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Milenco Dundrod + U Lock Review | A Top Quality Bike Chain

I reached out to Milenco, who were interested in me producing a Milenco Dundrod + U Lock review.

The Milenco Dundrod + is one of Milenco’s highest security chains and features their “Beefed-up” superior U lock.

Milenco Dundrod Review

Throughout my review of the Dundrod +, I’ll talk you through this beefy chains strengths and weaknesses, as well as letting you know how you can use the Dundrod + to increase the security of your bike.

First, we’ll take a look at how secure the Dundrod + Chain Lock is!

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    Overview - Milenco Dundrod + U Lock Review

    Milenco Dundrod + U Lock



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    Security Rating – Sold Secure Diamond
    Weight – 1kg (2.2lb)
    Chain Length – 1m (3.28′)
    Shackle Thickness – 14mm Hardened Steel
    Warranty – Lifetime

    Receiving the Sold Secure Gold rating in both the Motorcycle and Bicycle categories, the Milenco Dundrod + U Lock is an exceptionally secure chain lock.

    The Dundrod’s 14mm hardened steel chain links are resistant to all forms of attack thanks to their square parabolic shape. Due to the structure of its links, the Dundrod + offers slightly more security than the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain which uses smaller hexagonal links.

    Sold Secure Bicycle & Motorcycle GoldSecuring either end of this impressive chain is the Milenco Dundrod Mini U lock. This 16mm, hardened steel, double-walled U lock will shrug off even the largest bolt cutters whilst standing strong against the most brutal impact attacks.

    I had a few issues with the nylon sleeve supplied with the Dundrod + Chain, but these won’t affect usage and are easy to resolve.

    At 12.35lb (5.6kg) the Dundrod + Chain Lock is best used as a stationary chain. If you’re looking for a static chain that will deter even the most persistent thieves, the Dundrod + is a great choice.

    How Secure Is the Milenco Dundrod +  

    Most bike chains utilise two separate components, a chain and a separate locking system. Other bike chains, such as the Milenco Coleraine use an integrated locking system, where the lock is directly connected to the chain.

    The Dundrod + Chain Lock uses the Milenco Dundrod Chain and the Dundrod + U lock. For simplicity, I’ll review these two components separately.

    Dundrod Chain - Security

    Milenco’s 14mm Dundrod Chain was awarded the Sold Secure Gold rating in both the Bicycle and Motorcycle categories.

    The Motorcycle Gold rating is substantially harder to achieve than the Bicycle Gold rating. This is understandable as your average motorcycle will cost considerably more than a pushbike, so will therefore require a higher level of security. 

    Milenco Coleraine vs Dundrod chain
    The general rule of thumb you can follow with bike locks is the thicker the shackle/link the more
    secure the lock. This makes the Dundrod one of Milenco's most secure chains.

    The Dundrod’s links have a 14mm diameter and are made from hardened & tempered steel. Their square parabolic shape means each link is highly resistant to bolt cutters.

    Their square shape also makes them more secure than your standard circle/hexagonal chain links. This is because each link uses a larger amount of metal. 

    Square D lock shackle vs circular shackle Dundrod
    (Click to enlarge)

    Whilst I wouldn’t consider 14mm its 14mm links to be 100% bolt cutter proof, it would be a serious challenge to crop the Dundrod chain by hand.

    I’ll shortly be carrying out some destruction testing with the Dundrod chain and will update this article with my findings!

    I spoke with Nigel, the Director of Milenco who challenged me to try cutting the Dundrod and told me that even the 12mm Milenco Coleraine chain would be more than a challenge to crop!

    Dundrod Mini U Lock

    The 16mm hardened steel Dundrod + mini U lock also received and exceeded the standards required to gain the Sold Secure Gold Motorcycle rating.

    This mini U lock is double bolted, which makes it highly resistant to twist and hydraulic attacks.

    Its 16mm shackle is resistant to even the largest 42″ bolt cutters, whilst its double steel-walled lock chambers protect it from heavy-impact attacks.

    Milenco Dundrod Mini U lock vs Kryptonite Fhagettaboudit Mini
    The Dundrod has very similar features to the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini (the best D lock) and uses similar double-wall protection.

    Whilst the 16mm shackle is double bolted, I’ve heard from others that with one cut through its shackle, there’s enough play in the locking pins to twist the shackle into an open position.

    Lock picking has almost become a thing of the past, but it’s good to know that the Dundrod + Mini D lock uses a highly pick-resistant cylinder.

    To pick this lock, a thief would require specialist professional tooling, which is hard to obtain.

    a bike thief using a set of bolt cutters to steal a bike that's locked up
    Bolt cutters are a thieves go-to tool, fortunately the Dundrod's 16mm shackle resists attacks
    from even the largest cutters.

    As I covered above, I’ll shortly be carrying out destruction testing with the Dundrod + Chain and D lock and will revise this article with my findings once finished.

    Otherwise, the Dundrod Mini D lock is an incredibly secure lock and does works perfectly with the Milenco Dundrod chain.

