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107 Funny & Cool Bike Names | Puns, Jokes & Lots More

So it’s new bike day and you’re struggling to come up with a name for your new bike.

Or maybe you’ve decided that your old two-wheeled steed now deserves a cool bike name?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Below I’ve put together a list of over 40 unique bike names, suitable for a wide range of bikes.

This bike names list includes the best and boys girl names for bikes. Although any of these bike names can be used by anyone, so feel free to pick and mix!

funny bike names

If you want to know how to choose the perfect bike name, read this section first. then we’ll take a look at the best bike names.

If you’ve already named your bike, I’d love to hear about it!

Comment your bike’s name and why you chose it at the bottom of the page and I’ll add some of the best names to the list for others to see!

Without further ado, here are the best names for a bike!

Funny bike nicknames

Funny Bike Nicknames

If you still haven’t decided on a nickname for your bike and would like something a little more lighthearted, why not try one of our funny bike names!

We have comical bike nicknames that are perfect for bikes of any type and with any personality. 

If your bike hardly moves and sits there watching the days go by, then give it the funny name it deserves. 

We’re all guilty of being a couch potato at times, but bikes are made from riding! 

Get out there and take your reluctant couch potato for a spin.

Pedalling super fast but can’t seem to build up any speed? 

Looks like you’re riding Wheelie Wheelie Slow. A funny bike name for bike pun lovers. 

Constantly find your bike leaving skid marks everywhere you ride? 

Always feeling the need to burn some rubber? 

Skid Mark’s the name. Another funny bike name that has an interesting second meaning!

Can’t be bothered to go for a ride today? Neither can your bike, its two-tired!

A great name for anyone who wants a bike pun name.

If your bike doesn’t pay attention to you when you’re riding, it’s a whinger. It also applies to a bike that moans and groans with every push of the pedals.

One of the best bike pun nicknames out there and one that everyone your ride with will enjoy. 

“No seriously, I’m Wheelie, Wheelie, Tired!”

The perfect name for a well-spoken, bike that rides as smoothly as poetry flows. 

Half reptile, half mammal. Ribbity Rabbit has erratic energy and a burning desire to get out and get moving. 

Tina Turner is the perfect nickname for a bike who loves rock and roll. 

If you’re out rolling down rocky terrain all day, she’s called Tina Turner!

The best funny nickname for a Fat Bike.

A great geeky pun for any bike. 

Woah-oh the hokey spokey, Woah-oh the hokey spokey, Woah-oh the hokey spokey, wheels roll, bell goes ding, ding, ding!

What do you get if you add two wheels to a goat? The Goat-mobile!

A great cycling nickname for a bucking bike that’s full of energy and doesn’t take no for an answer. 

Gryffindor or Slytherin?

Well, since it’s Gear-y Potter, it better be Gryffindor!

A great bike pun name for any Hogwarts student. 

Always riding at a high cadence? Legs feeling tired but still firing? 

Sir Crank-a-lot is a well-deserved nickname for your bike. 

A deadly jurrasic-age killer, always moving with speed and precision. 

A great name for an old fossil of a bike that puts more modern bikes to shame.

A funny bike name, perfect for a silly-looking bike or a bike that doesn’t take its riding too seriously. 

Mickey, but not afraid of getting really, really dirty.

Deep South country superstar, Wheelie Nelson is the perfect name for any legendary bicycle. 

Got a basket on your handlebars? Basket-case. 

The beautiful bike you never thought was possible. 

My beautiful weasel is a hilarious bike nickname for a bike that is territorial and has a nasty bite to it. 

Constantly needing to make repairs to your bike? 

Cycle of decline is the best funny name for a bike that always breaking down. 

Find yourself gasping for air when out on two wheels?

Huffy Puffy drains your energy and demands more and more from your tired legs on each pedal stroke. 

Pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, SPLAT. 

A funny bike nickname for a stripey bike.

This zebra can’t be tamed.

If you haven’t seen the film, add it to your watch list!

