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Burg Wachter 1580 HB D-Lock Review

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Burg Wachter 1580 U Lock Review

So you’ve been looking for an affordable bike lock, and you wanted to find out more about Burg Wachter’s bike locks. 

You’re in luck. Below you’ll find the most reliable and Burg Wachter 1580 HB review on the internet. 

I’ve had extensive hands-on experience with this lock and have it right next to me with me as I’m producing this review. 

I’ve put this lock to the test over the past two weeks to help you decide whether or not it’s suitable for you and your bike. 

Keep reading, and in this short review, I’ll cover all of the benefits and any downsides of Burg Wachter 1580 HB.

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    Overview - Burg Wachter 1580 HB Review

    Affordable & Secure at the Cost of Material Quality

    Burg Wachter 1580 HB



    Today’s Best Deals:


    Security Rating – Sold Secure Gold
    Weight – 1.07kg (2.35lb)
    Shackle Dimensions – 11.6 x 19.8cm (4.56 x 7.8″)
    Shackle Thickness – 12.2mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty – 2 Years

    If you’re shopping for a bike lock on a very tight budget, the Burg Wachter 1580 could be a great choice, depending on the bike you’ll be securing.

    This U lock is Sold Secure Gold rated. It uses a double bolted hardened steel shackle and provides a very reasonable level of security for a bike lock sold at an incredibly affordable price. 

    Weighing just 2.35lb (1.07kg), the 1580 is 30% lighter than most comparable U locks, making it ideal for use on the move.

    However, I’d be hesitant to use this lock with more valuable bikes, as its 12mm hardened steel shackle is on the thinner side, leaving it vulnerable to bolt cutters, a go-to tool for thieves. 

    If security is your top priority, the Burg Wachter 1600 HB offers a bolt cutter proof shackle and is more suitable for more expensive bikes. 

    All in all, a great budget bike lock with police accreditation and several handy features.

    How Secure is the Burg Wachter 1580 HB?

    Burg Wachter 1580 HB - Security Ratings?

    The Burg Wachter 1580 HB received the Sold Secure Gold rating, and just like the more secure 1600 HB, it also received Secure by Desing accreditation from the British police. 

    Sold Secure Gold means that this lock is capable of repelling a more determined attack with a broader range of tools.

    I need to say, however, that just because two locks sit in the same Sold Secure category doesn’t mean they offer the same levels of security. 

    Some locks in each category will have scraped past the requirements, whilst others will be far exceeding them. 

    I’d say for a Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock, the 1580 HB is towards the lower end of the scale in terms of security. I explain more just below.  

    Components of the Lock

    Three of the main points we should consider when assessing the security of any U lock are:

    • Width of the shackle (diameter)
    • Shackle material
    • Locking mechanism type (double or single bolted)

    The shackle of the 1580 HB has slightly confused me. The Burg Wachter website and e-commerce pages state that the “13.8-millimetre thick steel bracket is completely hardened”.

    However, upon measuring the shackle diameter myself, I found it to be 12.25mm thick. Not a great start to the review for such a reputable company.

    Measuring the shackle diameter of the Burg Wachter 1580 U lock

    The “13.8 millimetres” they refer to includes the soft rubber shell, which is misleading for consumers.

    While 1.55mm might not sound like a substantial difference, the OnGuard Pitbull uses a 14mm hardened steel shackle and received the Sold Secure Diamond rating, supporting that the smallest of changes to shackle/link width can significantly impact the security a bike lock offers.

    A 12mm shackle is vulnerable to larger bolt cutters, a standard weapon of choice for thieves. If you don’t want your bike to be susceptible to bolt cutters, the Burg Wachter 1600 HB uses a bolt cutter proof 16mm shackle. Read my review of the 1600 HB here.

    The double bolted mechanism secures either side of the shackle, drastically increasing the secuirty this lock offers compared to single bolted locks.

    Moving on from this point, the 1580 HB uses a double bolted locking mechanism, which helps to repel twist and hydraulic attacks.

    Double bolted shackles also increase the time it would take for a thief to cut the lock off your bike.

    Two anti-drilling plates sit at the entrance of the disc detainer locking cylinder, preventing the cylinder from being drilled and making it considerably more difficult for a thief to pick open.

    Is the Burg Wachter 1580 HB Practical to Use?

    Weight & Size

    Weighing just 2.35lb (1.07kg), the 1580 HB is lightweight and suitable for commuters and cyclists who’re constantly on the move.

