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Foldylock Forever Review

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Foldylock forever review

The Foldylock Forever is Seatylock’s newest addition to their range of top-quality folding bike locks.

But how does the Forever compare to the well known Foldylock Compact? And is it more secure than the ABUS Bordo Granit 6500? 

Throughout this short review, I’ll break down the strengths and weaknesses of the Forever and compare it to several other folding bike locks. 

So if you’ve been wondering whether the Forever is secure enough for your bike or worth the price tag, keep reading, and I’ll let you know!

If you’d prefer to watch my video review of the Folylock Forever, you can view both of my Youtube reviews below.

Youtube Reviews:

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    Overview - Foldylock Forever Review




    Security Rating – Sold Secure Gold
    Weight – 1.65kg (3.64lb)
    Shackle Dimensions – 12.2 x 25.2cm (4.8 x 9.9″)
    Shackle Thickness – 6.5mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty – 3 Years

    The Foldylock forever is Seatylock’s first attempt at a maximum-security folding bike lock, and it’s fair to say they’ve created a lock that outperforms all of its competitors. 

    With its 6.5mm hardened steel plates, the Forever is the most secure folding bike lock on the market whilst remaining equally portable compared to the ABUS Bordo 6500 and the Trelock FS 500.

    Awarded the Sold Secure Gold rating, the Forever sits alongside some of the best bike locks on the market.

    Seatylock also implemented their advanced rivet technology, which addresses a vulnerability that most folding locks face. These high-security rivets allow the Foldylock Forever to repel nut splitter attacks. An issue the Bordo 6500 hasn’t yet rectified.  

    All this said, if portability isn’t a concern to you, then you’ll find more use in a chunky D lock such as the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini

    But if you’re interested in a combination of portability and security, you’d seriously struggle to find a better option than the Foldylock Forever. 

    View the most up to date price here on the Seatylock website. 

    How Secure Is the Foldylock Forever?

    When purchasing a new bike lock, the security it offers should be one of your first considerations.

    The Foldylock Forever Is Seatylock’s most secure folding bike lock to date, but what security ratings has it gained, and what security features does it utilise?

    Let’s find out.

    Security Ratings

    As I just mentioned, the Foldylock Forever is Seatylock’s most secure folding bike lock, but it doesn’t stop there. 

    The Foldylock Forever boasts the Sold Secure Gold rating, sitting it alongside some of the best bike locks on the market

    Essentially, the Sold Secure Gold rating means that the Forever is suitable for use in higher-risk areas and is capable of withstanding attacks from a more advanced toolkit. 

    Currently, there are only two other Sold Secure Gold folding locks available, the ABUS Bordo 6500 and the Trelock FS 500 Toro.

    Just below, I’ll cover how the Forever compares to its rivals. 

    Security Features

    When it comes to security features, it’s clear to see that Seatylock weren’t messing around with the Foldylock Forever.

    First up, the Forever uses 6.5mm hardened steel plates, which are significantly thicker than the 6500’s and the FS 500’s at only 5.5mm thick. 

    1mm may not sound like a substantial difference, but this increased plate thickness drastically improves the security the Forever offers compared to any other folding bike lock on the market. 

    Recently the LockPickingLawyer discovered an exploit where thieves could use a nut splitter to defeat the Bordo 6500’s rivets (the part which connects the plates).

    You can watch the video below. Be warned. When the nut splitter blows the lock in half, it’s pretty loud!

    Seatylock understood this exploit’s threat to folding bike locks and addressed the issue by increasing the Forever’s rivets size and implementing their advanced rivet technology. 

    A thick washer sits around the outside of the Forever’s rivets, preventing a nut splitter from gaining direct access to the rivet core, as shown in the video above. 

    Ultimately, the security features the Forever provides means it offers better security for your bike than any other folding lock. 

    But with the Foldylock Forever’s increased plates size and rivet security, some sacrifices are made regarding how practical the lock is to use.

    How substantial are these sacrifices? Find out below. 

    How Practical Is the Foldylock Forever?

    In terms of its usability, the Foldylock Compact has been my favourite folding bike lock on the market for a long time. 

    It’s super lightweight and provides a reasonable level of security for your bike. 

    The Foldylock Forever follows suit and is one of if not the best folding bike locks I’ve used to date. But it does have a few minor setbacks. 

    Weight and Size

    Now I won’t beat around the bush here, the Foldylock Forever is the heaviest folding lock I’ve used, not by much, but this isn’t a super lightweight lock like the Foldylock Compact. 

    With its mounting system, the Forever weighs 3.9lb (1.77kg) which is relatively heavy for a bike lock but is only marginally heavier than the ABUS Bordo 6500, which comes in at 3.81lb (1.73kg) – including its mounting case.

    Foldylock forever bike lock on scales

    When you consider the increased plate thickness and improved overall security the Forever offers, it’s impressive that it remains competitive in terms of portability.