If you’ve given your bike an interesting look or enjoy riding a bicycle that attracts looks from passers-by, Pimped My Ride is a funny bicycle nickname that’ll go down well with your cycling buddies.  

The perfect nickname for a chopper bicycle or a low-rider that spends its time rolling slowly along the beachfront or down the highstreets on summer days.

Cool Bike Names and a red bike

Cool Bikes Names

If you’re after a cool bicycle name, the bike names list below will help you out and give you plenty of awesome ideas!

If you’d rather view the best funny bike nicknames, check those out here

The perfect name for a bike that conquers trails and finds daring new paths to follow. 

Trailblazer literally means a person or thing that is the first to achieve something, so if you enjoy tackling routes that no one has taken before, there might not be a better bike name!

Rusty, a very fitting name for your old bike that could probably do with a bit of TLC!

If your bike’s been sitting out in the rain and snow for years, but has no problem getting you from a to b, Rusty is a funny and obvious choice.

Does your bike squeak and groan each time you take it out for a spin? 

Or do you have a particularly colourful set of cranks on your bike? 

If so, cranky is a great bike name.

Competitive cycling is exhillerating, and what better way to demonstrate your confidence than calling your bike podium. 

A pretty smart move as well, because wherever you finish in the race, you’ll always end up finishing on the podium!

If road cycling is your passion and you spend your time on two wheels taring up the tarmac, this is one of the best names for your bike. 

Creeping up on a competitor only to whizz past them and leave them in your dust. There isn’t a better feeling.

Going, going….. gone!

So you’ve been racking your brain for bike name ideas for your faithful commuter or bikepacking bike?

If your bike never fails to get you and your heavy belongings to work on time, this is probably the best choice in this bike names list!

Have none of these bike name ideas taken your fancy so far? Here’s a cool bike name for you.

If your bike makes you feel weightless while riding, as if you were soaring above the clouds, Hawk is no brainer. 

Or if your bike is red and white like Hawk the DC superhero, there isn’t a cooler name for it.

Do you find yourself wreaking havoc whilst you’re on your bike?

Do other bikers prefer to steer clear of you when you’re riding?

Tornado is a cool name for a bike that can’t and won’t be stopped until it wants to.

This is also the name of an awesome military jet and gives a powerful impression.

This name quite literally means “a horse being ridden or available for riding”.

One of the driving reasons behind the invention of the bicycle was that the working man needed a lower maintenance alternative to a horse. 

This is definitely an awesome bike name and one of my favourites in the list!

If you ride a track bike and have spent hours looking through bike names online, this is the one for you. 

There has never and may never be a faster name than bolt.

If you plan and dream of setting world records in the velodrome, this is the cycle name you’ve been looking for. 

Prefer a laid back, comfortable approach to cycling? 

Or do you constantly take first place in competitive races? 

Either way, this is a great bike name and is suitable for those travelling in style, or looking to wind up fellow competitors. 

The name for a cheeky bike that can’t be tamed. 

Rascal is the best name for a brightly coloured bike that gets compliments from your cycling friends but is a real pain to ride!

Mucker, the perfect bike name for a bike that’s a real mud-magnet.

If you constantly return from your rides covered from head to toe in dirt, then there isn’t a better bicycle name out there.

A perfect name for an old-school 70’s red bike with racing stripes. Go Greased Lightning!

It’s also a great name for a bike that’s just had a complete overhaul and a shiny new paint job. 

Been in need of some extra luck for your time on two wheels? 

Godspeed will make sure you arrived at your destination safely and without any problems. 

The fastest name for a bike there is. Blink… gone

Blink is a cool bike name for a bicycle of any colour, but is most suitable for a triathlon or time trial bike that disappears into the distance in the blink of an eye.

Pedal pusher is a great nickname for a bike that inspires you to take your riding to the next level and does most of the work for you. 

Also a great nickname for an e-bike.

If your bike doesn’t pay attention to you when you’re riding, it’s a whinger. It also applies to a bike that moans and groans with every push of the pedals.