    This means the 1580 HB is almost 1.1lb (0.5kg) lighter than the chunkier burg Wachter 1600 HB, making it the more portable of the two.

    Burg Wachter 1580 HB U Lock weight

    The 1580 offers 4.56 x 7.8″ (11.6 x 19.8cm) of internal locking space. Very reasonable for a lock this compact and provides you with multiple locking options.

    As seen in the picture above, this U lock provided more than enough space for me to lock my rear wheel and frame to a bike rack quickly and effectively.

    I was also able to carry this U lock in my backpack without any discomfort whilst cycling.

    Mounting system – Burg Wachter U Lock Review 

    The Burg Wachter 1580 HB uses the same mounting bracket as its more secure counterpart, the 1600 HB.

    I won’t beat around the bush here. This mounting bracket isn’t anything to get excited about.  It’s made from low quality plastic that isn’t designed to last and only works with circular frame tubes.

    The Huldit universal U lock mount, is a much more effective replacement for the low quality Burg Wachter mount.

    However, as I previously addressed, this U lock is lightweight and won’t take up much space in your rucksack.

    If you’d rather mount the 1580 HB to your bike, I’d recommend the Huldit Universal Bike Lock Holder instead of carrying it in your backpack.

    You can find out more about the Huldit here.  These mounts are high quality, made in the USA and work exceptionally well with any U lock.

    Burg Wachter 1580 HB Specs:
    Weight: 2.35lb (1.07kg)
    Shackle Width: 4.56" (11.6cm)
    Shackle Height: 7.8" (19.8cm)
    Shackle Material: 12.2mm Hardened Steel
    Security Ratings: Sold Secure Gold

    Quality & Maintenance

    I’ve been using two different  Burg Wachter locks for the past two weeks and have been monitoring their usability and overall quality. 

    The 1580 HB is built from durable materials, a hardened steel shackle and hardened steel lock mechanism housing. 

    The outside of the lock is covered in a hardened plastic, which feels fairly durable and survived a few drop tests from shoulder height. 

    Unfortunately, the plastic shell has a matte finish, and it doesn’t take much to mark or scratch, so the outside will become worn quite quickly with regular use. However, this will only be cosmetic damage and won’t affect the way the lock operates.

    Burg Wachter 1580 U Lock Review
    As you can see, some pretty heavy scuffing after the drop test, the matte finish definitely makes the damage appear worse than it is. I was expecting worse from such a cheap lock.

    You can typically expect lower-quality materials from a lock of this price, but the lock does feel reasonably sturdy. 

    When exposed to the elements, bike locks can begin to rust, corrosion tends to happen faster with cheaper locks, so I’d advise bi-weekly lubrication with the 1580 HB to prevent unwanted jams and rust.

    I’ve put together an essential lock maintenance guide here. Take a read.

    A rotating keyhole cover sits in the centre of the lock and will prevent dust and debris from entering the locking mechanism.

    Finally, it’s worth noting the 1580 uses plastic internal parts, which could melt if exposed to high temperatures, a potential vulnerability common with cheaper bike locks. I haven’t tested this myself, but I will be destruction testing this lock soon and update this article with my findings. 

    Locking Mechanism & Operation

    After using the locking mechanism of the 1600 HB, I wasn’t hopeful for the 1580 HB. 

    However, its spring-loaded mechanism is much smoother to use, making the 1580 HB easier to operate. 

    Partially turning the key engages the spring and the mechanism does the rest of the unlocking for you. 

    Usually, the lock’s shackle inserts into the mechanism smoothly. Though it required a small amount of encouragement from time to time, but for such an affordable bike lock, I’m impressed with how well it operates. 

    I’ve used much worse locks that have retailed at more than double the price of the Burg Wachter 1580 HB.

    Is the Burg Wachter 1580 HB Worth Its Price?

    The Burg Wachter 1580 HB isn’t designed for use with top of the range bikes.

    If you ride an e-bike or you’ve invested a substantial sum of money in your bike, I wouldn’t advise using this lock.

    Instead, if you’re on a tight budget, you’d be better off with the Burg Wachter 1600 HB. It uses a 16mm shackle that’s bolt cutter proof and will provide a better level of security for your bike.

