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The Best Gifts for Cyclists

Best Gifts for Cyclists

If you’re reading this, chances are, you have no idea what gift to buy for your cycling companion. But, no need to worry, you’re in safe hands!

Below in this short gift list, you’ll find a collection of the best gifts for cyclists. I’ve included gifts for younger riders as well as cycling gifts and presents for special occasions such as fathers day and Christmas and plenty more.

Whilst I tried to select reasonably priced biking gifts, the gifts I’ve chosen below aren’t low-quality rubbish that will break after one use.

Instead, you’ll find useful cycling gifts that any bike rider will appreciate below.

I’ve seperated these gift ideas into various categories, so feel free to use the table of contents below and select a specific section. 

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    Gifts for Adult Cyclists

    Unisex Cycling Gifts

    Handlebar Coffe & Beer Holder - Handlestash

    Handlestash bike cup holder

    If you know a cyclist that loves a hot cuppa coffee on a cold morning or a cold beer on a hot evening, the HandleStash is the perfect cycling gift. 

    The HandleStash is the original shock-absorbing bike cup holder that prevents your drink from spilling whilst you ride.

    What’s more, it’s made in the USA and is available in multiple different colors and patterns. 

    Premium Mini Bike Pump - Pro Bike Tool

    Pro Bike Tool - Compact Premium Bike Pump - Good gifts for cyclists

    Every cyclist knows how annoying it is to cycle on flat tires because you don’t have a pump. 

    The Pro Bike Tool Mini Pump is a top-quality mini bike pump that conveniently attaches to your bike with its low-profile mounting system. 

    Additionally, its smart inflation tube is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves (99.99% of bikes). 

    An excellent gift for any cyclist. 

    Universal D/U Lock Mount - Huldit

    Huldit bike lock holder

    Bike locks are heavy, and they’re getting heavier.

    By giving a cyclist the Huldit as a gift, you’re not only giving them the best Universal D/U lock mount, but you’re also providing them with a more comfortable cycling experience!

    No need to carry a heavy bike lock in a backpack anymore.

    17-in-1 Multi-Tool - Crank Brothers

    Crankbrothers M17 Bike Multitool - best cycling gifts

    You never need a cycling multi-tool… until you need one!

    The Crank Brothers 17 is a compact, 17-in-one bike multi-tool that’s the perfect companion for every ride. 

    It’s lightweight, made from high-quality steel and provides access to 17 commonly required tools.

    The recipient of this gift will thank you when this multi-tool saves their bacon!

    Essential Chain Lube Wet & Dry - Muc Off

    Muc-Off chain lubricants prevent bike chains from rusting and ultimately allow riders to enjoy their time cycling to the max.

    With wet and dry weather lubricants available, if you know a bike nerd that loves giving their bike some TLC, they’ll appreciate a bottle of this. 

    I use Muc-Off on all my bikes and wouldn’t use anything else. It even smells nice!

    Unisex Weatherproof Socks - SealSkinz

    SealSkinz Hydrostop Waterproof Cycling Socks

    If you know a hardcore cyclist that rides, rain, snow or shine, they’ll appreciate a pair of SealSkinz. 

    These high-tech socks are 100% waterproof and pull moisture away from your skin, keeping your feet warm and dry during the wetter months. 

    These are fairly pricey, but SealSkinz are well known to be one of the best weatherproof socks brands. 

    Cycling Gifts for Men

    Coffee Cycling Cap - BikingBros

    BikingBros Coffee Cycling Cap

    This cycling cap is the perfect cycling gift idea for your coffee-loving bike addict. 

    Worn under the helmet, this lightweight cycling cap helps to wick away sweat and prevents the wearer from overheating while riding.

    The unique coffee-themed design of this cycling cap will help a cyclist stand out from the crowd, whilst keeping that helmet hair under control! 

    Muc Off - Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

    Gifts for Bikers - Muc Off nano tech bike cleaner

    The ultimate cycling gift for a man who takes more care of his bike than he does of himself!

    Unlike many other bike cleaners, Muc Off Nano-Tech Cleaner is biodegradable and non-toxic, whilst packing the power to remove the toughest dirt and grime a bike has to offer. 

    Once your bike-enthusiast has tried this, they won’t be going back!

    Cycling Bib for Road & Gravel - Castelli

    CASTELLI Men's Entrata Overalls - Gifts for male cyclists

    Castelli are known to produce some of the best cycling clothing on the market, and these bib shorts continue that pattern.

    The Entrata overalls provide optimal muscle compression and advanced sweat regulation to help cyclists remain cool and composed. 

