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The Best AirTag Holders & Mounts For Bikes

Released in April 2021 AirTags have quickly become a popular way for people to keep track of their possessions. 

Struggle to find your keys every morning? Wallet always missing when you need it?

Worry about your bike when leaving it unattended? Me too.

For that reason, I’ve invested the last week in testing out a wide range of AirTag Holders and mounts to find the best AirTag bike mount on the market.

Worrying about your bike sucks, and attaching a discreet tracking device to it can give you the peace of mind needed to get on with your day, stress-free.

With so many AirTag mounts to choose from, finding one that’s easy to use and doesn’t limit the AirTag’s signal is a challenge. So, I made this guide to save you the time and frustration!

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    Types of AirTag Mounts

    When choosing an AirTag mount for your bike, as with all cycling accessories, there are hundreds of designs and variations to choose from. 

    That said, most bike AirTag mounts fall into one of the three categories below, each offering different benefits and being suited to different bikes.

    AirTag Frame Mounts

    Frame mounts are AirTag mounts that attach to the frame of your bike. 

    Typically frame mounts are screwed into your bike’s bottle mounting positions. 

    Many frame mounts are low-profile enough to fit beneath a water bottle cage and other accessories, so don’t worry if your mounts are already occupied. 

    Frame mounts are user-friendly, but can easily be spotted by thieves, increasing the chance of them being removed and leaving your bike untraceable. 

    Discreet AirTag Mounts

    Discreet AirTag mounts provide a way to hide your AirTag so that it’s not apparent to thieves that the bike is being tracked. 

    Some discreet bike AirTag mounts conceal AirTag within the bike, whilst others disguise the AirTag as something else altogether. 

    By hiding our AirTags from thieves, we decrease the chance of them being removed and increase the probability of locating your bike if it’s stolen.

    If you choose a discreet mount, you may want to read my AirTag silencing guide to further reduce the chances of a thief locating your AirTag if they steal your bike. 

    DIY AirTag Mounts

    Most AirTag mounting systems are pretty simplistic, so making your own mount is definitely an option. 

    I used a 3D printer to make a DIY bike Airtag mount, but it’s unlikely you’ll have a 3D printer, so I’ve compiled a guide to the best homemade AirTag mounts for those who enjoy arts and crafts!

    If you do have a 3D printer, I’ve also included a link later in the review where you can view and download the design file I used.

    Should You Use an AirTag to Track Your Bike?

    With an increasing number of highly valuable bikes and e-bikes on our streets, there’s arguably never been a better time to employ tracking measures to monitor your bike’s whereabouts. 

    We’re now seeing locks hit the market with anti-grinder technology, suggesting that thieves frequently select power tools as their weapon of choice, leaving all of us vulnerable to bicycle theft. 

    Using an AirTag provides a way to locate your bike if lost or stolen by connecting to nearby iPhones and updating you on its location. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities of an AirTag and how well they work as bike trackers, read my helpful AirTag bike tracking guide.  

    Additionally, if you don’t already have an AirTag, you can view their most up-to-date price on Amazon here

    Factors I Considered When Selecting The Best AirTag Mounts

    The sole purpose of the content on BikeLockWiki is to provide helpful information to cyclists that allows them to make informed decisions when purchasing new products or learning about cycling-related topics. 

    Before selecting “the best” product, we must first understand the criteria that make a product “the best”.

    Whilst “the best” product is subjective to each individual, the most desirable characteristics of an AirTag bike mount and those that I considered for this article are:

    • Is it compact & lightweight
    • Is it easily noticed
    • Does it utilise additional security features
    • Ease of use (setup & removal)
    • Price
    • Does it limit the AirTag’s signal
    • Quality of materials
    • Is it accessible to all cyclists

    The Best AirTag Mounts & Holders

    Now that we understand a little more about AirTag bicycle mounts, let’s look at some of the best options on the market.

    If you don’t already have one, get yourself an AirTag, I found the most affordable price on Amazon here.

