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Bike Pump Near Me

If you don’t have a bike pump to hand and need to inflate your bike tires, you’ll be pleased to know that there are over 60 free public bike pumps and repair stations available to all cyclists living in the south of the UK. 

So, if you’ve been looking for a “bike pump near me” or a “free bike repair station”, keep reading, and I’ll help you find your nearest option.

Map of bike pumps in London

Public Bike Pump & Repair Stations

Cyclehoop, the well-known cycling infrastructure specialists, have been busy, along with others, installing public bike pumps and basic bike repair facilities across the south of the UK. 

These public pumps and repair stations are purchased by councils and private businesses for cyclists to use free of charge. 

If you need to find a “bike pump near me”, check the map below and navigate to your location to locate your nearest pump. 

If you’ve found a pump that isn’t shown on the map, feel free to reach out to the creator of this map using the email: [email protected]

No Bike Pumps Near You on the Map?

If no public bike pumps are shown near your location on the map above, your best bet is to find your nearest bike shop and call to see if they’d let you use their bike pump.

Every bike shop will have a bike pump, and the chances are they’ll let you use it free of charge. 

Go to google maps and type in “Bike Shop”, and you’ll be met with various nearby options. 

It’s probably worth calling the bike shop you choose before you visit to ensure you can use one of their pumps. 

What Type of Bike Pump Do You Need?

Most bikes will either use a Presta or Schrader tire valve.

Presta valves are skinnier and made of metal, whilst Schrader valves are chunky and tend to be coated in black rubber.

Most public bike pump stations will be compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves, but I recommend reading my guide on bike tire valve types to learn which valve your bike uses. 

Then you’ll probably want to get a bike pump so that you can inflate your tires without fuss whenever required. Read my bike pump guide to find out which pump will work best for you. 

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