Mini, comparing it to the ABUS Bordo 6000 and was massively impressed by how it performed during destruction testing. 

    Just like the GO-O, the Mini is highly portable and is supplied with a mounting cage which keeps the lock silent when riding, and accessible at all times. 

    Watch my destruction testing of the Mini here

    LITELOK & Environmental Sustainability

    I recently interviewed Neil Barron, the founder of LITELOK, for the launch of their most secure locks, the LITELOK X range. 

    I like to keep up to date with what brands are doing to reduce their environmental impact, so I asked Neil several questions to learn more about LITELOK’s sustainability practices. 

    Neil told me that, unlike most security manufacturers, LITELOK’s factory isn’t in the Far East. Instead, they manufacture most of their products in their Welsh factory. 

    LITELOK GO-O recyclable packaging

    In addition, a large portion of the electricity used in their factory is self-generated, using solar panels, which is great to hear. 

    Another aspect that I appreciate about LITELOK’s products is their packaging choices. 

    The LITELOK GO-O’s packaging is a recyclable cardboard box with no single-use plastic. 

    Finally, the materials a product’s made from will significantly impact how long it’ll last before it needs to be replaced. 

    Since LITELOK opt for high-quality materials and don’t use flimsy plastic parts within their products, you’re left with products that could very easily last a lifetime if cleaned and lubricated when required.

    Whilst more can always be done to improve sustainability, LITELOK seem to be doing more than many manufacturers I’ve worked with to reduce the impact of their business on the environment.

    What’s Included With the LITELOK GO FLEXI-O?

    Supplied with the LITELOK GO-O you’ll receive:

    • 2 x coded keys
    • 2 x Velcro mounting straps

    The waist strap attachment for the LITELOK GO is sold separately on the LITELOK website.

    Frame mounting straps and wearable strap for LITELOK GO-O

    How to Lock Your Bike With the LITELOK GO FLEXI-O?

    Thanks to the LITELOK GO-O’s flexible Boaflexicore shackle, the lock’s versatile when used in different locking situations. 

    The rule of thumb you should adhere to when locking any bike is to secure components in order of worth. 

    This typically means prioritising locking the frame first and then the wheels, starting with the rear wheel, which is usually more valuable. 

    how to lock your bike with the LITELOK GO-O
    The medium sized (70cm) LITELOK GO-O offers enough room to comfortably lock the rear wheel and frame of your bike at the same time

    The medium LITELOK GO-O provides enough space to secure your rear wheel and frame to a bike rack simultaneously. 

    Then, for additional security, use a cable extension to loop through your front wheel, deterring opportunists from attempting to steal your ride. 

    Locking your wheels is especially important if they’re attached with quick-release skewers.

    Mine aren’t quick-release, but most thieves carry a pair of pliers or a spanner, so I never leave them unsecured. 

    Conclusion - LITELOK GO FLEXI-O Review

    LITELOK GO-O Review

    The LITELOK GO-O is one of the lightest and probably the most portable lock I’ve used to date.

    As previously mentioned, the GO is an upmarket cable lock, and the only cable lock I’m aware of that’s earned the Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver rating.

    Bear in mind that LITELOK market the GO range as locks suitable for short stops such as cafe stops and other scenarios where you’ll remain close to your bike and not leave it unattended for long periods. 

    If you ride a more expensive bike or e-bike, you’ll probably want to invest in a slightly more secure lock. Fortunately, several high-security, lightweight locks are featured in my list of the best lightweight bike locks

    I’ve added the LITELOK GO-O to my personal lock collection and will use it for bike rides where I need a highly-portable lock for short term-lockups. 

    Not the ideal lock for your situation? Check out some of my other reviews below.

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