    The Forever also offers increased shackle space compared to the ABUS 6500, providing more room for you to secure your bike.

    A larger shackle area is beneficial when securing bikes with chunky frames and wheels or more than one bike simultaneously. 

    Foldylock Forever Shackle Dimensions

    Width x Length:  4.8″ x 9.9″ (12.2cm x 25.2cm)

    ABUS Bordo 6500 Shackle Dimensions

    Width x Length: 4.37″ x 8.8″ (9.5cm x 22.4cm)

    A comparison of the Fodlyock Forever and ABUS Bordo 6500 shackle space
    As you can see, the Forever offers a substantially larger locking area compared to the 6500
    Foldylock Forever Specs:
    Lock Weight: 3.64lb (1.65kg)
    Mount Weight: 4.4oz (127g)
    Shackle Locking Space (Width): 4.8" (12.2cm)
    Shackle Locking Space (Height): 9.9" (25.2cm)
    Shackle Material: 6.5mm Hardened Steel
    Security Ratings: Sold Secure Bicycle Gold

    Mounting System

    The mounting bracket supplied with the Foldylock Forever is fantastic, and just like the mount provided with the Foldylock Compact, it keeps the lock silent whilst riding. 

    The mounting system is super easy to use and takes a minute or two to attach to your bike. 

    Everything you need to mount the Foldylock Forever is supplied in the box.

    Two zip-tie cables allow you to mount the forever to any position on your bike’s frame, whilst the hex screws provided securely mount the Forever to your water bottle mounting positions.

    The mounting bracket is made from a highly-durable strengthened plastic, which works effectively and is resistant to wear and tear.

    How to mount the Foldylock Forever to your bike
    Foldylock Forever mounted with hex bolts

    Quality and Maintenance

    Having used the Foldylock Forever for over two months, I appreciate the time and effort that went into this locks design. 

    I’ve lubricated its moving parts once, and to be honest, it didn’t need the extra lubrication, but it’s better to be proactive with your lock maintenance to avoid any issues. 

    The high-quality plastic outer shell that covers the Foldylock Forever is durable and won’t damage your bike’s paintwork.

    Like the Foldylock Compact, the Forever has a small spring inside each of its rivets. This spring allows the Forever’s shackle to bend and flex smoothly and silently. A significant difference to the Bordo 6500’s shackle, which is stiffer and squeaky to operate (see video at the top of page). 

    Foldylock Forever sliding keyhole cover
    After a month or two of use the keyhole cover of my lock is showing slight signs of wear and tear. Not a major issue, but after a few years of use I imagine the plastic cover will be pretty scuffed up.

    The Forever also uses an automatic keyhole cover that slides shut when the key is removed from the cylinder.

    I did notice that the Forever’s keyhole cover is made from plastic, which isn’t as durable as the 6500’s metal cover and is already showing slight signs of wear.

    Still, it’s a nice feature to have and will reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep the lock functioning smoothly. 

    With daily use, I’d recommend a quick clean and lubrication of the Forever’s moving parts once a month.

    You could probably get away with bi-monthly maintenance, but if you’re investing money in a top-quality bike lock, the more care you give it, the longer it’ll last. 

    Learn here about the essentials of bike lock maintenance.

    Locking Mechanism and Operation

    Three automotive-style keys are supplied with the Foldylock Forever. I advise splitting them apart and keeping two in a safe place.

    Should you then lose your key, you’ll still have the other two available to use!

    If you managed to lose all three Keys, they’re coded, so you’d be able to replace them for a small fee by entering your custom key code on the foldylock website. 

    Operating the Foldylock Forever is very straightforward. The locking cylinder is smooth to operate and doesn’t stick or jam, allowing you to lock your bike quickly whilst you’re out riding.

    When packing the lock away, the locking rivet needs a gentle press into the cylinder to click it into place. It’s a slight squeeze on purpose so that the lock doesn’t instantly flop open when unlocked. 

    This can take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve used the lock for a few days, you’ll have no issues. 

    Is the Foldylock Forever Worth Its Price?

    Now, the Foldylock Forever isn’t the cheapest folding bike lock on the market, but that’s also to be expected from the most secure folding lock.

    Many cheap, budget-friendly folding locks are available online at low prices, but these provide minimal security for your bike and tend to be made from sub-standard materials. 

    The Forever is the best folding bike lock out there, so it’s a surprise that it retails at a similar price to the ABUS Bordo 6500.

    Foldylock Forever Review

    Yes, there’s a small price increase, but you’ll receive more bike lock for your money. 

    For a limited period, the Foldylock Forever is available at a discounted rate on the Seatylock Website, check the most up-to-date price here [Seatylock website]. 

    If you’re in the market for a folding bike lock, this one is worth checking out.