    However, if you ride a relatively inexpensive bike or require a Sold Secure Gold lock for insurance purposes, then the 1580 HB could work well for you. It’s lightweight, super affordable, easy to use and provides plenty of locking space for most types of bikes

    Police advise cyclists to spend 10-15%  of their bike’s value of its security. So bear this in mind when making a purchase. 

    Best Way To Use the Burg Wachter 1580 HB

    Learning how to lock your bike correctly is essential for maximising the security of your bike.

    Fortunately, I’ve put together a free guide that will quickly get you up to a good level of understanding.

    How to lock your bike with the Burg Wachter 1580 HB

    Otherwise, the best and most secure way to use the Burg Wachter 1580 HB is to lock your rear wheel and frame to a bike rack simultaneously.

    Burg Wachter also sell multiple different length security extension cables at very reasonable prices. Use one of these to secure your front wheel, and most opportunist thieves will move onto an easier target.

    What's Included with the Burg Wachter 1580 HB?

    • Burg Wachter 1580 HB
    • Mounting bracket
    • 2 x Keys

    Burg Wachter Key Replacement Scheme

    Burg Wachter don’t offer a direct key replacement scheme. Instead, they sell blanks that you can get cut at most locksmiths. 

    Blank keys are available to purchase online for the 1580 HB. Search “KB029A”. Please note these blank keys won’t open your lock until you get them cut. 

    You’ll need to take one of the original keys with you. Unfortunately, without one of the original keys, you won’t be able to get new keys cut. 

    Burg Wachter 1580 HB Warranty

    Burg-Wächter UK Ltd guarantees their products for two years from the time of purchase unless otherwise stipulated on the product packaging.

    If a product breaks or becomes faulty due to manufacturing or material defects, burg Wachter will replace it free of charge.

    This warranty doesn’t cover improper usage of the product, and you’ll need to make sure you regularly maintain the lock to comply with the warranty. 

    A reasonably standard warranty.

    How Does the 1580 HB Compare to Other Bike Locks?

    Kryptonite Kryptolok Mini-7 with Flex

    Higher Quality Lock, Gold Rated Security




    If you want a no-hassle bike lock that requires minimal maintenance faff, you can be sure that Kryptonite offer just what you’re looking for. 

    The Kryptolok Mini-7 uses a 12.7mm hardened steel shackle and a double deadbolt design, which also earned it the Sold Secure Gold rating.

    The main difference between these locks will. bein the operation. Kryptonite U locks are slightly more expensive than other brands, because they opt for the best materials, with a no shortcut approach. 

    This U lock works a treat, and if taken care of properly will last far longer than the Burg Wacther 1580 HB.

    That being said, it’s nowhere near as affordable, but took one of the top places in my review of the best cheap bike locks

    OnGuard Pitbull

    Diamond Rated Security, Highly Affordable

    OnGuard Pitbull - the best cheap bike locks



    The OnGuard Pitbull alongside its beefier counterpart the OnGuard Brute was the first bike lock to receive the Sold Secure Diamond rating. 

    It’s not as cheap to purchase as the Burg Wachter 1580 HB but still retails at a very reasonable, budget-friendly price. 

    This lock uses a 14mm Hardened steel shackle, which provides improved bolt cutter resistance compared to the 1580 HB. 

    If you’ve got the budget for the marginal price increase, the Pitbull would be a great upgrade from the 1580.

    Read my in-depth review of the Pitbull here

    About Burg Wachter

    Burg Wachter was established in 1890 as a premium quality padlock manufacturer. Remaining family owned, the business today has expanded to cover a wide range of security products whilst retaining their quality. 

    The company now employs over 600 staff and has 5 manufacturing sites across the globe. 

    Summary - Burg Wachter 1580 HB U Lock

    Burg Wachter 1580 HB Best Bits:

    • Sold Secure Gold Rated
    • Spring action locking mechanism
    • Rotating keyhole cover
    • Extremely affordable

    I was apprehensive before reviewing the Burg Wachter HB 1580, it’s the cheapest lock I’ve ever reviewed, and by quite a long way.

    However, after having used it over a period of two weeks I can tell you now, for how much this lock costs, it performs very well. 

    It’s not as seamless to use as a premium U lock, but gained the Sold Secure Gold rating, which shows it offers a very reasonable level of security.

    If you want a higher level of security for your bike, but are still on a tight budget, check out the Burg Wachter 1600 HB.

    Read my detailed review of the 1600 HB here.

    Otherwise, as always, lock it or lose it. 

    Ciao for now. 

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