This is the best nickname for a bike that gets tired towards the end of rides, to the point that it feels like you’re riding a lead weight. 

If you enjoy putting your bike through its paces and pushing it to the limit while swerving around corners and in and out of traffic, Swerver is the bike nickname you’ve been looking for. 

Flying below the radar, breaking the sound barrier, Blackbird is a great bicycle name for a titanium bike that doesn’t lose a race. 

Find yourself gliding down the road? Gliding seamlessly through traffic? 

Glider is a cool bike name idea that is especially suitable for a bike with a compact aerodynamic setup. 

Drifter is one of the best bike names for a fixed-gear bike. 

Drifter is a high-energy bike that forges new ways through terrain, whether it’s a busy downtown road or a quiet forest trail, drifter follows no one. 

A great name for a green bike that cost you slightly too much.

The fastest aircraft in the world, X15 is a great time-trial bike nickname for any cyclist who loves to push their bike to its top speed. 

Dropping in is a cool bike name that’s especially suitable for a BMX or any bike used for downhill/freestyle riding. 

Hitting big ramps and getting big air?

One of the most powerful engines out there, V12 is a great bike nickname for a bicycle that keeps powering away until it crosses the finish line. 

A classic bicycle name for a much-loved bike. 

Spitfires were renowned for ruling the skies, making this a suitable name for a bike that rules the roads.

Valkyries guide souls of the dead to the halls of Valhalla and serve them with mead. 

An awesome bike name that suits any beautiful two-wheeled beauty.

U wot m8. 

The perfect bicycle nickname for a bike that doesn’t hang around. 

Female Bike Names

Female Name for Bikes

Female bike names are popular, so below, we’ve compiled the top 28 names for any female bike. 

You’ll find funny female names, as well as more serious names for the go-getters.

Got a beautiful bike that’s fit for an underwater princess?

If you enjoy more casual cycling and love riding your bike sparkly clean, this is one of the best bike names for you.

Got a sassy bike that’s disobedient and has a mind of its own? 

Her Majesty is what your bike wants to be named. 

She’s a beautiful bike that travels with elegance and purpose.

If your bike is a princess from another galaxy, the name Leia will suit her well. 

The Latin name Leia means lioness, signifying power and lack of fear.

If your riding style matches this description, this is the perfect name for your bike! 

Storm is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. 

She’s a fierce leader that has the power to manipulate the weather.

If your bike performs well in all conditions and isn’t afraid of getting wet, this is a great bike name idea!

There might not be a better funny bike name for a cyclist that always ends up in trouble whilst riding. 

Little miss trouble is always up to no good, but doesn’t care and is constantly giggling whilst causing mischief!

If you’re a fan of ancient Greece, Athena – Olympian goddess of wisdom and war is an awesome name for your bike. 

Athena is also one of the best names for a Peloton bike or a spinning bike since the Greek goddess was associated with spinning (though not on a Peloton bike!). 

Got an entitled bicycle that doesn’t listen to you and is constantly demanding maintenance and TLC?

Karen is one of the funniest girl names for bikes and will have your friends laughing hysterically when you explain the meaning behind the name. 

A red and black supervillain that’s always up to no good!

If you aren’t afraid of daring adventure and constantly chase the most exciting rides, who’d be a better accomplice than Harley Quinn? 

The perfect name for your two-wheeled partner in crime.

Always end up in first place, way ahead of the competition?

The name Boudiccia is a Latin name that literally translates to victory. 

It’s a well known name thanks to the powerful and brave Queen Boudiccia, one of the most iconic queens of Britian. 

FreeWheel Fern freewheels through life, effortlessly delivering you to your destination. 

An especially good bike name for a single-speed bike.

Still not found the right girl name for your bike? 

If you ride an orange bike that helps you navigate your way out of sticky or scary situations, Velma is a funny and very suitable bike name.

Feel like the conductor of a full-scale orchestra whilst riding your bike? 

Enjoy rolling along quiet woodland paths or spending tie cycling in remote areas? 

If so, then Symphony is a great girl name for bikes and one that suits your bike well!

