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The Strongest Bike Lock – Seriously Strong Locks Reviewed

So, you’re wondering which is the strongest bike lock, and you’ve come to the right place!

With a bike being stolen every 30 seconds in the US and every 90 seconds in the UK, the need for super secure bike locks has never been greater.

As you may already know, no bike lock is undefeatable. With the right tools and enough time, thieves can beat any lock out there.

However, the locks listed below are the strongest bike locks on the market and are guaranteed to make thieves think twice before trying to steal your bike. 

I’ve also recently reviewed the best uncuttable bike locks, you can read about the 5 unbreakable locks here.

Strongest Bicycle Locks on the Market

With so many different types of bike lock available, it can get pretty confusing when choosing a lock that offers appropriate security for your bike.

Each manufacturer uses a different set of materials, and features, and you used to be able to rely on a key rule:

The thicker the lock’s shackle or links, the stronger the bike lock.

But since the introduction of anti-angle grinder features on several new bike locks, this rule of thumb isn’t always the case.

You’ll learn about several anti-grinder bike locks below.

The strongest bike lock, a map displaying bicycle theft hotspots in the United Kingdom
Wherever you live, make sure to secure your bike properly. Watch out Londoners! (click to enlarge)
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    The Strongest Portable Bike Locks


    The Best Grinder-Resistant Lock to Date

    LITELOK X1 Bike Lock Review



    Today’s Best Deals:


    Security Rating – Sold Secure Diamond (Bicycle & Motorcycle)
    Weight – 1.7kg (3.75lb)
    Shackle Dimensions – 10 x 19.2cm (3.94 x 7.56″)
    Shackle Thickness – 17mm Fine Grain Hardened Steel
    Warranty – 3 Years

    Until recently, bike thieves had free rein on the streets, and if they fancied your bike, they could take it within 30 seconds of angle grinding. Come in, LITELOK. 

    The X1 is LITELOK’s latest addition to their range of high-security bike locks, and It’s raising the bar within the bicycle security market. 

    As e-bikes become increasingly popular, the average bike value of a bike rises alongside, meaning bike theft has never been more rewarding for thieves. 

    The X1 is designed to be the first affordable, grinder-resistant lock on the market, and thanks to LITELOK’s patented technology Barronium, the X1 shrugs off grinder attacks with ease. 

    LITELOK X1 Shackle Diameter
    The total diameter of the LITELOK X1's shackle is 17mm, meaning it's immune to even the largest 42-inch bolt cutters
    LITELOK X1 vs Angle Grinder Testing
    We attempted and failed, many times, to cut the X1 in lab conditions. Cutting this lock on the street would be considerably more of a difficult

    I was invited to the LITELOK X Launch event, where I was able to put the  X1 to the ultimate test against a wide range of tools. 

    Several other guests and I took turns attempting to cut the X1’s 16mm fine grain hardened steel shackle, with little luck. 

    Barronium is the technology responsible for the X1’s anti-grinder capabilities. It’s fused to the outside of the X1’s shackle and contains tiny ceramic particles which shred grinding discs like a cheese grater. 

    During our testing, six discs were rendered useless before someone made a successful cut through the X1’s shackle, with each cut made in a new section of the X1’s shackle.

    Since most thieves don’t carry seven replacement discs, the X1 will likely send them looking for an easier target. 

    LITELOK X1 Shackle after angle grinder testing
    Three attempts to cut the X1's shackle and three cutting discs disintegrated.

    The X1 is Sold Secure Bicycle, and Motorcycle Diamond rated, meaning it sits alongside the most secure bike locks on the market, making it suitable for use in the highest-risk areas.

    So what’s the catch? A lock this secure must be pretty cumbersome, right? Wrong. 

    The X1 is 0.3kg (0.66lb) lighter than my old faithful, the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini, and offers increased versatility thanks to its slightly larger shackle.

    How heavy is the LITELOK X1
    How heavy is the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini

    The LITELOK X1 is my new lock of choice, and it’s the best all-round option in this list of the strongest bike locks. 

    It’s not as strong as the Altor SAF Lock, but it’s suitable for use on the move, whereas the SAF lock is a stationary bike lock. 

    The X1’s only real competitor is the Hiplok D1000, which is currently the only other portable lock flexing anti-grinder capabilities. Of these two locks, the X1 is significantly more affordable, making it the more accessible option. 

    If you want to learn more, read my LITELOK X1 review here, which covers everything you need to know about this lock, including a few of its hiccups. 