    An excellent cycling gift for men who take their cycling seriously, after all, as the saying goes, you need to look the part to be the part.

    HRM-Pro Heart Rate Monitor - Garmin

    Garmin HRM Pro - Cycling birthday gifts

    Heart rate monitors allow cyclists of all capabilities to track and monitor their athletic performance whilst training and provide greater insight into the statistics behind each workout. 

    The Garmin HRM-Pro is suitable for both casual amateur and aspiring pro cyclists and can also be used to track running and swimming analytics.  

    Blue & Red Bicycle Tie - AUSCufflinks

    Fathers Day Cycling Gift - Cycling tie

    This suave cycling tie is the perfect addition to any cyclist’s wardrobe. It’s subtle enough to be worn in the office or to any smart-casual event, whilst being a great conversation starter!

    Unlike other novelty-style ties, which are cheap and flimsy, these are made from a 1200-needle count microfibre, meaning they’re made to last and can be enjoyed for years.

    Bike Chain Fidget Desk Toy - FXCoolCT

    bike chain fidget desk toy - biking gifts for men

    If they’re constantly fidgeting and tinkering with their bike, this bike chain fidget toy will keep them at ease while not in the workshop.

    The best part about this biking gift is that it needs to be assembled upon opening, which is ideal for any bicycle mechanics!

    Cycling Gifts for Women

    Velocissima 2 Cycling Shorts - Castelli

    Castelli Velocissima 2 Shorts - cycling gifts for women

    Known for their quality, these Velocissima 2 cycling shorts from Castelli provide performance-improving compression and padding for your cycling fanatic.

    Even though these are one of Castelli’s cheaper pairs of cycling shorts, they provide premium features such as anti-chafe seams and muscle compression. 

    A great gift idea for a female cyclist and suitable for everything but the longest rides.

    Epic Bike Rides of the Americas - Lonely Planet

    Epic bike rides of America - lonely planet

    Over amazing 50 stories covering both North and South America’s best rides, from the Alaskan mountains and rivers to the jagged peaks of Patagonia. 

    Let your cycling companion lose themselves and plan your next cycling excursion with this inspiring cycling book from Lonely Planet. 

    Insulated Podium Bike Water Bottle - CamelBak

    Podium Chill Bottle - Presents for female cyclists

    Nothing’s better than a sip of ice-cold water during an intense, long-distance bike ride. 

    CamelBak insulated cycling bottles make that a possibility and keep cyclists going when they’re pushing themselves to their limits.

    With multiple colors available, this is a great gift for all bike riders.

    Jawbreaker Cycling Glasses - Oakley

    Oakley jawbreaker - gifts for biking

    A pair of high-quality, lightweight shades is a must-have for every cyclist. 

    Nothing’s worse than taking a bug in the eye at high speed. 

    Oakley’s PRIZM lenses also improve the visibility of upcoming obstacles such as rocks, potholes and puddles and therefore improve the overall safety of your ride.

    Pro Thermal Headband - Castelli

    Castelli Pro Thermal Headband - cheap biking gifts

    Cycling in the depths of winter isn’t always the most enjoyable experience, freezing ears and icy cold fingers. 

    The Castelli Pro Thermal Headband protects your noggin on colder rides, allowing cyclists to focus on the road ahead and enjoy their time on two wheels. 

    Whilst this is a great cycling gift for women, every cyclist would appreciate one in cold weather!

    Bike Seat Gel Cushion - BikeRoo

    Gel bike seat cover

    Many cyclists find their bike seats uncomfortable, which is understandable since our sensitive areas are placed under pressure on the bike seat. 

    Gel bike seat covers sit on top of the saddle, providing additional cushioning and protection against bumps and lumps in the road.

    A gel seat pad is a perfect gift for cyclists that don’t like wearing padded lycra shorts.

    Gifts for Younger Cyclists

    Cycling Gifts for Kids - Unisex

    Kids HD Action Camera - AKASO

    Akaso EK700 Ultra HD Action Camera - Best cycling gifts for kids

    Got a kid that loves spending time on two wheels? 

    There probably isn’t a better cycling gift for children than a relatively in-expensive action camera that allows them to record all of their biking adventures in HD!

    Hours of entertainment and excellent home video to enjoy later in life. 

    Colorful Bike Bell Ding - Paliston

    Learning to cycle can be a big challenge for many youngsters, even more so when people become obstacles to navigate around and in between. 

    These colorful bike bells allow young riders to alert others of their presence, keeping everyone safe.

