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Foldylock Compact Review + Destruction Testing

The Foldylock Compact after four years of use

I’ve been using the Foldylock Compact for the last four years, so I have a great understanding of its strengths and weaknesses, which I’ll share with you in this review.

At first, I used the Compact full-time for a month when I was working as a cycle courier. 

Since then, I’ve been using the Foldylock Compact on and off, taking it on several longer rides and just recently, I put it through BikeLockWiki’s extensive destruction testing procedure. 

This allowed me to discover how the Foldylock Compact performs when under attack. 

So, after all of this, what’s my honest opinion of the Foldylock Compact?

Brief Overview - Foldylock Compact Review

Foldylock Compact before and after destruction testing review



The Foldylock Compact is a folding bike lock that means business.

At 1kg (2.2lb), the Compact is lighter than most folding locks and was rated as one of the best lightweight bike locks, until its little brother, the Foldylock Mini, hit the shelves.

Its compact design and smooth operating rivets make the Foldylock Compact a joy to use, whilst its Sold Secure Silver rating shows that it provides a respectable level of security for your bike.

The Compact displays impressive resistance to most attacks, as shown in our destruction testing footage below.

If you’re interested, I found the most up-to-date price for the Compact on Amazon here.

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    The Foldylock Compact – How Secure is it?

    When purchasing a new bike lock, the security a lock offers should always be one of your deciding factors.

    The Foldylock Compact received the Sold Secure Silver Pedal Cycle rating.

    Whilst Sold Secure ratings confuse many cyclists, the Silver rating means the Foldylock offers a compromise between security and cost and, in Sold Secure’s words, “provides theft resistance protection against an enhanced tool list”.

    Sold Secure Silver pedal cycle bike locks are medium-security locks suitable for use in medium to low-risk areas.

    I was happy to use the Foldylock in higher-risk areas, but only when I knew I wouldn’t be away from my bike for long.

    Our Foldylock Compact Destruction Testing Footage

    To better understand the Foldylock Compact’s security and how it compares to other folding locks, we recently conducted destruction testing, comparing it to the Kryptonite Kryptolok 685.

    The video below shows you how the Compact performed.

    Additional Security Features

    The Foldylock Compact features Hardened Steel 5mm plates, which are bolt-cutter resistant, as shown in our destruction testing footage above.

    I attempted to crop the Foldylock Compact with 24″ and 42″ bolt cutters, and its 5mm hardened steel plates held strong, thwarting two two-minute-long attacks.

    The Compact’s 5mm plates seem thin compared to D locks, with many offering 12-18mm thick shackles.

    However, 5mm is on the thicker side for a folding bike lock, with many low-quality folding locks offering spindly plates made from low-quality steel. 

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching our destructive testing video, which will give you a better understanding of the Compact’s security and its features. 

    Like the Compact, the Kryptonite Kryptolok 685 (seen above) also uses 5mm steel plates and is one of Kryptonite’s best-selling folding bike locks.

    During destruction testing, we attempted to cut the rivets of the Kryptolok 685 and the Compact to see how the rivet security offered by either lock compares.

    Rivets are the pins of a folding lock that hold the plates together, allowing them to bend and flex. 

    Unfortunately, thieves often target rivets as a weak point, which explains why we tested how well-protected the rivets of either lock are. 

    With our 24″ bolt cutter rivet attack, we were able to compromise the rivets of the 685 two times in under two minutes. 

    The Foldylock Compact’s chunkier rivets were too wide to clamp down on with the jaws of the bolt cutters, and its protective steel coil helped to thwart the attack.

    Close-up picture of Foldylock Compact's internal rivet protection
    The Compact's advanced rivet protection constitutes two anti-friction washers, one central steel washer and an outer steel coil/spring

    Like all of Seatylock’s products, the Compact uses a slider locking cylinder.

    For those unfamiliar with locking cylinders, slider cylinders are commonly used by automobiles and other high-value items. 

    The Compact’s cylinder provides impressive resistance to picking and manipulation. 

    Compact to one side, every bike lock on the market could technically be picked, but in reality, thieves aren’t picking locks on the street. 

    Most thieves wouldn’t know which picks to use, let alone how to use them. 

    A 3mm thick steel plate guards the entrance to the keyhole of the Foldylock Compact.

    This plate has a narrow entranceway that prevents foreign objects from being inserted into the mechanism.

