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ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 Review

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ABUS Granit City Chain X-Plus 1060 Review

The ABUS Granity ChityChain X-Plus 1060 Is a well-known lock used by many cyclists worldwide. 

ABUS are a security product manufacturer with a glistening reputation, but how good is the CityChain X-Plus 1060, and is it secure enough for high-end bikes and e-bikes? 

If you’ve been wondering about buying this lock, you’ve come to the right place. In this ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 review, I’ll let you in on the strengths and weaknesses of this bike chain lock to help you decide if it’s suitable for securing your bike. 

I’ve been using the ABUS 1060 chain to secure my bikes over the past few weeks, and I share my experience with this lock in the review below. 

How secure is the ABUS 1060 chain? How much does the ABUS X-Plus 1060 cost, and is it worth its price? – Find out all the answers plus a whole lot more below! 

Overview - ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 Review



The ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 is a Sold Secure Gold rated bicycle chain lock that utilises 10mm hardened steel hexagonal chain links and ABUS’s patented Power Cell technology to keep your bike safe. 

This chain’s Sold Secure Gold rating means it’s designed to repel attacks using a more extensive toolkit and is suitable for higher-risk areas. 

The 1060’s 10mm (9.9mm) hexagonal chain links will protect your bike from small to medium-sized bolt cutters, a standard weapon of choice for bike thieves.  

If I were locking a more expensive (£1,000+ ($1,250+)) bike or e-bike with this chain, I’d probably use a second lock alongside this, and its 10mm links are vulnerable to the largest bolt cutters. 

That said, thieves are unlikely to carry the largest 36″ or 42″ bolt cutters on the street, as they’re next to impossible to conceal. 

If you own an expensive bike, you’ll probably have it covered by insurance, in which case, the CityChain 1060 should provide an adequate level of protection (read your policy and double-check).   

Weighing 2.07kg (4.56lb), the CityChain 1060 is quite heavy to use as a portable lock, but for the increased number of locking options it offers, this can be a worthy sacrifice for those with bigger or multiple bikes to secure. 

If you’re interested, I recommend watching the video review above, and you can find the most up-to-date price for the CityChain 1060 here

Shorter and longer lengths avalible*

ABUS CityChain 1060 VS Seatylock Viking Video Review

Before we get into the review, If you’re interested in seeing how the CityChain 1060 performs when attacked with a wide range of tools, this is a video you’ll want to watch. 

I compared the Seatylock Viking (another Sold Secure Gold chain lock) to the CityChain, have a watch and see how they compared.

How Secure Is the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060?

As you’re looking to learn more about a bicycle chain lock, the security the CityChain 1060 offers is probably one of your main concerns. 

So, to begin with, we’ll look at the security features this high-end bike chain lock offers, followed by the security ratings it’s obtained from various security testing bodies. 

Then later in this ABUS CityChain 1060 review, we’ll look at how practical this lock is to use.

Security Features

When it comes to security, ABUS don’t mess around. For what appears to be a generic bike chain, ABUS have done well to pack so many top-tier security features into this lock, whilst keeping it relatively lightweight. 

To begin with, when looking at a new bike chain, the two main areas you’ll want to pay attention to are the chain’s links and the locking mechanism the chain uses. 

The ABUS CityChain 1060 uses “10mm” (9.9mm when I measured) hexagonal links made from specially hardened steel. To be completely honest, 10mm is on the thin side for a bike chain, but if the links were any thicker, this chain would not be suitable for use on the go. 

I attempted to use 18″ and 36″ bolt cutters to cut the CityChain’s links, neither were of use against the 10mm chain links. 

A cross section of the CityChain 1060's links that were cut using an angle grinder.

I’ll pick up some higher-quality bolt cutters for my next review and will test them out of the CityChain 1060, as I’m certain this can be cut without powertools. 

However, for now, this CityChain 1060 has survived two bolt-cutter attacks. 

I found the links’ hexagonal shape made the CityChain easier to grip in the jaws of my bolt cutters compared to rounded chain links, which pop out of the jaws. But as stated above, I had no luck cutting the links without power tools. 

If you’d like to see the destruction testing in action, watch the video at the top of this page.

Later in this review, I’ll show you several hacks that you can use to prevent your bike chain from being cut with even the largest bolt cutters. So keep reading. 

The locking system the CityChain 1060 utilises is integrated, which means it’s directly attached to the end of the chain.