    A cheap cycling gift that kids will enjoy using when they ride. 

    X400 Front & Rear Bike Lights - Energizer

    Energizer x400 bike lights rechargable

    Being seen whilst on two wheels is essential for the safety of your little rider, and for others in the area, such as cars and pedestrians. 

    The Energizer X4000 is an entry-level set of rechargeable bike lights that are easy to use and give cyclists the confidence to ride safely in adverse weather conditions.

    Affordable safety. 

    Cycling Gifts for Boys

    Humvee Cycling Gloves - Endura

    Cycling gloves are a sensible investment for all cyclists, but are a perfect gift for children who’re expanding their cycling ability.

    These Endura Kids Hummvee gloves provide protection from the elements as well as the inevitable falls or pinches that come with riding a bike. 

    By far one of the best cheap cycling gifts in this list.  

    Finger BMX Bike - Tech Deck

    Tech Deck BMX finger bike yellow - best biking gifts for children

    One of the best gifts for bike riders when they can’t be on two wheels!

    Tech Deck Finger Bikes allow youngsters to experience the joy of cycling and develop their understanding of bicycles without riding. 

    These are inspiring gifts for BMX bike riders, as a finger bike allows them to practice and understand tricks before trying them on their bike. 

    Mini Hydration Backpack - CamelBak

    If you’re tired of carrying everything required to go on a bike ride, a mini hydration backpack allows children to carry their own cycling gear as well as a hydration bladder for staying hydrated whilst on the move. 

    CamelBak bags are great for outdoor sports and offer impressive durability for all of your future adventures.

    Cycling Gifts for Girls

    Colorful Mini Bike Basket

    Pink Bike Basket - Cycling gifts for girls

    Kids love to bring everything but the kitchen sink wherever they go, and a bike basket allows them to do just that!

    These durable baskets safely transport items whilst riding, meaning they don’t have to be carried in a backpack. 

    You could even fill one of these baskets with a few other cycling gifts and turn it into a hamper for your youngster!

    Fitbit Ace-3 Smart Watch

    If your young one loves gadgets and adventures, they’ll enjoy using their Fitbit Ace-3 to track and explore their health and fitness. 

    The Fitbit Ace-3 allows children to track their daily exercise and develop an understanding of how exercise affects their fitness. 

    An affordable yet functional first smartwatch for any child, with multiple colour options available. 

    Disco Wheel Spoke LED - Nite Ize

    Nite Ize Disco Spoke Light - Biking gifts for children

    What do kids love more than cycling? Discos! 

    Nite Ize wheel disco lights combine both of these activities so they can be enjoyed simultaneously.

    Alongside their enjoyment of this exciting cycling gift, your child will benefit from the additional safety these lights provide, thanks to the increased visibility they give to others in the area.

    Cheap Cycling Gifts

    Cycling Gifts Under $10

    Bike Cleat Protector Covers

    Cleat Covers

    If you’ve ever ridden a road bike with SPD-SL cleats, you’ll understand, firstly, how awkwardly slippy it is to walk in cycling shoes and, secondly, how easy it is to damage the cleats. 

    These protective rubber covers slide over the top of your cleats, providing much-needed grip before you change your footwear.

    Compact Bike Bell - Lifeline

    Lifeline Compact Bike Bell

    One of the cheapest yet most effective cycling gifts out there. 

    Giving a bell to a cyclist as a gift not only increases their safety while riding but also for other road users. 

    Lifeline are well known for their affordable cycling products, which despite being cheap, are designed to last. 

    Colorful Presta Valve Caps

    Presta bike valve

    Every cyclist knows how easy it is to lose valve caps, and also how tempting it is to ride without them. 

    Having a handful of these at your disposal is ideal because otherwise, it’s easy to forget to replace them or convince yourself you don’t need them. 

    Multiple colors are available, a good, cheap gift idea for any cyclist. 

    Cycling Gifts Under $20

    Ass Savers Big Fender Mudguard

    Ass savers Big mudguard - cheap cycling gifts

    Ass Savers mudguards are super-lightweight, inexpensive and do exactly what it says on the tin, save your ass from the muck your bike kicks up!

    Ass Savers are designed to replace traditional bike fenders and can be easily removed when not required. 

    The ideal gift for any rider who enjoys the minimalist aesthetic of their bike.

    Bike Saddle Bag - Pro Bike Tool

    Cycling Gift Ideas - Pro Bike Tool Saddle Bag

    Wearing a backpack whilst riding a bike can be uncomfortable and restrict a cyclist’s ability. 