    Foldylock Forever Warranty

    Users of the Foldylock that register their key code online will receive a two-year warranty, which is standard for most bike locks. 

    This warranty will keep your lock free of any manufacturing or material defects. However, due to the Forever’s superior build quality, I doubt you’ll have any issues.

    What's Included In the Box?

    • Foldylock Forever 
    • 3 x Coded keys
    • 2 x Cable ties
    • Instruction Manual 
    • Seatylock Stickers


    Accessories included with the Foldylock Forever

    How to Lock Your Bike With the Foldylock Forever

    Thanks to its large, flexible shackle, you have many possibilities when locking your bike with the Foldylock Forever. 

    As always, you’ll want to prioritise the security of your bike’s most expensive components. 

    The frame is almost always the most expensive component of a bike unless you’ve invested in a flashy new wheelset or ride an e-bike with a big battery.

    Bicycle locked properly with the Foldylock Forever

    Fortunately, the Foldylock Forever offers more than enough locking space to secure your frame and your rear wheel simultaneously. 

    Your rear wheel is usually the second most expensive component on your bike, so this takes priority over the front wheel. 

    That being said, Seatylock’s new high-quality extension cables provide an excellent way to secure extra components and prevent opportunist thieves from targeting your ride!

    Foldylock Forever Release Date

    Many cyclists around the globe anticipated the release of the Foldylock Forever. Unfortunately, the initial release date was delayed several times, increasing the hype and excitement surrounding the launch.

    Finally, the Foldylock Forever was released on Kickstarter (a popular crowdfunding platform) on May 10th 2022 and received 100% of its funding goal in under 1 hour!

    After smashing its Kickstarter goal with 1,300% funding, the Foldylock Forever is now available on the Seatylock website

    You can view the most recent price here

    Conclusion - Foldylock Forever Review

    Foldylock Forever vs ABUS Bordo 6500

    After Seatylock first approached me to review the Foldylock Forever, I wasn’t sure whether the lock would live up to their claims. 

    However, having used the Forever for two months, I can tell you that this is my favourite folding lock I’ve used to date. 

    I enjoyed how lightweight and portable the Foldylock Compact was, but the security the Forever offers is second to none for a folding lock. 

    Whilst the Forever is heavier than other folding locks (though not by much!), you don’t notice its weight when mounted to the frame of your bicycle, and I didn’t struggle to carry it in my backpack either. 

    It’s also affordably priced compared to similar folding locks, and you can view the most up-to-date price here

    If the Foldylock Forever doesn’t take your fancy, read this article which covers the eight best bike locks on the market. 

    As always, lock it or lose it. 

    Ciao for now!

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    1. Can i buy the forever lock in a 2 pack and what is the price? will need locks by the first of April. Ph 313 977 1246

      1. Hi Ed,

        I’m not a retailer of these locks, some of my posts contain affiliate links that will transfer you to a reliable merchant, where you can view up to date prices for the locks you’re after.

        Let me know if I can be of further assistance!


    2. I would not buy products from Seatlock. I originally purchased a Viking Lite 110 chain lock. They sent me the wrong, lock, a Viking 110 lock that weighed 6.2 pounds. We I contacted them they said they were out of the other lock. I Replaced it with a Foldylock Classic which I would not recommend. It’s very difficult to get out of the case when mounted on the bike. They screen and only post positive reviews on their web site.

      1. Hi Phil,

        Completely appreciate your opinion and feedback on this! I can agree that it doesn’t sound like you’ve had a good experience here. In my experience, the case loosens up over time and its tight fit is to prevent rattling whilst riding, which it does well. Apart from the fiddly case, how’s your experience been with the Classic so far?

        Thanks again for your feedback,


      1. Hi John,

        I’ve spoken with Michael from Seatylock this week who informed me that the Foldylock Forever would be available on the 11th or 18th of April.

        Hope this helps,


          1. Hi Jon,

            Apologies from my end that this release date keeps getting shifted backwards. I’ve reached out to Michael from Seatylock again who told me that they were having a few problems with creatives for the launch, but this will soon be resolved. Michael said “End of this month (April)”. Hopefully they manage to release it without issues this time round.



    3. Any updates on the Foldylock Forever release date? They told me with a month but that was a month ago. Thanks.

      1. Hi Kevin,

        I’ve reached out to Michael from Seatylock again who told me that they were having a few problems with creatives for the launch. Michael said “End of this month (April)”. Hopefully, they manage to release it without issues this time around.



        1. Did he say which year?
          Almost all the products says “coming soon” on the Seatylock’s website.

          1. Hi Paul,

            Apologies that the release date keeps getting pushed back, It’s equally as frustrating for me to have to keep re-updating my readers & viewers, but unfortunately I can only go off what I’ve been told.

            Michael has said to me “Final launch time is May 10th – 10am EST on Kickstarter”.



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