    Deeper in the Compact’s mechanism, there’s a key aligning plate, doubling alongside the steel plate as an anti-drill feature. These snags drill bits, causing them to warp and break. 

    Ultimately, this cylinder is well protected from picking and manipulation attempts, and regardless, I can almost guarantee that picking this lock will not be a thief’s go-to attack method. 

    FoldyLock Compact Folding Bike Lock - Award Winning Patented High Security Cut Proof Bicycle Lock - Heavy Duty Anti Theft Smart Secure Guard with Key and Case for Bikes or Scooters - 85 cm
    Foldylock Compact
    Plate Thickness:
    Weight Including Mount:
    1.1kg (2.43lb)
    Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver
    Locking Area:
    24cm x 11.5cm
    (9.4" x 4.5")
    FoldyLock Compact Folding Bike Lock - Award Winning Patented High Security Cut Proof Bicycle Lock - Heavy Duty Anti Theft Smart Secure Guard with Key and Case for Bikes or Scooters - 85 cm
    Foldylock Compact
    Plate Thickness:
    Weight Including Mount:
    1.1kg (2.43lb)
    Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver
    Locking Area:
    24cm x 11.5cm
    (9.4" x 4.5")

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    How Practical Is The Foldylock Compact?

    The Compact

    If, like most cyclists, you’ve never used a folding bike lock, the Foldylock Compact is a great place to start.

    Even though Seatylock are a relatively young company, they’ve had no trouble equalling and, in some cases, surpassing the quality of well-established brands like Kryptonite and ABUS. 

    Before using the Compact, I used the ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500, which is slightly more secure, offering the Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Gold rating. 

    But now, whenever I return to the 6500, it’s noticeably clunkier to use despite retailing for considerably more than the Compact. 

    After using the Compact for four years, I can tell you it’s impressively durable and uses corrosion-resistant metal, which has demanded minimal maintenance.

    Deliveroo with Foldylock Compact
    Three years ago, I put the Foldylock Compact through its gears, using it as my lock of choice for a month whilst working as a cycle courier

    When I first took the Foldylock out of its packaging, I was very impressed by its build quality, and it’s fair to say I still am. 

    The lock feels extremely solid, and its rivets don’t rattle as they do on cheaper folding locks.

    The Compact’s hardened steel plates are also covered in a robust plastic shell, which prevents scratches to your bike’s paintwork. 

    A Perk of Using Folding Bike Locks

    One of the most significant advantages of folding locks compared to D locks is their flexible shackles. 

    When securing your bike to chunkier immovable objects such as street lights, the shackle of a folding lock can flex around it, whereas most D locks won’t offer enough internal shackle width.

    The image below helps to explain what I mean here.

    Before After

    When unfolded, the Foldylock Compact has a 33.5” (85cm) locking circumference, which provides plenty of room for securing your bike and its components to both larger objects and regular bike racks.

    Until recently, the Foldylock Compact had been the lightest Sold Secure Silver-rated folding lock on the market, weighing 1kg (2.2lb).

    However, the Foldylock Mini is now the lightest Silver-rated folding lock, weighing just 0.88kg (1.95lb) and is essentially just a smaller version of the Foldylock Compact.

    If you require more locking space, I’d recommend the Compact, but if you want the lightest option possible, the Foldylock Mini will be your best option, you can view the most recent price for the Mini on Amazon here

    You can also view my recent video review of the Foldylock Mini on the BikeLockWiki YouTube channel here.

    Foldylock Compact Mounting System 

    The hardened plastic mount supplied with the Foldylock Compact is one of the best mounting systems I’ve come across for a bike lock.

    My favourite feature of this mount is that it keeps the Compact perfectly silent while riding. I’m yet to find another folding lock that does this.

    If, like me, you find rattling noises incredibly annoying whilst you ride, you’re in for a treat with the Compact.

    Mounting the Compact Using Straps vs Screws

    You are able to mount the Foldylock in two different ways, which is fairly standard for a folding bike lock.

    Before After

    You can mount the Foldylock using its Plastic straps, or using your bike’s water bottle mounting screws

    In my opinion, the best way to mount the Foldylock is using your water bottle mounting screws.

    These are typically located on your bike’s frame’s down tube or seat tube.

    Using these mounting screws ensures the Compact stays firmly in place when riding and is less fiddly than the plastic mounting straps.