    If you don’t want your AirTag to be noticed and removed if your bike is stolen, it’s a good idea to silence your AirTag

    Read my AirTag silencing guide, a few quick steps and your AirTag will be in stealth mode and will be much less likely to be discovered by thieves, providing you with valuable time to track down your bike. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about how I tested each mount’s trackable distance, you can read about my test method towards the bottom of this guide.

    Sneak Peek - Our Favourites

    Here’s a snapshot at our top performers from this review. You’ll find much more detail about each mount below!

    Editor's Choice
    Ninja Mount Saddle
    Woo Holder
    AirBell Original
    • Brilliant tracking distance
    • Hidden out of sight
    • Secured with security screws
    • Fits under bottle cage
    • Best covert mount
    • Functional bike bell
    • Slightly fiddly to mount
    • Not completely hidden
    • No security screws
    Bottom Line
    Out of sight, out of mind. Great trackability and high-quality materials.
    No-nonsense design, easy to use & fits under your bottle cage.
    The AirBell is simply genius - the best way to hide an AirTag on your bike.
    Ninja Mount Saddle
    • Brilliant tracking distance
    • Hidden out of sight
    • Slightly fiddly to mount
    Bottom Line
    Out of sight, out of mind. Great trackability and high-quality materials.
    Woo Holder
    • Secured with security screws
    • Fits under bottle cage
    • Not completely hidden
    Bottom Line
    No-nonsense design, easy to use & fits under your bottle cage.
    Today's Deals
    Editor's Choice
    AirBell Original
    • Best covert mount
    • Functional bike bell
    • No security screws
    Bottom Line
    The AirBell is simply genius - the best way to hide an AirTag on your bike.
    Today's Deals

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    Maco Trace Stealth Mount

    Covert Rear Reflector AirTag Mount



    Maco Trace Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 35g
    Dimensions: 4.1(w)x 4.8(l) x 4.3cm(h)
    Security screws: No
    Average trackable distance: 45ft
    Mounts to: 25-32mm seatposts

    The Maco Trace is a bicycle AirTag mount that disguises your AirTag as a rear reflector. 

    I found the Maco worked well. It uses a thick piece of soundproof foam to reduce the audible sound of an AirTag to a minimum.

    Soundproofing the mount means thieves won’t realise the bike is being tracked until you’ve hopefully managed to locate it!

    A 1.5mm Allen key is supplied, which tightens a singular M2 screw, securing the Maco onto your bike’s seatpost. 

    My seatpost has a diameter of 27.2mm, but I found that the Maco didn’t tighten enough to secure it firmly in place, so I added a small strip of rubber padding underneath the Maco’s spacer, securing it in place. 

    The Maco Trace is slightly chunkier than a standard bike reflector, so a thief looking for tracking devices may be suspicious. That said, it’s more likely to go unnoticed.

    When testing for tracking distance, I found that the Maco Trace was discoverable at an average distance of 45ft after three attempts, finishing towards the bottom of the group in terms of distance.

    Overall, the Maco is a reliable way to mount an AirTag to your bike. If you need a rear reflector for those busy city roads, this will double up nicely.

    BikeLockWiki readers also get 10% off on this by using the code “BIKELOCKWIKI” at checkout. 

    Maco Trace – Best Deals:

    AirBell Original

    The Best Disguise for an AirTag – Stealth Mode Activated



    AirBell Original Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 37g
    Dimensions: 3.8(w)x 6.3(l) x 6.4cm(h) 
    Security screws: No
    Average trackable distance: 73.3ft
    Mounts to: 22.2 & 31.8mm handlebars

    Without beating around the bush, of all the AirTag mounts I tested for this review, the AirBell is my favourite and will go unnoticed by even the most observant and experienced thieves. 

    Also, when riding busy Urban Streets, you’ll often need to be heard to be seen, which is where the AirBell comes in handy. 

    Functioning as a traditional bike bell, hitting 85dB, the AirBell sits proudly on your handlebars, perfectly concealing your AirTag underneath and alerting others of your presence on the road.

    This genius mount is compatible with 22.2mm and 31.8mm handlebars and is held in place by a single Phillips screw, which is the mount’s only drawback. 

    A Torx Pin screw would have been preferable to a Phillips screw for securing the AirBell, as it would make it harder to remove if a thief became aware of the AirTag’s presence. 