ABUS CityChain 1060 Review - Mechanism Housing Thickness

ABUS’s Power Cell technology protects the CityChain 1060’s inner mechanism. When translated to English, Power Cell means – hardened steel housing that measures up to 5mm thick.

This outer steel casing protects the internal locking mechanism from brute force and heavy impact attacks with tools such as sledgehammers and crowbars. 

I used a 1.8kg lump hammer to try and break the locking mechanism but didn’t have any luck against the thick, hardened steel housing, and the lock held strong. 

ABUS CityChain 1060 External Mechanism Housing Destruction Test

If you see X-Plus on an ABUS product, it utilises ABUS’s X-Plus cylinder.

These high-end cylinders are known for their impressive picking and drilling protection. I’ll cover more on the X-Plus cylinder later in the review. 

Inside the mechanism, the chain’s end link is secured in place by a dual locking system.

This dual locking system secures either side of the chain link in place with two locking bolts and provides additional security against hydraulic and twist attacks. 

ABUS CityChain X-Plus 1060 dual locking mechanism
Dual locking mechanisms provide additional resistance against many forms of attack.

When locking, the bolt on the left pushes the chain against the right-hand static bolt, which secures the end chainlink in place. 

As mentioned above, the locking mechanism held strong even after a vigorous beating with a lump hammer. Good work from ABUS here.

ABUS CityChain 1060 vs angle grinder

Finally, if you’re interested in seeing how the CityChain performs against an angle grinder, I recommend you watch my YouTube comparison video at the top of the page. 

The video compares the CityChain to Seatylock’s Viking Chain lock

ABUS CityChain 1060 Security Ratings

Of all the bike chain locks I’ve reviewed, the ABUS CityChain 1060 is probably the one lock with the most extensive range of security verifications/accreditations (apart from the Pragmasis Protector). 

Since ABUS are a leading security brand in Europe, they attempt to have their products verified by Security monitoring bodies from as many European countries as possible.

ABUS CityChain 1060:85 security ratings
The CityChain 1060 has been tested and approved by a wide variety of security & regulatory bodies.

Maximising the number of security certifications allows cyclists living in Europe to gain further insight into each product’s security. A wide array of security ratings also provides confidence that the product will work as advertised, something you don’t get with cheap unbranded bike locks. 

The CityChain 1060 received eight awards/accreditations, which are listed below:

  • Sold Secure Gold – Bicycle (United Kingdom)
  • SBSC Certification (Sweden)
  • Norges Forsikringsforbund Testing (Norway)
  • ART – 3 Star Verification (Netherlands)
  • OSIMZ Testing (Russia)
  • Vahinkovakuutusyhtiöiden Hyvakyma Testing (Finland)
  • Gesamtverband der Deutschen Testing (Germany)
  • Varefakta Testing (Denmark)

In addition to the above accreditations, ABUS gave the CityChain 1060 a 15/15 rating on their in-house security scale.

In-house security ratings should always be taken with a pinch of salt, as it’s in a manufacturer’s interest to rate their product portfolio as highly as possible. 

Many of the above testing verifications are supplied by each country’s insurance association.

If you live within any of the nations mentioned above, this will generally mean that (depending upon your insurance policy) the CityChain 1060 is compliant with regulations. 

ABUS Extreme 420 D Lock and CityChain 1060
Using the CityChain alongside a secondary bike lock is a good idea if you ride a more expensive bike.

Obviously, it’s a good idea to check the details of your insurance policy as insurers demand varying levels of security.

However, in the United Kingdom Sold Secure Gold rated bike locks are approved for use by most insurers unless your riding the most expensive bike, in which case you’ll probably need a Sold Secure Diamond rated bike lock

The Sold Secure Gold rating means that the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 is suitable for securing bicycles in high-risk areas and capable of repelling attacks carried out with a more extensive toolkit. 

I wouldn’t advise using the CityChain 1060 on its own to secure a high-value bike as its 10mm links are vulnerable to the biggest bolt cutters. Instead, I’d use it alongside another bike lock for when top-tier protection is required.

How Practical Is the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060?

Apart from the security it offers, another considerable aspect you’ll want to bear in mind when purchasing a new bike lock is whether it’s practical to use. 

There’s no point in carrying around a super heavy lock that provides minimal security for your bike. That wouldn’t be a practical solution. 

So, how practical is the ABUS CityChain X-Plus 1060? Let’s find out. 