    The one upside of using the Plastic straps is that they allow you to mount the lock wherever you like, which can be beneficial if your mounting positions are already in use with water bottles or frame bags.

    Upgraded Mounting Straps

    The Foldylock Compact used to be supplied with Velcro straps designed to quickly secure the mounting system to any part of your bike. 

    This idea works well in principle but struggled to hold the lock still on bumpy roads. 

    Since my first review, where I raised this issue, Seatylock have fixed the Compact’s strap situation, now selling it with two reusable plastic cable ties. 

    These cable ties are secured in place with a hex screw and provide a much better hold than the Velcro, so a good improvement here from Seatylock. 

    I recommend placing a rubber strip underneath the straps to prevent any wear on your paintwork.

    Plastic straps for mounting the Foldylock Compact
    Using a strip of rubber, maybe from an old inner tube can be a good way to protect your bike's paintwork from plastic straps like these
    How Does the Compact's Mount Work?

    Unlike most other folding locks on the market, the Foldylock Compact isn’t held in place by a strap or button-operated clips.

    Instead, the Foldylock Compact fits snugly inside its mounting cage and clicks into place once pushed inside. 

    To insert and remove the Foldylock, give it a gentle push or pull, and it will pop out.

    When new, I found that it can be quite stiff to insert and remove, but it will loosen up quickly with a bit of use and is much less of a faff to use than mounting systems with straps in the long run. 

    Seven different folding bike locks with different mounting mechanisms
    Most other folding locks use so form of clip or strap to hold the lock in place, but the Foldylock takes a different approach
    Carrying the Foldylock Compact Without Its Mount

    The Compact is small enough to be stored in a backpack without taking up too much space.

    I could also fit the Foldylock into the front pocket of my trousers.

    Riding with it in your pocket is slightly heavy but feasible over shorter rides.

    Carrying the Foldylock Compact in a trouser pocket

    The Foldylock Clipster is an excellent option for those who are constantly on the move.

    The Clipster is the same lock, with the addition of a flexible plastic clip on the back that holds the Foldylock in place whilst you travel with it in your pocket or clipped to your bag.

    Whilst the Clipster is handy for some, I’d stick to the Compact, as the mounting system is versatile enough, and I don’t always wear clothes or a bag suitable for being clipped onto. 

    How Much Does The Foldylock Compact Cost?

    Compared to other folding bike locks, the Foldylock Compact is very reasonably priced [Amazon]. 

    It’s cheaper than most of the best folding bike locks and is even featured in my review of the best eight bike locks on the market

    You can find the most up-to-date prices for the Compact and Seatylock’s other locks on their Amazon store.

    The Best Way to Use the Foldylock Compact

    When securing a bike, it’s a good idea to prioritise the most valuable components. In most cases, this will be the frame and wheels of your bike.

    The rear wheel typically has a cassette attached to it, which normally means it’s more valuable than the front wheel.

    So, I’d suggest securing your frame (seat stays) and rear wheel with the Foldylock Compact.

    I think it may be helpful to have a read of my guide on how to secure your bike properly if you want to lock your bike in the safest possible way. 

    If you have quick-release wheels on your bike, I recommend securing your front wheel too.

    It’s easy for a thief to remove quick-release wheels and get away without anyone realising, so leaving them unsecured is a bad idea.

    To secure both wheels, you can use a cable extension to secure your front wheel or remove it and lock it with the Compact (as shown above).

    For those who cycle with a partner, the Compact is capable of securing two bikes and their back wheels.

    This was more of a squeeze. Nonetheless, it’s achievable!

    What's Included with the Foldylock Compact

    Included in the box with your Foldylock, you’ll receive everything you need to get set up.

    Alongside the Allen keys and hex bolts for mounting, you’ll also receive three laser-cut sidewinder keys with a key duplication card.

    This small plastic card displays your duplication code, which you should keep hold of.

    If you lose the keys to your lock, you’ll be able to get replacements cut for a small fee by entering your unique keycode on the Seatylock website.  

    If you want to order extra keys to share with friends or family, I explain the easiest way to do this in my bike key replacement article.

    You’ll also receive a small booklet of instructions that provide help when attaching your Foldylock to your bike.

    Foldylock Compact Warranty 

    The Foldylock Compact is sold with a three-year warranty, which is longer than many manufacturers, who typically offer a two-year warranty in line with trade regulations.

    It’s good to see Foldylock standing behind the quality of their product with this warranty. 