    Quick and easy to mount, no additional tools required, my favourite mount in this list and one I’ll be using with my bike moving forwards.

    Once you’ve silenced your AirTag, there’s no way it’d be found when using this mount. 

    Reasonably priced too. 

    Woo Holder

    Low Profile, User Friendly Mounting System



    Woo Holder Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 31g
    Dimensions: 3.6(w)x 8(l) x 1cm(h)
    Security screws: 2 security Torx screws
    Average trackable distance: 56ft
    Mounts to: Bottle mounts

    The Woo Holder is a low-profile, no-nonsense way to securely mount an AirTag to your bike.

    Out of all the mounts I tested for this review, I found the Woo Holder to be the easiest to use, taking under a minute to get it set up. 

    This AirTag bicycle holder mounts to the water bottle position on your bike. If bottle cages already occupy yours, it’s no problem.

    The Woo Holder will fit underneath your bottle cage and is supplied with long security Torx screws to hold it firmly in place. 

    Whilst bottle-mounted AirTag mounts aren’t the most covert, hiding the Woo Holder under your bottle cage, keeps it out of sight, and its low-profile design doesn’t attract second looks. 

    The Woo’s made from durable UV-resistant plastic, which feels as though it’ll outlast me. 

    This is my favourite of all the bottle-mounted bike AirTag mounts I tested.

    Well-designed, durable and discoverable at an average of 56ft. Not as far as the Slottr Tag holder, but a cleaner appearance, better design and more user friendly. 

    Designed in Germany and manufactured in Denmark. Secured in place by two security Torx screws. Nice.

    Woo Holder – Best Deals:

    Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0

    Attractive AirTag Holder With A Setback



    Muc-Off 2.0 Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 40g
    Dimensions: 3.6(w)x 8.5(l) x 1.1cm(h)
    Security screws: 4 security Torx screws
    Average trackable distance: 18.3ft
    Mounts to: Bottle mounts

    If you enjoy riding your head-turning bike around town, first of all, you should be using a tracker to protect it, and second, this will suit your style as there isn’t another AirTag mount that looks this good.

    The Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0 is made from 6061 aluminium, covered in a dazzling iridescent coating. If you’re looking for a discreet bike mount for your AirTag, this isn’t it. 

    Two Pin Torx screws hold the Muc-Off 2.0 in place, which are tightened using the tool supplied. 

    Your AirTag sits inside the aluminium shell, and is secure inside by two hex screws, which do make the mounting process slightly longer.

    I was sceptical of the aluminium casing the Secure Holder 1 & 2.0 use before testing them, and my scepticism was validated by the average trackable range of my AirTag whilst inside – just 18.33ft.

    This is an improvement on the Muc-Off 1.0’s tracking performance but lands the 2.0 in second last place in terms of trackability.

    A lower tracking distance means there’s less chance of your AirTag and bike being located if it’s stolen, as iPhones will struggle to connect if the signal is weak. 

    A beautiful design, but restricted tracking means it’s not my top choice. If you’re after a bottle-mounted AirTag holder, I’d go for the Ninja Bottle below or the Woo Holder.

    Muc-Off 2.0 – Best Deals:

    Ninja Mount bikeTag Bottle

    No Frills, Bare-Bones AirTag Mount



    Ninja Mount Bottle Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 26g
    Dimensions: 3.5(w)x 8.3(l) x 1cm(h)
    Security screws: 2 security Trox screws
    Average trackable distance: 52.3ft
    Mounts to: Bottle mounts

    Ninja Mount’s bikeTag Bottle mount is a super-lightweight 3D printed AirTag mount that secures to your bottle mount positions.

    Weighing just 26g, this one goes out to all the weight weenies. The bikeTag Bottle is the lightest readily available AirTag holder, only just heavier than my DIY attempt that you can see below.

    The one downside I noticed pretty quickly after taking the bikeTag out of the box, was how easily the plastic marks. This has no impact on the function or structural integrity of the mount, but is visible and won’t come off. 

    Three security Torx screws (one spare) and a hex shank drill bit are supplied, meaning no tools are required for installation, and the holder can’t be removed easily by a thief. 