Weight and Size

For this review, I’ve been using the CityChain 1060/85, which measures 85cm (33.5″) long and weighs just 2.07kg (4.56lb).

The CityChain 1060/85 is the shortest of four lengths available of this chain lock. For anyone requiring a longer chain for multiple bikes or a longer locking distance, you’ll be glad to hear the CityChain comes in sizes up to 170cm long. 

To me, it’s impressive that the 1060/85 is so light, considering it uses 10mm hardened steel, hexagonal links and thick outer mechanism protection. 

ABUS CityChain 1060 Product Info

For comparison, the Seatylock Viking 90 chain (also Sold Secure Gold rated) weighs 2.5kg (5.3lb) and is 90cm (35.4″) long. Considerably heavier than the 1060/85, whilst only offering an extra 5cm of chain length.

Additionally, the Kryptonite Evolution 1055 Mini weighs 1.78kg (3.93lb) and measures 55cm (21.5″) in length, offering increased portability but fewer locking options due to its reduced chain length.

ABUS CityChain 1060 weight
The CityChain 1060/85 is surprisingly lightweight for a chain of its size, weighing 2.07kg (4.56lb)

The ABUS CityChain 1060/85 is designed to secure one or two bikes. Securing two bikes with this chain is a bit fiddly, but it’s possible if you position your bikes correctly. 

One of the longer versions will likely be a better option if you plan on using the CityChain 1060 as a stationary chain lock for more than two bikes. 

Is the City Chain 1060 Portable?

At 2.07kg, the CityChain 1060 is just about light enough to be used as a portable chain. Over longer distances, it’s not uncomfortable to carry in a backpack, allowing you to take it with you wherever you ride. 

However, some cyclists may find this lock slightly too heavy to carry whilst riding, in which case, if you commute to the same destination each day, you can leave it locked there, ready and waiting for you. 

ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 locked at destination
Leaving the CityChain 1060 locked at your destination is a good way to avoid carrying the lock whilst on your daily commute.

Chains are typically the heaviest type of bike lock due to the large amount of metal required to form all the chain links. 

If you want a lighter-weight lock that still offers high-end security, check out my review of the Seatylock Mason D lock, which offers Sold Secure Diamond security and weighs just half the weight of the CityChain 1060!

Quality of Materials and Maintenance Requirements

ABUS take the quality of their locks very seriously and pride themselves on selecting the best materials wherever possible. 

Instead of taking the maximum profit route, they provide high-quality, durable products that last longer than other brands whilst offering a great user experience. 

Such positive feedback makes me sound like a shill, but even the outer plastic housing the Granit CityChain 1060 uses is hardened and doesn’t shatter or crack like many cheaper bike locks. 

The only discrepancy I have with the ABUS CityChain 1060’s materials is the ABUS logo prints on its nylon sheath. Unfortunately, after two weeks of use, some logos have begun peeling off.

ABUS City Chain 1060 Review - Flaky logo
The ABUS logos are printed onto the sheath, but began to flake away after a few weeks.

The ABUS logos won’t affect the security the chain offers. But the chain’s visual appearance will diminish as the logos flake off. 

The nylon chain sheath protects your bike’s paintwork from knocks and scratches whilst helping to keep the chain clean. 

This sheath absorbs water if left exposed to the elements, so if you’re transporting the chain in your bag, you may want to carry a plastic bag in bad weather. 

Finally, maintenance. Because of the high-quality components and materials the CityChain X-Plus uses, the chain demands minimal maintenance from its users.

Best Lubricant for Bike Locks
ABUS lock lube and cleaning

I’d recommend a quick clean and re-lubrication of the CityChain’s locking mechanism every one to two months, depending on how frequently you’re using it. 

By providing this maintenance, you’ll prevent corrosion of internal parts, increasing the lock’s lifespan.

An automatic keyhole cover prevents dirt and debris from entering the locking mechanism. This provides further protection against internal wear and tear. 

Locking Mechanism and Operation

As I’ve already touched on, the ABUS Granit CityChain 1060 uses the ABUS’s well-known X-Plus locking cylinder.

This cylinder features multiple false gates, a disc locking system, and a thick anti-drill spinner. 

The X-Plus locking mechanism provides seriously impressive protection against all forms of attack.

I was even unable to use my professional-grade disc detainer lockpick as the CityChain’s anti-drill plate is so thick it prevented me from tensioning on the first disc without making custom modifications to my pick.