    Otherwise, you can view the most up-to-date price on the LITELOK website.

    ABUS Granit Extreme 59

    The Strongest D Lock for Securing Multiple Bikes

    ABUS Extreme 59 - The Strongest Bike Locks




    Security Rating – Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond & Motorcycle Gold
    Weight – 2.7kg (5.95lb)
    Shackle Dimensions – 11 x 26cm (4.3 x 10.2″)
    Shackle Thickness – 16mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty – 2 Years

    The ABUS Granit Extreme 59 is the second lock in our list of the strongest bike locks, and whilst it doesn’t offer any anti-grinder properties, this is a super secure D lock. 

    With its 16mm hardened steel shackle (20mm if measured corner to corner), the ABUS Extreme 59 makes light work of shrugging off the largest 42″ hand-powered bolt cutters. 

    Fortunately, the Extreme 59’s shackle is double-bolted, and thanks to its square shape, a thief would be unable to rotate it and release your bike if a single cut was made through the shackle with a grinder or saw.

    The strongest bike lock - sheldon brown locking method abus 59 extreme
    Using the Sheldon Brown locking method I was easily able to secure two bikes and their rear wheels with the Granit Extreme 59

    A lot of the time, cheap lock’s shackles have so much play that if a single cut was made through them, a thief could pry enough room between the cut to remove and nick your bike. 

    The ABUS 59 Holds firm and requires two complete cuts through its shackle before a bike can be removed. 

    ABUS’s X-Plus disc detainer cylinder uses Fort Knox-style measures in the shape of false gates, a disc locking system and a thick anti-drill plate to thwart any picking attempts. 

    This is the same cylinder found on the ABUS CityChain 1060, one of ABUS’s most secure chain locks. 

    Bear in mind the ABUS Granit Extreme D lock is expensive. However, its hefty price tag is partially justified by the Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and Motorcycle Gold rating it holds. 

    ABUS Granit Extreme 59 - Mechanism Housing Thickness

    These top-tier Sold Secure ratings mean the Extreme 59 is suitable for use in the highest-risk areas, where thieves are very active.

    At 2.7kg (5.95lb), there’s no hiding the fact that the Extreme 59 is heavy.

    Its increased weight is mainly due to its large shackle (offering enough room to secure two bikes) and its 4.7mm thick hardened steel mechanism housing, which protects the internal locking mechanism from all forms of attack. 

    Whilst the 59 isn’t as resistant to angle grinders as the Altor SAF or LITELOK X1, it’s a solid D lock designed to last and hold out against even the most brutal attacks. 

    You can find the most recent price for the Extreme 59 on Amazon here.

    The Strongest Stationary Bike Locks

    Designed for use in a fixed location, stationary locks are too heavy to carry due to their super thick links and shackles. 

    If you want the highest security lock, it will usually weigh over 5kg, so leave it locked at your destination instead of trying to carry it. 

    For example, bicycle commuters who cycle to the same location daily could leave one of the strongest stationary bike locks secured and waiting for when they arrive. 

    This way, you’d have access to one of the most secure locks without it taking up a load of room in your backpack!

    ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 locked at destination
    Bulky and heavy locks can be awkward to carry, so leaving them secured at a regular destination is a great way to avoid an uncomfortable bike ride

    Additionally, whilst you may think your bike is safe and sound when locked at home, the statistics say otherwise. 

    It’s important to note that over 50% of stolen bikes are taken from owners’ homes (UK) [1] so using a top-quality bike lock at home is just as important, if not more important, than when you’re out and about.

    The LITELOK X1 is your best bet if you’re looking for a super-strength, portable lock that can be used at home or when you’re out with your bike. 

    Otherwise, the chains below are capable of securing multiple bikes and providing incredible resistance against theft attempts. 

    The Strongest Bike Locks - Location of theft UK
    (click to enlarge)

    Since chain locks have a large flexible locking area, they’re incredibly troublesome to defeat with twist & hydraulic attacks. 

    It’s also important to remember that your bike lock is only as secure as the object it’s locked to.

    If you decide to secure your bike with a stationary bike lock, consider using a top-quality ground anchor, such as the Oxford Beast Anchor [Amazon].

    All in all, the strongest bike chain locks are an excellent option for securing multiple bikes and work well in all environments, especially bike sheds and garages.