    OnGuard Boxer vs Milenco Dundrod Mini U Lock
    (Click to enlarge)

    How Practical is The Milenco Dundrod + Chain?

    Weight and Size

    Three different lengths of the Dundrod + chain are available; 3.28′ (1m), 4.59′ (1.4m) and 5.9′ (1.8m). Milenco sent me the 3.28′ (1m) to review, and I’ve found it provides plenty of locking room.

    Later in the review, I’ll explain the best ways to use the Dundrod + to secure your bike. The 1m Dundrod + is also more than capable of securing multiple bikes at once.

    I explain the most secure way to do this below.

    How to transport the OnGuard Mastiff
    Don't want to carry a heavy chain with you whilst cycling? Simple, leave it locked at your destiantion.

    Weighing 12.35lb (5.6kg) in total, the Dundrod + isn’t suitable for use as a portable chain lock. Instead, use the Dundrod + Chain as your primary bike lock.

    If you commute by bike to the same destination each day, leaving a heavy-duty, high-security chain at your destination is a great idea.

    This way, you don’t have to carry a super bulky & heavy lock whilst cycling.

    Milenco Dundrod + U Lock Specs
    Weight: 12.35lb (5.6kg)
    Length: 3.28' (1m)
    Link Diameter & Material: 14mm Hardened Steel
    Sold Secure Rating: Sold Secure Gold Motorcycle & Bicycle

    Quality & Maintenance

    The Dundrod + Chain and U lock are manufactured using top quality materials. The small amounts of plastic the Dundrod + uses are high quality and designed to last without failure.

    When compared to Kryptonite’s New York Locks, the Dundrod + is very similar in design.

    It uses the same dual-wall protection as the best D/U lock (the Fahgettaboudit Mini) and has almost identical features.

    A thick nylon sheath prevents the Dundrod’s heavy chain links from scratching your bike. The nylon sheath was one of the only parts of the Milenco Dundrod + that I had issues with.

    Milenco Dundrod Nylon sheath pins
    These first silver pin came out of place after basic usage. I fiddled with the second pin to see how secure they were and it came off with minimal effort.

    The Sheath is held in place by two metal pins, after a week of use, one of these pins had come out of place and eventually fell off completely.

    I then fiddled with the other pin to see how it was secured, and it came out of position relatively quickly.

    This isn’t a massive issue as the nylon sheath stays in place, and I’ve now secured it with two cable ties.

    The Yellow Milenco logo print on the side of the chain also flakes off rather easily. Again, it’s nothing that’s going to affect the Dundrod’s security in the slightest, just not ideal.

    Milenco Dundrod Review logo flaking off
    (Click to enlarge)

    After a month or two of testing, these are two of the only real flaws I’ve experienced when using the chain. Both issues don’t impact the security or performance of the chain.

    As with all bike locks, I recommend basic monthly maintenance. I’ve put together a guide which will help you prevent your bike lock jamming.

    Learning the simple steps required, will ensure your lock’s keeps working as it should.

    Locking Mechanism & Operation

    I was impressed by the overall quality of the locking mechanism the Dundrod uses.

    The mechanism is operated by one of the three stainless keys supplied, it’s easy to use and has a smooth, high-quality feeling.

    Once or twice, I’ve had to encourage the shackle into place before being able to lock the Dundrod +, but this is fairly standard from most locks.

    Milenco Dundrod + keyhole cover
    (Click to enlarge)

    A sliding keyhole cover guards the entrance the Mini U lock’s locking cylinder. This helpful cover prevents unwanted dirt and debris entering the lock.

    If grime builds up inside any locking mechanism will eventually cause issues, so the keyhole cover is a beneficial feature.

    Milenco Guarantee

    Milenco products are designed to the highest standard, which allows Milenco to offer a lifetime warranty on all of their locks. This lifetime warranty will keep your lock free from operational and mechanical defects.

    To keep your warranty valid, you must use the lock properly and provide it with the basic maintenance it needs. Have a read of my maintenance guide if you want to know the most straightforward methods.

    Milenco state that they are always there if help is needed. If you experience an issue with any Milenco lock you purchase, get in touch, and they will always do their best to help.

    Milenco Key Replacement Scheme

    When purchasing the Dundrod + Chain lock, the three keys supplied a. I’d advise you to take note of the key code and keep it somewhere safe.

    If you lose the three keys supplied with your lock or wish to order extras, you can purchase new keys direct from Milenco using the phone number: 01908 220102

    How Much Does the Milenco Dundrod + Chain Cost?

    Compared to similar 14mm chain locks, the Milenco Dundrod is competitively priced.

    TiGr Mini ValueIf you’re interested in the Dundrod + I would suggest checking out the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock (View here on Amazon) it’s a remarkably similar lock, and Kryptonite are known for their top quality designs & manufacturing.

    The Fahgettaboudit Chain’s 14mm links are hexagonal shaped, which means they don’t use as much metal as the Dundrod’s but still offer a very high level of security.

    You can view the most up to date and competitive price of the Dundrod here [Amazon].

