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Kryptonite Evolution 1055 Mini Integrated Chain Review | A Top Quality Affordable Chain

Kryptonite were eager for me to produce a Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini review and sent me a sample chain lock to test.

Kryptonite are one of the best and most well-known bike lock manufacturers out there.

I’ve reviewed several of their top of the range U locks (D locks), several of their locks including the 1055 mini featured in my review of the 8 best bike locks on the market.

The Evolution Series 4 chains are one of Kryptonite’s most popular products thanks to their respectable security ratings and ease of use.

Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Bike Chain Review

If you’re considering buying a new bike chain lock, read my Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini review below.

You’ll also learn how you can increase the security of your bike in a few simple steps!

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    Overview - Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Chain Review

    Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated Chain Bike Lock




    Security Rating – Sold Secure Gold & ART 3/5
    Weight – 2kg (4.4lb)
    Chain Length – 55cm (21.5″)
    Shackle Thickness – 10mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty – Lifetime 

    The Kryptonite Series 4 Evolution Chains are some of the most popular bike lock chains on the market. After reviewing the Series 4 1055 Mini Chain, it’s clear why cyclists love these locks.

    Kryptonite’s Evolution 4 Chains are great quality and provide well-rounded protection for your bike. Their Sold Secure Gold rating and ART level 3 certification make them suitable for use in “high-risk” areas.

    Thanks to the 1055 Mini’s shorter 21.5” (55cm) shackle, it’s suitable for use on the go and is perfect for those who commute by bike.

    It’s worth noting this chain is short and isn’t suitable for locking multiple bikes.

    Towards the bottom of this review, I’ve briefly covered several similar locks and some longer bike chains that are equally as secure.

    Kryptonite 1055 Mini Best portable chain lock
    Weighing just 3.93lb (1.78kg) the 1055 Mini is a lightweight, portable chain lock, suitable for use in higher risk areas.

    Whilst the Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini isn’t supplied with a mounting system. It won’t take up much room in your backpack and wasn’t heavy to carry weighing just 3.93lb (1.78kg).

    To summarise, the Series 4 1055 Mini is a great all-round bike chain lock. 

    This chain lock is designed to compete and rival the best U locks (D locks), and does this well by offering an increased number of locking options.

    If you’d like to view the most competitive and up to date price for the Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Chain , you can find it here [Amazon link].

    How Secure Is the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated Chain?

    Security Ratings - Kryptonite 1055 Mini Chain

    All of Kryptonite’s Evolution 4 Integrated Chains received the Sold Secure Gold rating, including the 1055 Mini. Until recently the Sold Secure Gold rating was the highest Sold Secure rating a bike lock could receive.

    However, with the introduction of the Sold Secure Diamond rating, the Gold rating is now the second-highest. Sold Secure Gold rated bike locks offer protection against an extensive selection of tools thieves use and are capable of resisting dedicated attacks.

    Kryptonite gave the Evolution 4 1055 Mini an 8/10 on their in-house security scale, which puts this bike chain lock in their “high-security” category. The 1055 Mini is also ART level 3 certified, which makes it suitable for use with mopeds and scooters.

    If you need a portable bike chain that’s suitable for use in high-risk areas, it’s worth considering one of the Evolution 4 chains.

    Security Features - Kryptonite 1055 Mini Chain

    The links the Evolution 4 uses are made with 10mm thick, 3 tonne hardened manganese steel. Each link has a hexagonal shape which increases this locks security compared to classic circular chain links.

    Kryptonite 1055 mini 10mm links
    The 10mm 3t hardened steel chain links provide protection against an extensive toolkit and dedicated attacks.

    Whilst 10mm isn’t thick enough to be considered bolt cutter proof, the Kryptonite 1055 Mini lock could only be cropped by the largest bolt cutters.

    Larger bolt cutters are harder for thieves to conceal, which makes this method of attack less likely.

    At the end of the day, no bike lock is uncuttable and Some locks are considerably stronger than others. 

    However, there are several ways that you can use the 1055 Mini Chain to greatly increase the security of your bike. Keep reading, and I’ll show you how.

    A pair of 24" bolt cutters
    Even mid sized 24" bolt cutters would be a challenge for thieves to conceal.

    The flexible chain link shackle of the 1055 Mini makes it much harder to defeat with power tools.

    If a thief attempted to cut the 10mm manganese steel links with a portable grinder, the chain would flex and be hard to hold still to make a clean cut.

    Because bike chain locks are harder to defeat with power tools, impact attacks are a common method used by thieves to defeat bulkier chains.

    A strong blow with a sledgehammer might be enough to compromise the lock of a cheap chain lock.

    Hammer attack vs Kryptonite chain
    A strong blow from a hammer or other heavy object may be enough to break a cheap lock. But thanks to its outer steel mechanism housing the Evolution 1055 Mini stays strong.