    A super-lightweight AirTag bike mount, that does the basics well, but is not as durable or as user-friendly as the Woo Holder.

    Ninja Mount Bottle – Best Deals:

    Slottr Mount

    No Frills, Bare-Bones AirTag Mount



    Slottr Mount Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 37g
    Dimensions: 3.8(w)x 8.3(l) x 1.2cm(h)
    Security screws: No
    Average trackable distance: 80.3ft
    Mounts to: Bottle mounts

    The Slottr is a fairly generic mount that performed well during our testing and is the most affordable mount found in this review. 

    That said, it lacks a few key features which holds it back from being one of the top performers.

    The Slottr is made from a highly durable plastic which is designed to last and prevent your AirTag from rattling thanks to its well-designed internal compartment. 

    If you don’t have long nails, It can be fiddly to open the Slottr, which doesn’t have a notch in the side for easy access like the Woo Mount.

    I found the easiest way to open the Slottr was to drop it from a low height onto a table. Not the most refined operating procedure.

    In addition, the Slottr is supplied with standard M4 (4mm) hex screws, meaning it could easily be removed if your bike was stolen. 

    Like other bottle-mounted AirTag holders, the Slottr can fit beneath a bottle cage, making it harder for a thief to spot. 

    As stated, if a few small changes were made to the Slottr it would be greatly improved, but as it stands, I’d recommend the AirBell or Woo Holder ahead of this.

    However, if you’re shopping on a budget and don’t mind the lack of security screws, the Slottr is a reasonably priced way for you to increase the security of your bike. 

    Slottr Mount – Best Deals:

    Ninja Mount bikeTag Saddle

    Discreet Saddle Mount, Great Tracking Distance



    Ninja Mount Saddle Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 43g
    Dimensions: 6.1(w)x 5(l) x 2.7cm(h)
    Security screws: 1 Torx screw
    Average trackable distance: 91.5ft
    Mounts to: Saddle rails

    If you don’t want your AirTag or its mount to be visible when attached to your bike, an under-saddle mount such as the Ninja bikeTag Saddle mount is a great option. 

    The Ninja Saddle mount I tested is made with highly durable plastic, which I thought would limit the AirTag’s trackable distance, but somehow it seemed to do the opposite. 

    The Ninja Saddle finished second in the trackable distance leaderboard with a whopping average of 91.5ft. 

    I initially thought that my DIY AirTag mount would be trackable to a similar distance, but as you’ll find out, this assumption was wrong.

    Along with the Ninja anyTag, these mounts provide the best traceability out of the 11 I tested. 

    Mounted in place with a security Torx screw, even if a thief were to notice the Ninja Saddle m on your bike, they’d have good fun trying to remove it. 

    The one downside of this mount is that it’s slightly more fiddly to attach due to the mounting position, but once it’s in place, you’ll have no issues. 

    Easily one of the best AirTag bike mounts. Manufactured in Germany too, which is good to see. Highly recommend.

    Ninja Mount Saddle – Best Deals:

    DIY AirTag Mount

    A Fun Project for DIYers, Works Surprisingly Well



    DIY 3D Printed Mount Specifications:

    Weight (Inc. AirTag): 20g
    Dimensions: 5.7(w)x 3.9(l) x 1cm(h)
    Security screws: No
    Average trackable distance: 70.33ft
    Mounts to: Saddle rails

    I got creative and printed a DIY AirTag holder for myself with a friend’s 3D printer. 

    The vast majority of the public won’t have access to a 3D printer, and the screws for the design I used had to be ordered online since they’re so small, but I wanted to see how this would compare and was pleasantly surprised. 

    The mount I decided on is another under-saddle AirTag holder, which is difficult to notice thanks to its low-profile design. It would have been less visible if it was printed in black filament, but we only had white at the time, so I had to make do. 

    The small screws and nuts made this easily the most fiddly mount to attach to my bike, but if you enjoy fiddly homemade projects, and are interested in printing your own AirTag bike mount, you can download the file I used free of charge. 

    Lightest mount in the review, a very reasonable tracking distance and good fun for anyone capable of 3D printing.