    Oxford Beast Chain & Lock

    The Strongest Bike Chain Lock

    Oxford Beast Chain Lock - Unbreakable Bike Locks



    Today’s Best Deals:

    View on Amazon [Beast Chain]
    View on Amazon [Beast Lock]
    View on Amazon [Beast Anchor]


    Security Rating – Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond & ART Level 5
    Weight – 12kg (26.46lb)
    Chain Length – 0.8 to 6m (2.62 to 9.67′)
    Link Thickness – 22mm
    Warranty – 2 Years

    Weighing 12kg (26.46lb), the Oxford Beast is a chain lock built exclusively for the highest security lockups.

    Very few manufacturers produce chains of this size, and In the past, I’ve been hesitant to recommend using chains over 16mm thick with bicycles as they can easily damage your bike.

    However, as expensive e-bikes become more popular, cyclists are looking for increasingly secure locks to protect their bikes, and bike chains don’t come much more secure than the Oxford Beast. 

    Pragmasis, Almax and Milenco all produce 22mm chains, but Oxford’s is the most affordable and easiest to get hold of. 

    Oxford Beast Chain Diameter - 22mm - Strongest Chain Lock
    At 22mm thick, the Beast easily earns its place amongst the strongest bike locks
    Oxford Beast Lock
    The Beast Lock's central pin shown here is 30mm thick - unmatched security

    At 22mm thick, the Beast is completely bolt cutter-proof. In addition, its Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating indicates that it provides the highest level of security and can withstand brutal, prolonged attacks. 

    An angle grinder is about the only tool capable of defeating the Oxford Beast, and this would take a thief a long time whilst attracting plenty of attention. 

    Technically speaking, the Beast doesn’t provide anti-grinder features. Still, some would say its 22mm hardened steel shackle and 30mm locking pin are tough enough to be considered anti-grinder characteristics. 

    If you’re looking for a lock that utilises anti-grinder technology, the Altor SAF and the LITELOK X1 are your best bets. 

    Oxford Beast Lock Weight - 3.6kg
    Weighing 3.6kg the Beast Lock needs to be used with care if uses to secure a bicycle, otherwise you could easily damage your ride.

    The lock used to secure the Beast Chain, the Beast Lock, dwarfs the chain. The Beast Lock is solid steel and weighs 3.6kg (7.94lb).

    With the Beast Chain locked inside, there’s no way for a thief to attack the lock’s 30mm locking pin, leaving them with the option of attacking the chain or whatever you’ve secured the chain to.

    With locks this strong, the immovable object you’re securing to needs to be of similar strength to the lock setup you’re using. Otherwise, thieves will target the obvious weak point in your setup.

    Fortunately, Oxford also manufactures one of the strongest ground anchors on the market, the Beast Anchor, which offers the same Motorcycle Diamond rating and works seamlessly alongside the Beast Chain.

    You can view the most up-to-date price for each of the Beast locking components on Amazon below:

    Due to high demand, the Beast can be hard to get hold of outside of the EU

    Altor SAF Lock (Strong As F***)

    Exactly What It Says On The Tin – Strong As F*** – No Compromises

    ALTOR SAF Bike lock locked to high value bike
    Worrying about your bike all day long? Not with the SAF Lock



    Today’s Best Deals:


    Security Rating – Not Rated [Very Very Secure]
    Weight – 6.2kg (13.7lb)
    Shackle Dimensions – 8 x 14cm (3.15 x 5.5″)
    Shackle Thickness – 80mm Aluminum & 14mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty – 1 Year

    The Altor SAF is a one-of-a-kind D lock, and I doubt we’ll ever see a beefier D lock than this. 

    To put it into perspective, the Altor SAF boasts a whopping 80mm shackle. In comparison, the second thickest lock on the market is the Hiplok D1000, but the D1000 is 40mm thick, and this is only at specific locations on the shackle. 

    At 8cm thick, the Altor was designed to dwarf all of its competitors, and it’s been successful in that, but how secure is it and what anti-grinder technology does this chunky D lock utilise?

    As you may have seen in the video above, the Altor SAF takes a slightly different approach to other locks and uses an aluminum outer shell which houses and protects the lock’s internal 14mm hardened steel shackle.

    Whilst aluminum is very malleable, it serves an important purpose for the SAF. 

    If a bike thief decided to cut through the SAF’s shackle, the serrated aluminum shell begins to clog the grinder, encouraging the disc to catch at an awkward angle. 