ABUS CityChain 1060 X-Plus Locking Mechanism

Even if I was to make adjustments to my pick, without a key fully inserted into the rear of the mechanism, a spring-loaded disc locking system prevents any discs from rotating. 

To most, this will sound like I’m speaking a foreign language, but you’ll just have to trust me this is a very secure locking mechanism.

Unless James Bond is targeting your E-bike, I’d put money on the fact that a thief wouldn’t know how or have the tools to pick this cylinder. 

The CityChain 1060 is supplied with two coded keys (explained later in the review), one of which features a blue LED key fob for when you’re locking/unlocking in the dark. 

One feature that ABUS provide that I enjoy is the possibility of having your ABUS locks keyed-alike. “Keyed-alike” means you’d only need to carry one key to unlock all of your locks, pretty cool, right?

ABUS CityChain LED key fob
The bright LED key fob supplied with the CityChain is helpful when operating the lock in the dark

The keyed-alike feature is only available for locks that use the same cylinder, so if you order another ABUS lock that uses the X-Plus locking mechanism, you could get it fitted with a matching cylinder, allowing you to use the same key.

As I briefly covered earlier in this ABUS CityChain 1060 review, the keyhole of this chain is guarded by an automatic keyhole cover. 

I prefer the metal keyhole cover that the ABUS 1060 uses compared to similar products such as the Seatylock Viking

The Viking uses plastic sliders for its keyhole cover. Unfortunately, I found these plastic sliders develop wear very quickly and gradually, they’ll wear down until they no longer function as intended. 

Another display of ABUS’s high-quality material selection. 

How practical is the ABUS Granit CityChain 1060

Whilst using the CityChain for several weeks, as much as I tried, I could not make the locking mechanism jam whilst in operation.

The keys need a firm push into the mechanism, but once inserted, they rotate smoothly inside the cylinder. If you regularly lubricate the lock’s internal parts, I can’t see there being any issues here.

Once unlocked, thanks to the CityChains spring-loaded locking mechanism, the end chain link doesn’t fall out. Instead, the lock remains together, and all that’s required to remove the end link is a gentle pull. 

Sping-loaded locking mechanisms like this provide a great user experience and allow you to secure your bike quickly and without hassle. 

Is the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 Worth Its Price?

I won’t beat around the bush here, the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 is expensive, and so are many of ABUS’s other locks. 

But the attention to detail and high-quality materials utilised by their flagship security products help explain the higher price of their locking systems. 

On top of this, the CityChain X-Plus 1060 is made in Germany, a country well known for its precision engineering and reluctance to cut corners.

If you’re looking for a portable, Sold Secure Gold rated bicycle chain lock that provides a good number of locking options, the CityChain 1060 is about as good as they come. 

I found the most affordable price for the ABUS CityChain 1060 on Amazon. Check the most up-to-date price here [Amazon link].

Otherwise, the Kryptonite Evolution 1055 Mini and the Seatylock Viking 110 chains are more affordable and both high-quality, Sold Secure Gold rated chains. Click the links to read my reviews of these chains. 

Alternatives to the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060

Onguard Mastiff 8019 - More Affordable, but Lower Quality Materials



The OnGuard Mastiff 8019 features in my review of the best cheap bike locks and for good reason. First up, It’s cheap. Second, It functions well. And third, it earned the Sold Secure Gold Rating. 

The Mastiff is significantly cheaper, but yes it is clunkier to use than the CityChain 1060 and doesn’t offer all of the high-end features, but it does the job well. 

Read my in-depth review of this affordable chain here.  

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 - Increased Portability



The Bordo 6500 has long been one of the most secure folding bike locks out there. Alongside their new Smart version, this is ABUS’s most secure folding lock to date. 

If you enjoy the more significant number of locking options that a chain lock offers, but find them a bit too heavy to carry, the X-Plus 6500 is a great alternative that also provides Sold Secure Gold-rated security. 

Check out my detailed review of the 6500 here

Are ABUS a Sustainable Company?

I spoke with Roger Seal, the Sales and Marketing manager of ABUS UK & Ireland, as I was interested to hear what ABUS were doing to reduce their environmental impact. 

Sustainability is an aspect which I’ll be focussing on much more in my reviews moving forwards as no one in bicycle security is really talking about it.

Roger informed me that one of the key benefits of ABUS’s products is that many are manufactured in their state-of-the-art factories, in Germany.