    This lightweight, water-resistant saddle bag is capable of carrying every cycling roadside essential, if you bought the multi-tool above this saddlebag is a great way to make sure your cyclist actually takes it with them! 

    A great gift, which you’ll be thanked for when the receiver gets their next puncture or needs a road-side fix.

    Cycling Enamel Camping Mug

    Enamel Bike Mug - gifts for bicycle riders

    So far, I’ve recommended almost every accessory a cyclist will need for when they’re on their bike, but what about when they’re bikepacking and need a hot morning cuppa to get those legs moving?

    Cycling. Camping. Mug. Yummy. Hot. Coffee.

    Need I say more?

    Cycling Gifts Under $30

    Digital Bike Tire Gauge - Topeak

    Topeak Smartgauge D2

    Understanding your bike tire pressure is the difference between hitting a PB and having a sluggish ride, between winning your local cat race and finishing middle of the pack. 

    The Topeak Digital Gauge is one of the best on the market and is available at a very affordable price. 

    Fudge Brownie Energy & Protein Bars - Clif

    Clif Chocolate Brownie

    Alongside taking good care of your bike and getting plenty of sleep, another aspect every cyclist should consider is their nutrition. 

    Clif energy bars are packed with the minerals required to keep your legs firing when you’re tired. 

    They also taste delicious and are made using primarily organic ingredients. The yummiest cycling gift out there. 

    Thermos 16oz Food Jar - Thermos

    Thermos 16oz stainless king food jar

    Frequently take bike day trips with a friend who’s constantly hungry? 

    The Thermos 16oz food jar keeps food hot for 5 hours so that a hot meal can be enjoyed whilst you’re out on two wheels.

    This Thermos is compact and will easily fit into the EarthPak backpack below, a great gift combination for a ravenous cyclist. 

    Cycling Gifts Under $50

    Wireless Bicycle Computer - Sigma

    Sigma BC 8.0 Wirless bike computer - cycling gifts for under 50

    Speed, elevation, calories, tool-free mounting, affordable and ready to be enjoyed by any keen cyclist. 

    Sigma manufacture a full range of bike computers. The BC 8.0 offers excellent features for a mid-market bike computer whilst retailing at a very reasonable price.

    Its wireless functionality also means it doesn’t clutter your bike’s frame with cables and ties.

    Femto Drive Lights Pair - Lezyne

    Lezyne Femto Drice USB Biek Lights - Cycling gifts under 50

    Lezyne are known to manufacture some of the best bike lights on the market.

    When it comes to bike lights most cyclists want a pair that will make them visible to others, and that won’t burn a huge hole in their pocket. 

    These Femto Drive lights are USB rechargeable, super compact and make sure you’re noticed by other road users. 

    37 Piece Bike Tool Kit - Lifeline

    Not only will this complete bike tool kit save money on repairs and maintenance at the local bike store, but alongside a few YouTube videos, your bike-lover can learn to service a bike, an excellent skill to have in their back pocket.

    Also once they’ve learnt, you can get them to sort your old bike out!

    A gift that gives both ways.

    Cycling Gifts Under $100

    Bike Helmet with MIPS - Giro

    MIPS – Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.

    Over 17,000 tests carried out in Sweden have shown that all helmets with MIPS provide significantly better protection than standard helmets. 

    A cycling gift worth giving. 

    Folding Bike Lock - Foldylock Compact

    Foldylock Compact Sold Secure Silver Folding Bike Lock

    Seatylock have been consistently producing the best folding locks on the market.

    The foldylock compact provides Silver-rated protection for your bike whilst remaining lightweight and portable. 

    If your cyclist rides a more expensive bike, the Foldylock Forever is probably a better option offering Gold-rated security.

    35L Waterproof Backpack - Earth Pak

    EarthPak Summit Waterproof Bag

    A waterproof backpack is a must-have for year-round cyclists. 

    Protecting your laptop when commuting to work in the rain, or keeping your clothes and sleeping bag dry on your next bikepacking trip. 

    The Earth Pak is designed to last and offers plenty of internal storage pockets for cycling essentials and everything else you need.

    Funny Cycling Gifts

    Men's Funny Cycling Jersey

    Cycling gifts for men - Bike Beer Jersey

    The gift for an easy-going cyclist who doesn’t take life too seriously, loves to laugh, and most importantly, loves a beer!

    If beer isn’t their thing, several other funny designs are available.

    Bikesexual - Novelty Cycling Mug

    Bikesexual Cycling Mug - Funny cycling presents

    This is the ideal gift for any bike-lover. 