    However, it’s a different story with the Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini. The 1055 Mini’s hardened steel, outer mechanism housing allows it to repel powerful blunt impact attacks.

    Now we’ve established that the Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini offers a trustworthy level of security, let’s find out how practical this chain lock is.

    How Practical Is the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated Chain?

    Weight and Size

    Weighing just 4.4lb (2kg) the Kryptonite’s 1055 Mini is highly portable and weighs less than several of the best U locks (D locks) on the market.

    The rigid metal shackle of a U lock might not be capable of encompassing a larger lamppost or bike rack.

    However, thanks to its flexible 21.5” (55cm) shackle, you shouldn’t have this issue with the 1055 Mini chain.

    Before After
    The Evolution U Lock vs Evolution Chain. If locking to a lamppost like this you’d be better off with the chain!

    Chains are always going to be slightly heavier than U locks because more metal is used in their production.

    For the extra weight you have to carry with a chain, you’ll receive an increased number of locking options when securing your bike.

    It’s worth noting that the 1055 Mini is a Mini chain! It’s designed to secure one bike and isn’t suitable for securing multiple bikes in your garage.

    1055 Mini vs 1090 chain

    If you’re looking for a longer chain, have a read of my review of the best chain locks, or for a wider range of suggestions, have a read about the best bike locks.

    Or if you like the 1055 Mini, the Evolution Series 4 1090 chain [Amazon link] utilises a 35.5” (90cm) long chain and is a just a longer version of the same chain.

    Mounting System

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a mount supplied with the Kryptonite Evolution 4 1055 Mini. The same goes for all of the best chain locks on the market.

    Whatever you do, don’t end up wrapping your chain lock around the frame of your bike. This is an easy way to damage your bicycle.

    Series 4 1055 Mini in Backpack

    I was easily able to fit the 1055 Mini into my backpack alongside other items, and it wasn’t uncomfortable to carry whilst riding.

    Kryptonite sell a chain lock cage, and ABUS sell a similar product, but these haven’t been hugely popular with cyclists, because of how bulky they are.

    Quality & Maintenance

    Kryptonite takes a no-nonsense approach to the design and overall quality of the products they produce.

    Just like the best U lock (the Fahgettaboudit Mini) the only external plastic the 1055 Mini Chain uses is its sliding keyhole cover.

    This cover is manually operated and prevents dirt and grime from entering the lock’s cylinder. The slider below shows how it works.

    Before After

    Bike locks with a keyhole cover will require less regular maintenance if the cover is used properly. Otherwise, you should clean and lubricate your lock every month.

    Essential bike lock maintenance only takes two minutes once you know what you’re doing. I’ve put together a guide which will stop your bike lock from jamming/breaking. Have a read.

    Otherwise, you can rest assured that Kryptonite only use top quality materials with their bike locks.

    The 1055 feels sturdy and doesn’t have excessive amounts of plastic, unlike some of the best cheap bike locks.

    Locking Mechanism & Operation

    I’m yet to find a Kryptonite product that isn’t smooth to operate. Whilst testing this lock it didn’t jam once (as you’d expect from a new lock!).

    If you maintain the 1055 Mini properly, you shouldn’t have any issues.

    The Evolution 4 1055 Mini’s Disc tumbler lock is operated by three of Kryptonite’s standard ergonomic keys.

    One of these keys features a bright blue LED, which comes in handy when operating your 1055 Mini Chain lock in the dark.

    Kryptonite LED Bike Keys
    When under the blue light, the keyhole cover is brighter than the rest of the chain, which helps to locate the entrance to the cylinder.

    It took a lot of time to find an issue with this lock, but I did manage to find one!

    Whilst operating the keyhole cover, if you press on it from above, it depresses slightly.

    This causes it to rub against the rubber weatherproof housing and makes it hard to slide into place.

    This can be easily resolved by pressing the cover on either end or by gripping the sides, rather than using the ridged area on top.

    Kryptonite 1055 Mini keyhole cover
    Instead of pressing the cover from the top, use the sides or end of the cover and it'll be much easier to operate.

    For a thief to pick this lock, they’d need specialist tooling, which is hard to obtain, and the skills to use the tools effectively. 

    Lock picking is a less common method used by thieves to defeat locks.

    This is due to the introduction of affordable, concealable power tools, which require next to no skill to use and are normally much more effective than a lock pick!

    How Much Does the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated Chain Cost?

    How much does a good bike lock costThe majority of Kryptonite’s products retail at very competitive prices. This is surprising when you consider the quality of kryptonite’s locks far exceeds most other brands.

    The price that the 1055 Mini is sold at is a bargain. For a lock that offers the Sold Secure Gold rating and Level 3 ART certification to retail at such an affordable price is baffling.

    The Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Chain, is cheaper than most Sold Secure Gold D locks, and almost made the cut in my review of the best cheap bike locks.