ABUS Sustainability Diagram

“Having locks produced in Europe, closer to our largest markets, reduces the need for mass shipping from the far-east”. 

Roger then explained that ABUS’s ongoing aim was to bring all production back to Europe, whereas, as it stands, most of their highest security locks are made in Germany. 

A 99% waste diversion rate within their factories is one accolade I was impressed by, alongside a 50% share of renewable energy in their energy mix.

Overall, I’d say that ABUS are somewhat leading by example, with many other large security manufacturers lagging behind. 

As always, however, plenty more can be done, so I look forward to hearing more positive updates from ABUS. 

ABUS CityChain 1060 Warranty

ABUS offer their customers a 24-month warranty on all of their products, including the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060. 

As long as you re-lubricate the chain’s cylinder and internal mechanism, I doubt you’ll have any problems with this product over a lifetime. 

I want to see a slightly longer warranty from ABUS, as two years is the minimum requirement for products sold within the EU.  That said, I trust their manufacturing and quality enough for this to be a non-issue. 

What's Included In the Box?

  • ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060
  • 1 x Regular key
  • 1 x LED fob key
  • Key code card
  • Instruction manual
ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 Review

ABUS Key Replacement Programme

The keys supplied with the CityChain 1060 bike lock come with a key card which provides your unique key code. 

If you ever need additional keys for your ABUS locks, you can use this code to get new keys cut

I recommend storing your key card somewhere safe. This way, if you lose your keys, you’d be able to order replacements and wouldn’t need to cut or throw away your lock. 

Most bigger brands provide a key replacement service for their customers, which provides customers with additional peace of mind. 

I’ve covered more on the key replacement scheme here if you ever need help getting new keys. 

How to Lock Your Bike With the ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060

It’d make no sense to go out and buy a high-security bike chain like the CityChain X-Plus 1060, only to use it in an ineffective way that left your bike vulnerable to theft. 

I’ve put together a complete guide on steps that you should take to increase your bike’s security whilst it’s locked—worth a read. 

Otherwise, the steps below show the most secure and effective ways to utilise the CityChain 1060.

When locking your bike with any bike lock, it’s crucial to prioritise securing your most expensive components. 

Nine times out of ten, your most expensive components will be your bicycle’s frame and wheelset. 

Subsequently, the most secure way to use the CityChain is to lock your rear wheel and frame to an immovable object.

ABUS City Chain 1060 Locked to bike
Both wheels and frame locked using extension cable

If your bike uses quick-release wheel skewers, you may decide to remove your front wheel and lock it at the same time with the chain lock. 

Otherwise, the CityChain 1060 works well alongside a cable extension, allowing you to secure additional components without removing them.

Additional Security Tips for Using the CityChain X-Plus 1060

As promised at the beginning of this ABUS review, I told you I’d let you in on a hack you can use to render most bolt cutters useless, even against smaller bike chains.

The trick is keeping your chain as far away from the ground as possible. 


How to secure your bike with the ABUS CityChain 1060

By always abiding by this rule, thieves aren’t able to use the ground to help them cut through your lock and will instead have to use all of their strength to cut the chain rather than relying on their body weight to do the work. 

Additionally, heavy impact attacks are rendered useless when thieves can’t strike your lock against a solid object. 

In the picture shown here, I secured my bike on a multi-story bike rack that kept my bike high off the ground. If you have these in your local area, always opt for the top shelf!

Keep your lock away from the ground. It’s a no-brainer!

Conclusion - ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060

The ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060 has once again reminded me of the quality that ABUS provide for their customers. 

I’ve enjoyed using it alongside my mid-range fixed gear bike over the past few weeks and haven’t experienced any issues or setbacks. 

Of all chain locks I’ve used, the 1060 has one of the most well-thought-through designs, from ABUS’s patented PowerCell technology to the hardened steel mechanism housing. It’s hard to fault.

Besides increasing the chain’s link diameter and housing thickness, I struggle to think of many ways ABUS could improve this lock.

You can view the most up-to-date pricing for the CityChain 1060 here [Amazon Link]

As much as I’ve enjoyed using this chain, I usually prefer lighter-weight locks that are easier to transport, and there are several that provide a higher level of security for your bike.

If that interests you, read this review

Otherwise, If you feel slightly underwhelmed after reading my ABUS Granit CityChain 1060 review, you should read about the 5 uncuttable bike locks or the 8 best bike locks for some high-security alternatives. 

As always, lock it or lose it.

Ciao for now!

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