    How to Lock Your Bike Properly With the Milenco Dundrod + Chain

    Easiest Locking Method

    The Dundrod + Chain is versatile and offers a range of different locking options.

    The most secure way to lock your bike with the Dundrod + is to secure the most valuable components on your bike. This will almost always be your wheels and frame.

    How to lock your bike properly with the Milenco Dundrod +

    If your bike uses quick-release wheels, I advise you to remove your front wheel so that the chain can lock both at the same time.

    Otherwise, purchasing and using a cable extension alongside the Dundrod + Chain is a great way to secure your wheels without the hassle of removing them.

    The 1m (3.28′) Dundrod + offers more than enough room to secure two bikes at once. Great for use in garages or bike sheds with multiple bikes!

    Most Secure Locking Method

    One of the best ways to secure your bike is by using two locks. I combined the Milenco Dundrod + with the 12mm Milenco Coleraine, which I used to secure the front wheels of my bikes.

    How to lock your bike with the Milenco Dundrod + Chain
    (Click to enlarge)

    Included in Box

    Milenco Dundrod + U Lock Review
    • 14mm Dundrod + Chain
    • Dundrod + Mini U Lock
    • 3 Milenco coded keys

    How Does the Milenco Dundrod Compare to Other Bike Locks?

    Kryptonite New York 1415 Fahgettaboudit

    Another 14mm High-Security Chain

    Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410 & NY Disc Lock Bike Chain Lock



    Like I said above, if you’re considering the Milenco Dundrod + Chain, I’d recommend taking a look at the New York Fahgettaboudit Chain. This 14mm chain is extremely similar to the Dundrod + and is one of Kryptonite’s most secure chains.

    Its 14mm hardened still links are highly resistant to all forms of attack. Whilst they’re hexagonal shape means they don’t use quite as much metal as the Dundrod’s they provide an extremely respectable level of security.

    The Fahgettaboudit also gained the Sold Secure Gold Diamond & Motorcycle rating, which puts it in the same security category as the Dundrod. So it’s worth taking a look and finding out which will work better for you. 

    Either end of the 14mm chain is secured by Kryptonite’s New York Disc Lock, which uses a similar bolt cutter resistant 16mm shackle.

    All in all, the Faghettaboudit is a high-quality tried and tested chain lock.

    Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini

    A D/U Lock Stronger Than the Dundrod +

    Kryptonite New York Fahgettadboudit Mini Bike D Lock



    The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini D/U lock is one of the strongest portable locks and best D locks on the market. I’ve used this as my primary bike lock for the last three years and have never had an issue with it.

    Its 18mm hardened steel Max-Performance shackle is immune to even the largest bolt cutters and will thwart most theft attempts.

    Weighing 4.49lb (2.04kg), the Fahgettaboudit Mini is suitable for use on the go and works well when combined with a Huldit Mount.

    If there were a better D lock on the market, I’d be using it. Have a read of my detailed review of the Fahgettaboudit Mini.

    OnGuard Mastiff 8019

    A D/U Lock Stronger Than the Dundrod +

    OnGuard Mastiff 8019



    Today’s Best Deals:

    I recently reviewed the OnGuard Mastiff and found it to be one of the best budget chain locks on the market.

    This impressively affordable chain lock was awarded the Sold Secure Gold Bicycle rating whereas the Dundrod + took the Diamond rating, showing the Mastiff is less secure. 

    The Mastiff Chain is secured by OnGuard’s 14mm Boxer Disc lock which provides a decent level of protection for your bike.

    If you’re looking for a bicycle chain that offers several locking options but don’t have the budget to cover the Dundrod + Chain, check out the Mastiff.

    Have a read my review here to find out more about the Mastiff’s strengths and weaknesses.

    About Milenco

    Milenco LogoFounded in 1993, Milenco initially set out to produce the best wheel clamps in the world. After quickly achieving their original goal, Milenco have expanded their range of products and are well known for their exceptional caravan and automotive security products.

    Still going strong, Milenco are continuing to expand their range, frequently releasing new and innovative products that rival those of their competitors.  

    Summary – Milenco Dundrod + U Lock Review

    I’ve enjoyed reviewing the Dundrod + chain lock. This is a top of the range chain lock, and it’s clear Milenco paid attention to detail with its design.

    Police recommend the Dundrod + under their Secured by Design scheme, which proves the quality of this chain.

    The Dundrod + was also included in my review of the best bike chain locks. Have a read. 

    If you’d like to view the most competitive price for the Dundrod + Chain Lock, you can find it on Amazon here.

    If you’ve decided the Dundrod isn’t the bike lock for you, you’re bound to find a recommendation that suits you below. Have a read!

    And as always, lock it or lose it!

    Author of This Post:
    James Grear (Lead Editor)
    James Grear (Lead Editor)

    Understanding how devastating it is to have a bike stolen, I've researched & immersed myself in the world of bicycle security since 2013.

    I then built BikeLockWiki in 2019 to share everything I'd learned with the worldwide cycling community so that cyclists can improve their bike security skills and make informed decisions when purchasing new products and services.

    Learn More about Me & BikeLockWiki here.

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