The name Luxe is of Latin origin and means light, but when not used as a name luxe means luxury in many languages. 

Just kitted out the bike of your dreams and spent an arm and leg doing so? Luxe will suit her nicely. 

Or if you’re proud to show off your weight weenie to your cycling club, then Luxe is a cool bike name for sure. 

The name Celeste is suitable for an elegant and graceful bike that offers a heavenly riding experience to its owner.

Translated from Italian, this bike name means “Pretty Pretty”. 

A fitting name for a glamorous, elegant bicycle. 

A true terror on the streets or hills, Ruby Riot, is a determined bike that hangs around for nothing or nobody.

A whacky name for a whacky bike.

One of the best names for a tandem bike. Tandem Tasha is a civilised bike, that arrives on time and in style 

A mischievous bike name suitable for any bike that’s up to no good. 

Zipping down the streets, flying around the corners, who’s that? It’s Zoe Zip!

For the unloved bike, that’s a true beauty underneath.

A great name for a bike bought in spring or summer, when the daisies are growing in the fields. 

Daisy likes to be kept clean. 

A dream to look at, a dream to ride and feels as if you’re floating on a cloud. 

A great bicycle name for a downhill MTB with generous suspension.

Roxy is one of the most suitable names for a mountain bike. 

Roxy tears up the terrain and isn’t afraid of getting dirty. 

The opposite of Roxy, Queenie is a bike that prefers rides in good weather and likes to be thoroughly cleaned after every ride until she glistens and sparkles. 

Esmerelda is a bike name that captures the beauty and charm of the open road and the adventures that await you and this mystical bike. 

It is a great name for a valuable bike that’s highly durable and emits elegance everywhere it goes. 

Take good care of this one.

Can’t be stopped, can’t be tamed, it’s Mayhem-Mollie. This bike dominates wherever it goes and will stop at nothing to cause chaos. 

A mind of her own. 

Bike name ideas male

Male Names for Bikes

If you’re still searching for a name for your bike and think a male bike nickname would be more suitable, check out the 22 bike name inspiration ideas below. 

Whether your preference is Luke or Anakin, if you’re capable of controlling the force, then this is the awesome bike name you’ve been searching for!

That fiddly little wrench you always need whilst out cycling, but you left it at home. Damn. 

Alan is one of our favourite gunny bike names and suits any type of bike, although it’s a bit more fitting for an older town bike!

Trigger is an excellent bicycle name idea for a bike that’s primed and ready to fire. 

A great name for a track bike.

Hasta la vista, baby! If it bleeds, we can kill it!

An appropriate name for a chunky bike that causes chaos wherever it rolls. 

South Park, Trailer Park Boys or WWE? Whichever Randy it is, Randy’s a real character and a suitable name for a slightly whacky bike.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Eddie the Eagle. 

A suitable bicycle nickname for a bike that likes to hit jumps and take off with big airtime. 

A bike that can’t stay still and is always itching to get back on the move, making it a great option for the bicycle of a bike courier.

Also a good name for a bike that seamlessly shifts up through the gears.

Throwback to 94 and the perfect bike name for a bicycle that’s always a little grumpy, but stays by your side and pulls through no matter the task.

Whether you race down forest trails or enjoy a quiet ride along the pier, watching the sunset, Lt. Dan is a great bike name idea for a beat-up old bike. 

Kamehameha! Feel the power of the Super Saiyan as you blast down the street. 

This name makes sense for any bike with a fierce, fearless attitude and especially an orange and blue bike. 

The king of the ring and the heaviest of hitters. 

Bike Tyson is afraid of nothing and no one can stop him.

Another funny bike pun name for all you pun lovers. [1]

Another funny boy’s name for a bike that rolls smoothly on its axels. 

Since axels are used by bikes, this is also a bike related name.

So you’ve made it this far in our bicycle names list, but still haven’t found a cool bike name that fits.

Blaze is the name of a bike that rips down canyons and hits the biggest and gnarliest jumps out there. 