    The most affordable price I found online for the Kryptonite 1055 Mini, was on Amazon here.

    How to Use the kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini

    If you’re new to the world of bicycle security, it’s a good idea to learn how to secure your bike properly. You can read my short, guide here to increase your bicycle security skills within minutes!

    One of the lessons you’ll learn from this guide is that you should prioritise your bike’s most expensive components when locking up.

    Normally this will be the wheels and frame of your bike.

    Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini with cable extension
    By using a cable extension alongside the 1055 Mini, I was able to secure my the saddle and front wheel of my bike. Much easier than removing them each time you lock your bike!

    If your bike uses quick-release wheels, like mine, you’ll want to remove your front wheel or lock it with an extension or a separate lock. 

    I was able to secure both wheels of my bike and its frame at the same time using the 1055 Mini. 

    How to lock your bike with Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini
    Kryptonite's Evolution Mini 5 U lock and the 1055 Mini chain are a great combination for all round security.

    Using a secondary bike lock will save you time and mean you won’t have to remove your wheel each time you lock up. 

    Alternatively, Hexlox are a great way to secure the components of your bike. 

    Included with the 1055 Mini

    • Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini
    • 3 x Ergonomic Kryptonite keys (1 x key fob)
    • Kryptonite Lifetime Warranty
    • Access to Kryptonite’s ATPO
    Krypytonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated chain review bikelockwiki

    How Does the Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Compare to Other Bike Locks?

    Hiplok Original Superbright

    Easier to Transport



    Today’s Best Deals:

    The Hiplok Original Superbright is a one of a kind bike lock. It’s a Sold Secure Silver rated chain lock, so slightly less secure than the 1055 Mini but what it lacks in security it makes up for in portability.

    The clue is in the name! Hiplok. Yes, this lock is designed to be worn like a belt, around the waist.

    This genius design eliminates the problem we have when trying to transport our chain locks, as we discovered they don’t come with mounts!

    The Hiplok Original uses 8mm hardened steel links, which are on the thin side, but still provide reasonable protection for your bike. The Superbright version of the Hiplok uses a highly reflective outer layer, to keep you visible whilst cycling.

    If you’re after a mixture of portability and security, this is the one for you.

    You can view the best deal for this lock here [Amazon].

    ABUS Granit CityChain X Plus 1060

    The Most Secure Folding Bike Lock

    ABUS Granit City Chain XPlus 1060 Sold Secure Gold bike lock



    If you were considering the 1055 Mini, this could be another good choice. The ABUS Granit CityChain 1060 is an impressively secure 10mm bike chain. At 85cm long, it offers vastly increased locking space compared to the 1055 Mini.

    If you were thinking “oh, but I bet it’s going to be so much heavier”, you were wrong!

    The CityChain 1060 weighs 4.62lb (2.1kg) making it marginally heavier than the Series 4 1055 Mini. Crazy, I know!

    Whilst the CityChain weighs nearly the same as the 1055 and offers the same Sold Secure Gold and ART Level 3 ratings, it’s going to cost you more.

    I recently reviewed the CityChain 1060 in detail. Read the full review here or watch my full video review on YoutTube

    You can view the most up to date and competitive price on here [Amazon] for the CityChain 1060.

    Foldylock Forever

    The Most Secure Folding Bike Lock



    The Foldylock Forever is the latest in greatest in the world of folding bike locks. Seatylock’s new flagship folding lock is their most secure yet and offers the thickest plates on the market at 6.5mm compared to the norm of 5.5mm. 

    Compared to the Kryptonite 1055 Mini the Foldylock Forever offers improved portability, thanks to its ability to fold up when not in use. 

    It comes with a good quality mounting cage, unlike the 1055, which, as we found out, you’ll have to carry in your backpack. 

    And on top of all that, it received the Sold Secure Gold rating, sitting it in the same security category as the 1055. Impressive.

    If you want to learn more about the Forever, read my in-depth review or watch my video review right here

    Summary – Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Chain Review

    Producing my Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Chain Review has been about as easy as they come.

    As I covered, after five days of using this as my primary bike lock, I only really have good things to say about it.

    The 1055 Mini offers great levels of security for your bike, whilst being light enough to be considered portable. If you’re a commuter, you won’t struggle when using the 1055 Mini daily.

    Remember this lock is only 21.5” (55cm) long and offers similar shackle space to that of your average U lock.

    Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini Bike Chain Review

    Whilst locking space is slightly restrictive, the 1055 Mini trumps U locks with its flexible shackle, which will allow you to secure your bike to a larger number of objects.

    I don’t think many chain locks on the market could better the Evolution Series 4 1055 Mini’s well-rounded abilities.

    The best price I could find for this impressive lock on Amazon can be found here.

    As always, lock it or lose it.

    Ciao for now!

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