    If you like the sound of an under-the-saddle AirTag mount, the Ninja Mount Saddle is your best readily available option.

    3D Printed Mount File:

    AirTag Bike Mounts That Didn’t Make the Cut

    The mounts found below didn’t make it into my recommended list as I didn’t find them to be suitable for the required purpose.

    I’ve briefly described why they weren’t included below, feel free to check these out if you’re interested.

    Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder V1

    Average trackable distance of 4.3ft. Not suitable for use with an AirTag, and not sure how this went unnoticed during Muc-Off’s in-house testing.

    6061 Aluminum finish is nice, but no good if you have to be next to your bike to track it down. 

    The tracking distance has since been improved for the Tag Holder V2.

    Ninja anyTag

    Fantastic average trackable distance at 98ft when attached to bike’s top tube. 

    But hard to find a place on a conventional push bike where this will mount securely since it uses a flat 3M adhesive mount. 

    Very easy to remove and looks like a tracker. Much better suited to cars and motorbikes where it can be stored internally, rather than bicycles. 

    How I Tested Each Mount's Trackable Distance

    To find out how each mount affected the AirTag’s signal, I carried out independent testing to make sure that my data was reliable. 

    I took my bike to a local park and tested the mounts one by one with my bike standing up against a floodlight.

    After securing a mount in place, I walked away from my bike in a straight line to a distance of roughly 100ft. 

    Using my iPhone, I opened the “Find My” app and attempted to locate the AirTag whilst standing at 100ft. 

    If the AIrTag was not yet detected, I walked slowly towards my bike with my phone held in front of me until the tag connected and became locatable. 

    I repeated the test three times for each mount to provide me with a reliable average trackable distance.

    Test Results - AirTag Mount Trackable Distances

    AirTag Mount Trackable Distance (ft)
    Maco Trace 45 44 48
    Ninja Mount Saddle 92 91 88
    DIY 3D Printed Mount 69 70 72
    Muc-Off Secure Holder 2.0 24 18 13
    Muc-Off Secure Holder 1.0 5 4 4
    Woo Holder 59 55 54
    Ninja Mount anyTag 99 97 99
    Slottr Mount 71 88 82
    AirBell 71 75 77
    Ninja Mount Bottle 64 47 46
    AirTag without mount 75 76 70

    I make note, I didn’t want to conduct the test in the dark since this can affect how easy it is for your iPhone to track the AirTag, so I resumed the next morning in daylight.

    Below you can find one of the furthest and shortest distances that I recorded during testing as well as a photo of how the test worked.

    The lowest trackable distance recorded went to the Muc-Off 1.0, subsequently it didn't make the cut
    Ninja Mount anyTag had a great tracable distance but wouldn't mount securely to my bike's rounded frame
    An example image of how I measured the trackable distance of the an AirTag in different bike mounts.

    AirTags vs Other Bike Trackers

    Whilst AirTags are one of the better options when it comes to bike tracking, there are several other location-tracking devices that provide similar features.

    For those that are interested, I’ve produced a detailed comparison of AirTags vs Other trackers. 

    If you don’t use an iPhone, you won’t be able to use an AirTag, so I’m putting together an AirTag Alternatives guide that I’ll publish shortly.

    Conclusion - Best AirTag Mounts & Holders

    Using an AirTag to track your bike can provide you with additional peace of mind, an invaluable feature if you get stressed when leaving your bike unattended (you’re not alone!). 

    There are many different AirTag bike mounts to choose from, but my favourite that I’ve come across so far is the AirBell

    The AirBell will work well with any bicycle or scooter and doubles as a functional bell to provide you with increased safety while you’re riding.

    AirTag and several of the best AirTag bike mounts

    I also enjoyed using the Woo Holder for its simplicity and ease of use, but overall I prefer discreet mounting systems that thieves are much less likely to notice, like the Ninja Mount Saddle.

    My DIY AirTag holder worked quite nicely, but for those without a 3D printer, I put together a separate DIY AirTag mount guide.

    As previously mentioned, I’ve published several helpful AirTag-related guides, such as should you use an AirTag for bike tracking and how to silence an AirTag. Have a read!

    Thanks for reading. 

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