    Ever catch your companion staring longingly at their bike? This is what they need.

    An affordable, funny cycling gift. 

    Rubber Duck Handlebar Bike Horn

    Bike Handlebar Duck Holder - Funny Cycling Gifts

    Quack, Quack, make way. 

    With a selection of different outfit styles available, there’s a duck horn to suit every rider. 

    A duck that sits on your handlebars and quacks. What more could you ask for? 

    To be enjoyed by cyclists of all ages.

    Cycling Gifts for Special Occasions

    Cycling Gifts Christmas

    Women's Christmas Cycling Jersey

    Women's Christmas Cycling Jersey

    Deck the hall with boughs of holly, Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

    Another funny cycling Christmas gift to be enjoyed during the festive season. 

    Cycling Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorations

    Cycling Christmas Gift - Gingerbread christmas decoration

    These handmade, embroidered gingerbread cyclists are a novel idea for your Christmas tree or can be used year-round as a car mirror hanger or a key tag. 

    Whatever they’re used for, these cycling gingerbreads bring laughs, smiles and a warm festive feeling to your Christmas period.

    Bike Chain Christmas Wreath Decoration

    Cycling Christmas Gifts - Holly Wreath

    Get your cycling addict decorating the Christmas tree instantly with these handmade bike chain wreaths. 

    An amusing accompaniment to your usual Christmas decorations that can be enjoyed each festive season.

    Birthday Cycling Gifts

    Custom Bike Stem Cap - Etsy

    Custom bike headset cap - Biking gift ideas

    Engrave a custom message on a bike headset cap for your cycling friend so they can enjoy it while they ride. 

    Give words of encouragement, a funny/rude joke, or their favourite saying. 

    Whatever you decide upon, this personalised gift for bike riders will be warmly received and appreciated. 

    Personalised Desktop Cyclist - Etsy

    Personalised Cycling Desktop World Champion - Gifts for biking

    If you know a cyclist who’s bound to a desk five days a week, a custom cycling figurine of themselves will keep them smiling when they’re in the office. 

    These can be painted to match a cyclist’s bike and outfit. 

    Bound to be a favourite. 

    Bicycle Chain Coasters - Etsy

    Bicycle Chain Coasters - cycling birthday gift ideas

    Upcycling is great for the planet, it also turns out that upcycled bike chains make the perfect cycling gift for those that love a hot cuppa.

    The chains used to make these coasters have been used until worn, so each coaster is unique. 

    A welcome addition to the home of any cycling enthusiast. 

    Cycling Gifts for Dad / Fathers Day Cycling Gifts

    United Oddsocks - On Your Bike

    United Oddsocks - Best gifts for cyclists

    Need a cycling gift for your old man? 

    These cycling socks for United Oddsocks will go down a treat and keep your dad smiling whilst he rides. 

    Besides, he wears odd socks all the time. So they might as well be funky!

    Polarized Cycling Glasses - RockBros

    RockBros Polarized UV400 Cycling Glasses Unisex

    Give your biking-obsessed father a gift to enjoy this father’s day. 

    These ROCKBROS Polarized glasses provide 100% UV400 protection and are suitable for all cycling disciplines. 

    They’re ultra-lightweight at 25g and feature adjustable nose pads and rubber arm pads for a comfortable fit. 

    Bicycle Bugle Horn - Coolrunner

    Gifts for cyclists - bike bugle horn

    Unleash your neighbourhood terror with this bike handlebar bugle horn. 

    You’ll probably regret buying this one, but your dad will love it. 

    One of the best cycling gift ideas for dads, thank me later!

    Cycling Gifts for Mom / Mothers Day Cycling Gifts

    Bike Pedal Earings - Handmade

    Bike Pedal Earrings - Gifts for cyclists

    Every cycling mom needs a glamorous pair of bike-pedal earrings to flaunt.

    These colorful pedal earrings are subtle enough to be worn to any occasion, whether it’s in the office or out for dinner. 

    Made in the UK by a small business, these are probably the cutest cycling gift in this list!

    Essential Oil Shower Steamers - BodyRestore

    After a long exhausting bicycle ride, every mom deserves (and needs!) to wind down and relax in the bath or shower. 

    These essential oil steamers release intense aromatherapy oils, leaving your mom feeling pampered and rejuvenated after a tiring day.

    Cycling World Champion Espresso Cup

    Cycling Espresso Cup

    A cup worthy of a world champion, and who better to gift it to than your mom.

    If she loves coffee and loves bikes, there isn’t a better cycling gift for her. 

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