Also a great name for a bright orange or red bike!

A bike name to rule them all. A name which was given to Roman emperors, such as the well known Julius Ceasar. 

This bicycle name emanates power and nobility and would be the perfect fit for a red or gold bike. 

A green bike that isn’t afraid of intense thrills and dangerous routes.

Mike Wazowski is a funny bike name, perfect for any bright green bike, add some green handlebar streamers to your bike and take this name to the next level. 

Hercules embarked on many gruelling adventures and travelled far and wide to complete the twelve tasks set for him by the gods. 

Hercules is the name of a sturdy bike that’s resilient and not afraid of getting dirty. 

If you regularly take your two-wheeled friend on long cross-country rides, this is a suitable choice of name.

If you enjoy riding a chunkier bike with a hefty frame or a fatbike, Fatboy is the perfect bicycle name. 

Alternatively, if you see yourself cruising around town, blasting old-school classics from your boombox, your bike deserves a cool name like this!

Always end up getting beaten and battered whilst riding? 

Does your bike seem to be on an endless mission to inflict maximum damage? 

The Undertaker is an awesome name for a mean-looking cruiser bike, and is also a great name for a low-rider motorbike. 

This one is for a bike that doesn’t get ridden too much. 

Most of us have a bike that’s not been ridden for some time and is waiting for the “quick fix” that we’ve been planning for the past few years. 

Put your broken bike out of its misery and get it back in action!

King of the pitch and a powerful leader, this bike name is perfect for a white or blue bike that isn’t afraid of getting stuck in.

Always struggling at the back of your riding group? Can’t seem to pick up any speed? 

Is your bike too heavy to climb the hill?

Slowpoke’s the name.

Oi, Craig! 

A funny name for a bike, guaranteed laughs. 

Lord of the swamp. A dirty green ogre who wants nothing other than to be left in peace, but isn’t afraid of causing chaos when necessary. 

How to Choose a Name for Your Bike

If you’ve not been able to decide on a name for your bike from our list, don’t worry. 

As you’re probably aware, choosing a name for your bike isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. 

With so many different types of bikes, finding a name that fits your bike’s personality is a challenge.

So, below, I’ve put together four different criteria you’ll want to consider to be able to choose the perfect bike name. 

Once you’ve read the steps below, read back through the name suggestions above, and you may find one that fits your criteria!

One of the main things you’ll want to consider when choosing a name for your bike is the type of bike you’re riding. 

The name you decide on should fit your bike well, unless you want it’s name to be ironic or funny. 

I’ve put together a guide which explains and highlights the characteristics of every type of bike, so have a read if you’re unsure what type of bike you’re riding. 

Once you’ve established your bike type, you’ll have a better understanding of your bike’s characteristics. 

For example comfort bikes are slower and very comfortable to ride, so a name like Whizz or Zipp might not be the best option! 

Are you a competitive cyclist that likes to overtake everyone in your path or do you enjoy sitting back and enjoying the view? 

Either way, make sure to take your preferred riding style into consideration when choosing a name for your bike.

The colour of your bike is another important attribute to consider when deciding upon the perfect bike name. 

If your bike has a similar colour scheme, why not name it after a superhero or film character?

The make and model of your bike can also help to decide its new name. 

For example a fitting name for a Trek gravel bike could be Trekker.

Ultimately deciding on your bikes name is down to you. 

If you want to give your bike a funny name that will get laughs from friends you cycle with, do it!

Other cyclist might chose a more serious name as naming an item is shown to create more attachment to it. 

If this means you’ll take better care of your bike, it seems like a no-brainer to me!

View Bike Name Ideas

Conclusion - Funny & Cool Bike Names

Hopefully one of these bike name ideas has taken your fancy and you’ll now be able to grace the streets with your newly named friend. 

If none of these names suit the personality of your bike, don’t worry! Hopefully, you’ve been able to take some ideas and inspiration from this bike names list and should now be able to come up with your own. 

If you came up with your own funny bike name, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list! 

As always, lock it or lose it. 

Ciao for now!


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