    The warranty covers your lock from manufacturing and workmanship defects.

    However, I don’t think you’ll have any issues as these locks are designed to last a lifetime. 

    How does the Foldylock Compact Compare to Other Bike Locks?

    Whilst the Compact is a great lock choice, it’s important to consider other options to decide which suits you best. 

    A top-quality D lock will offer more protection for your bike than the Compact.

    But most of the best D locks are also considerably heavier than the Compact, increasing your total weight when riding. 

    Most of the best chain locks are more suitable for securing multiple bikes, but they will be much heavier to carry.

    All locks below have been through BikeLockWiki’s testing process and are rated at Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver or above.

    Onguard Brute

    Cheaper and More Secure 

    OnGuard Brute Bike Lock



    The OnGuard Brute is one of the cheapest Sold Secure Diamond D locks.

    It retails at a more affordable price than the Foldylock Compact and is featured in my review of the best cheap bike locks.

    The Brute features a 16.8mm Hardened steel shackle, which is bolt cutter proof and is built to resist even the most brutal hydraulic and twist attacks.

    The materials the Brute is made from aren’t top-quality, but they do the job, and for the price this lock retails at [Amazon], you can’t complain. 

    Read my complete review of the OnGuard Brute to find out more.

    Foldylock Forever

    The Most Secure Folding Lock

    Foldylock Forever Bike Lock



    If you ride a more expensive bike, the Sold Secure Silver rating the Foldylock Compact offers might not quite cut it. 

    Police recommend cyclists spend at least 15% of their bike’s value on its security.

    With the Foldylock Forever, Seatylock took the tried and tested design of the Foldylock Compact, gave it chunkier steel plates and increased the rivet protection. 

    As it stands, there isn’t another folding lock as secure as the Forever, so this is definitely one to consider, despite being slightly more expensive than the Compact [Amazon].

    Read my full review of the Foldylock Forever to learn more.

    Foldylock Mini

    Same Security Rating, But Lighter

    Foldylock Mini Bike Lock



    The Foldylock Mini is like Seatylock’s opposite approach to the Foldylock Forever. 

    Again, they’ve taken the proven design of the Compact, but this time, they’ve made it more portable and lightweight.

    The Mini still utilises 5mm hardened steel plates and the same impressive rivet protection as the Compact, but its plates are slightly less wide, which will marginally reduce the security this lock offers. 

    The Mini is definitely one of the best lightweight bike locks, and a great option for securing e-scooters and other methods of transport that require a thinner lock.

    You can watch our review of the Foldylock Mini on the BikeLockWiki YouTube channel.

    Or view the slightly more affordable price of the Mini here [Amazon]

    Who are Seatylock?

    Seatylock are the innovative company behind the Foldylock Compact.

    They are innovators within the cycling security industry and comprise a team of cycling enthusiasts – locks made for cyclists and designed by cyclists.

    Seatylock are based in Tel Aviv, Israel and have developed several unique bicycle security concepts. 

    Seatylock's Inventions
    (From left to right) Foldylock Clipster, SeatyGo Urban, Seatylock Mason, Seatylock Trekking

    Beginning as a Kickstarter crowdfunding project in September 2014, Seatylock’s first invention was a removable saddle, which also functions as the bike’s lock. Hence the name!

    Led successfully to their initial goal of $40,000 by leader Oren Livne, the hype for Seatlock quickly spread. In just 59 days, Seatylock’s idea had raised over $130,000 from backers worldwide.

    The Seatylock can still be found on their store today, with several saddle variations available.

    This was the birth of Seatylock and the beginning of a new era of bicycle security.

    Foldylock Compact Review - Summary

    After using the Foldylock Compact for over four years, the lock continues to impress me.

    Initially, I only planned on using the compact during the testing period for this review. 

    However, I’ve returned to using it for bike rides, and short cafe stops where my bike will remain nearby. 

    The Foldylock is not designed to secure super-expensive bicycles for long periods or in high-risk areas.

    If security is more of a priority for you, read my review of the Foldylock Forever

    I’ve tried to go into as much detail as possible with this review, but if you have any questions, drop me a comment below, and I’ll get back to you right away!

    If you’re not convinced the Foldylock is the bike lock for you, check out my review of the 8 best bike locks, or if you’ve decided against folding locks, you should read my review of the best lightweight bike locks.

    As always, lock it or lose it. 

    Ciao for now!

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