    As seen in the video above, when cutting discs catch the aluminum, they break. Thieves don’t tend to carry more than one disc, thus rendering most grinder attacks useless against the SAF.

    Altor SAF shackle dimensions

    I don’t think I need to mention that the SAF lock is bolt-cutter-proof. Typically, locks need to be 16mm thick or more to gain this accolade, so the Altor SAF passes with flying colours. 

    Apart from angle grinders and bolt cutters, there aren’t really any tools that thieves would be able to use to defeat this on the street, apart from a lock pick.

    Picking the SAF is technically possible, but since the SAF uses an Abloy-profiled disc detainer cylinder, a custom pick or a very expensive, hard-to-come-by pick is required.

    Even TheLockPickingLawyer didn’t have a suitable pick to hand and instead had to create a custom pick.

    Unbreakable bike lock

    Generally speaking, I’d say that if TheLockPickingLawyer doesn’t have the pick in his toolkit, you won’t find thieves picking the lock on the street. 

    Yes, there are several downsides of a lock this big, it weighs 6.2kg (13.7lb), but just leave it locked up at your destination if you commute to work every day, and you’ll have no problems with thieves.

    If you want the most up-to-date price for the Altor SAF, view it on the Altor website here

    If you’re after a portable lock with anti-grinder technology, I’d recommend the LITELOK X1.

    It’s not cheap, but neither is replacing a stolen bike!

    Read our full review of the Altor SAF here.

    Pragmasis Protector 16mm Chain

    One of the Strongest Chains Locks

    Pragmasis Protector 16mm Uncuttable Bike Lock Chain



    Today’s Best Deals:


    Security Rating – Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond & Motorcycle Gold
    Weight – 4.5kg (9.92lb) / meter
    Chain Length – 0.8 to 6m (2.62 to 9.67′)
    Shackle Thickness – 16mm
    Warranty – 2 Years

    Until the introduction of the Altor SAF and the Oxford Beast, the Pragmasis Protector chain was the strongest stationary lock on the market. 

    This chain is made from hardened boron steel and weighs a whopping 4.5kg per metre (3.02lb per foot).

    Unsurprisingly, the Pragmasis Protector received the Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond rating and the Gold rating in five other higher security categories, which showcases the chain’s ability and cemented its place in my list of the strongest bike locks. 

    From ATVs to Caravans and Commercial Vehicles, the Protector provides top-tier security for any high-value item. If you need something secured, this will do the job.

    Wayne Winton, a locksmith and Youtuber, put this lock to the test and attempted to cut it with two giant (42″) pairs of bolt cutters. Needless to say he didn’t get very far.

    Several locking options are avalible for this chain, including the Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and Motorcycle Gold-rated Squire SS65CS Padlock and the Pragmasis Roundlock.

    The SS65CS Padlock weighs 1kg (2.2lb) on its own and is easily one of the strongest armoured padlocks on the market. 

    If required, when shopping on the Pragmasis website, you can add a large circular link at the end of the Protector Chain.

    This “noose link” addition allows you to pass the chain back through itself and increase its usable length, which is handy if you need to secure multiple bikes. 

    At 16mm thick Pragmasis guarantee the Protector 16mm to be impossible to crop with hand-powered tools
    What lock to use with Pragmasis Protector 16mm - Strongest bike chan locks
    The Pragmasis Roundlock and the Squire SS65CS, two high-security locking options

    You can also choose exactly what chain length you require, starting at 2.62′ (0.8m) and working up to 19.69′ (6m).

    Chunkier pragmasis chains are available, up to the Titan, measuring 22mm thick, like the Oxford Beast. 

    If you select a thick chain, take extra care when locking up, as the links are so heavy that they can easily damage your bike or its paintwork. 

    Steve from pragmasis said that any chain over 16mm thick would be a bit of an overkill for a bicycle, but I can understand wanting a stronger chain if you’ve spent a considerable sum of money on your bike. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about Pragmasis’ strongest chains, I’ve covered them in much more detail here.

    Or, you can view the most up-to-date price for the Protector on Amazon here.

    Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1515 

    The Strongest Readily Available Stationary Bike Lock

    The Best Bike Chain Lock - New York Legend 1515 locked at destination
    Whilst the Kryptonite 1515 isn't portable, you can leave it locked at your destination. This way you'll have constant access to one of the strongest bike chain locks.



    Today’s Best Deals:


    Security Rating – Sold Secure Silver
    Weight – 1kg (2.2lb)
    Shackle Length – 33.5″ 85cm
    Shackle Thickness – 5mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty – 3 Years

    Whilst the New York Legend chain isn’t the same size as the Beast or the Protector, it’s readily available and easier to order online.

    The Pragmasis chains are made to order and can take while to arrive and the Oxford Beast is often out of stock. 

    After reading about the Oxford Beast, Altor SAF and LITELOK X1 this 14.5mm chain may sound like a downgrade.

    However, the New York Legend’s chain is made from 3T hardened steel, which resists even the largest bolt cutters. 

    The Best Bike Chain Lock - New York Legend 1515 14.5mm links
    Each end of this 14.5mm chain is secured by the 16mm New York disc lock

    The New York Disc Lock supplied with this bike chain has a 16mm shackle made from max performance steel. It also uses the double deadbolt design that Kryptonite uses on their top-of-the-range D locks.

    Thanks to this dual-locking shackle, two cuts would have to be made for armoured padlock to be removed from the chain.

    Fortunately, at 16mm it’s immune to bolt cutters and doesn’t act as a weak link for thieves to target.

    The New York Legend 1515 is suitable for most mid to high-value bikes and It’s also considerably cheaper than the other two chains mentioned in this article.

    The Strongest bike locks - Kryptonite New York 1515 Disc Lock & Fahgettaboudit Mini
    The Kryptonite 1515's disc lock comes from the same New York family as the Fahgettaboudit Mini, both seriously strong locks.

    The 1515 is Kryptonite’s strongest chain lock available. They awarded it 10/10 on their security rating scale, which doesn’t mean much, but indicates where it sits in their product range.

    The Legend Chain is 4.92′ (150cm) long, providing plenty of locking space to secure multiple bikes.

    Weighing 14.7 lbs (6.6 kgs), this is another heavy chain, but you won’t be carrying this whilst you cycle, so its weight isn’t an issue.

    The most robust chains on the market are always in demand, so they can be a pain to get hold of and are often out of stock. 

    However, if you’re interested in the 1515, you can usually find it in stock on Amazon at a very competitive price, here.

    Portable vs Stationary Bike Locks - What's The Difference?

    As you may have noticed, I separated the strongest bike locks above into two categories: portable & stationary bike locks.

    Stationary bike locks used to be the best option if you were looking for an ultra-secure lock, but with the introduction of grinder-proof D locks, the LITELOK X1 or the Hiplok D1000 could be better options.

    Stationary locks are too heavy to carry whilst cycling but provide great protection for multiple bikes. Consider leaving one of these in places where you often leave your bike, this way you’ll always have access to it without having to carry it!

    However, if you don’t lock your bike in the same location, you’ll want to get yourself a portable lock that you can carry in your backpack or with a bike lock mount.

    Heavy bike chain lock
    Don't get caught out, even smaller 14mm chains, such as the Kryptonite 1415, are too heavy to carry!

    Portable bike locks are locks you can keep with you as you travel on your bike throughout the day.

    Perfect for commuters, couriers, and casual cyclists, portable bike locks are the most popular type of bike locks.

    The LITELOK X1 is the best all-round portable bike lock and is covered towards the top of this page.

    Summary - The Strongest Bike Locks

    So there we have it, the strongest bike locks available to date.

    I will keep updating this list as new releases are made, but you can rest assured these locks won’t let you down if you use them to secure your bike properly.

    It’s important to remember that no bike lock is undefeatable. However, there are many steps that you can take to make sure yours is as secure as it can be.

    You should also remember that security comes at a price. If you want to secure your bike with the strongest and best bike lock, it will cost you!

    If you’d like to view some more budget-friendly locks, check out the best cheap bike locks. Or, for a wide range of recommendations, read about the 8 best bike locks on the market.

    The Strongest Bike Locks Reviewed

    If you ride a nice bike, get yourself a nice lock. It doesn’t make sense to purchase an expensive bike only to secure it with a dollar store lock.

    Police guidelines are to spend 10-15% of the item’s value on its security [2].

    So you now know which are the strongest bike locks, take a look at my guide covers the steps you should take before your bike is stolen for tips that will significantly increase your cycle security skills.

    Thanks for reading, and remember, lock it, or lose it!

    Recent Updates:

    • Oct 16th 2023: Fixed several linking issues.
    • Jan 8th 2024: We updated the article layout for optimised mobile browsing to improve readability. 


    [1]Office for National Statistics (UK) –



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